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N64 Mario's abilities don't just borrow from Mario 64, instead they were chosen to fit a gameplay style reminiscent of all 3D Mario games whilst still adhering to a Sonic gameplay style. While he is heavily leaning on his moveset from SM64, missing moves like the Long Jump and Backwards Somersault are still omitted because of code bloat and redundancy from existing moves, like the Lunge Jump and Ground Pound Jump.
After the events of Super Mario 64, Mario is rewarded with a nice vacation on the Greenflower Coast. When Greenflower Mountain gets desecrated, he knows someone's up to no good!

N64 Mario jumps in!

His sky-high jumps and capable moveset allow for a gameplay flow unlike many others!
The Dive and Long Jump fused together forms a Lunge Jump, in which Mario dives forward at incredible speeds. Be careful, though. Once you Lunge, it's hard to steer. You can also do it after careening off an edge or riding off steam.

Its speed also scales, so doing Lunge Jumps consecutively is a great way to build up some speed. Landing on water surfaces allows Mario to perform the Hip Skip. This move is one of Mario's main form of attack against bosses and enemies.

Tired of annoying Badniks? Well, now you can take revenge by pressing Custom 1 to brawl them into submission with Mario's classic combo!
Mario's attack system works just like in SM64, except Mario lunges forward with every punch.

Mario can also Wall Kick. Just jump or Lunge Jump into a wall and press jump again when Mario's perched to kick off the wall. A normal jump gives you more time to Kick, but a Lunge Jump gives more speed.
You have less control over your angle, so don't be reckless.

What if you need to fit inside small spaces?
That's where the Crouch comes in.
Hold Spin and you can Crawl through small spaces.
Don't feel like crawling and want some speed?
Double tap Spin to Roll.
That's about it. Doing it while moving makes Mario do the Slide Kick, which scales with your speed.

Mario can also Sweep Kick while crouching by pressing Custom 1. It can be used to attack approaching enemies and to bust a move.
Remember to hold Spin when performing the Sweep, otherwise Mario will stop short. Holding Custom 1 will cause Mario to repeatedly Sweep until you release either Spin or Custom 1.

What's a Mario character without his signature Ground Pound?
Spin while in the air to perform one. It can also shred through breakable floors, like the ones Amy and Fang bust.
Ground Pound on a Spring and you'll get a Spring Boost.

Need some speed after Ground Pounding? Hold spin while Ground Pounding to Super Roll, a stronger roll than the Crouch's Roll.
You can also hold Jump while Ground Pounding to do a Ground Pound Jump. It's just a higher jump.

Speaking of Mario's jump, the faster you go, the higher you jump.
Mario also has the Triple Jump and Side Somersault. They pretty much work the same as they did in SM64.

Underwater, Mario has another move up his sleeve: swimming.
Press Jump to start swimming. You can also cancel the swim by pressing Custom 1.
Jump to do a Swim Jump. You can only Swim Jump once, so use it wisely.
Spin to do a Swim Drill. This is how you attack underwater, but you're committed to the Drill once you perform it, so use it cautiously.
Mario's Super transformation can't swim since he gets too heavy, but he can breathe underwater to compensate. He can still breathe air bubbles, so you can steal them when someone else is drowning if you feel like griefing that day.
Rueven - Director, rigging Mario's model, final materials, and main spriter/animator.
Cherry - Co-director, main programmer.
Nugget - Modeled Mario's mesh, base materials.
OtherChen - Base for Mario's crouch move.
Golden Shine - Made the player collision example code, which served as a base for bumper and booster collision.
Junio Team - Ported the spindash dust code and programmed the base for crouch and Jump Special checking.
Water Vapor - Sprited Mario's ending constellation and cleaned up the CSS art.
Dokotroopi - Made the MARIO font for the CSS.
SMS Alfredo (for the MK64 Cast) - Made the base system for camera angle checking.
Audio is from Super Mario 64, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Paper Mario: the Thousand Year Door.
Oh yeah, Mario has a Super transformation. It comes with the standard perks, but he can't swim while Super. But he can breathe in underwater and space. It needs Chaos Emeralds and Ring energy to function so far away from the Power Stars, unfortunately. Also, if you're in Ringslinger, use Strafe or Simple if you want to crawl or swim. Mario also has XMomentum and Chrisp Tricks support.
V1.1 - Winging it!
Fixed the horizontal spring bug causing Mario to Lunge Jump infinitely.
Mario's special stage sprites are now updated to depict Wing Mario.
Swimming has been remapped to Custom 1, so Mario can now Lunge Jump underwater. Mario also falls faster when swimming.
Mario's underwater damage state has been updated to behave like the vanilla pain state.

V1.2 - Wall Kicks Will Work
Wall Kicks are added.
Swimming is remapped back to Jump with the Swim Cancel left in Custom 1, so Mario can no longer Lunge Jump underwater.
Swimming speed is buffed and Drill now stacks.
Superman glitch was both fixed and made official. Instructions in Mod Overview.
Lunge Jump is now more steerable and is way less buggy overall.
Proper XMomentum and ChrispyTricks support is added.
Run and Ground Pound land animations are updated.
Mario can no longer roll before the Race countdown finishes.
Mario's underwater check is made more accurate, so now he can no longer air swim in certain sections.
Lunge Jump now gives its usual speed boost when Mario falls too fast.
Mario is now CTF compatible, so he can no longer Lunge Jump or Wall Kick when carrying a flag...
...and some other details I probably forgot about.

Added the punch combo and air kick.
Redone the crouch sliding, added Sweep and Slide Kick.
Added Triple Jump and Side Somersault.
Visual effects for ground pounding.
General bugfixes.

Fixed the Slide Kick allowing the player to Punch.
Fixed the Punch combo "softlock" in goop.
While the Superman glitch is now mostly, if not completely, fixed, it can still be re-enabled with a console command for those who want some dumb fun and don't care about in-game feel.
rkysuperman [on/off] or [0/1]
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