Update 8.0.2:
Whether you load XMomentum before or after this addon, Dramahog now finally works no matter what.
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Update 8.0.1:
Chrispy Marriage now jumps as high as anyone else. His description has changed to reflect that.
Update 8:
- Opposite colors in the CSS have changed to match the vanilla characters'. ...Sort of. They ain't even the same colors, for crying out loud.
- CSS artwork tweaks.
- Descriptions have been slightly re-written.
- Hand Drawn now has the same stats as SSNSonic. Less Unique and Chrispy Marriage also has derived stats from Hand Drawn and SSNSonic as well, inspired by how 2.2 did it. This consequentially means Chrispy Marriage glides a bit faster than Knuckles now, I just did some little math.
- Dramahog works again in XMomentum.
- Dropped SRB2P support for now. I don't feel like it anymore, but I can look back to it eventually.
- Brand new screenshots replacing the old pack.
- Super Chrispy Marriage is now possible by default!
- Legacy colors! Not very noticeable, but they're there. You can even select more of these while you set up for a multiplayer game! Shoutouts to EveDoesStuff. (Unfortunately, SSNSonic doesn't have his legacy color unless I decide to take it for granted.)
Update 7.5.3:
- Since 2.2.9 added the SF_CANBUSTWALLS flag, I just noticed Chrispy Marriage doesn't have it. And I'm gonna let it stay that way. Due to that, I've decided to update his biography to reflect it. Took me a good while to make it look good on both 4:3 and 16:9, tho.
- There's also some changes I forgot what they are. Maybe.
Update 7.5.2:
- Fixed another screw up and re-added the tag team.
- Fixed the overview section with a download button and a new icon.