group: super mario bros

  1. Youngod

    Wario v.1.2

    Wario time! Wario heard some rumors about some shinning treasures... He can't get enough! TACKLE Press and hold Spin while moving to start charging it If you Jump when the tackle is fully charged you'll do a spin-jump If you keep holding Spin the tackle will continue normally when...
  2. M

    [Reusable] Bell Hill Zone 2022-06-08b

    A map pack with eight missions based on the Super Mario 3D World levels Super Bell Hill and Mount Beanpole (with remixes themed around Conkdor Canyon and Snowball Park). The main map pack contains eight missions; each one forces a character. The missions are designed around each character. This...
  3. I

    Super Mario Bros. World 1 - 1 (2.1 Port) 1.0

    The World 1 - 1 from the classic Nintendo game, comes back to SRB2 in this port from 2.1 to 2.2! this is the first thing i do with Zone Builder, so it would be great if you support me
  4. Mr.Logan

    The Jam Jar V1.1

    What is the Jam Jar? The Jam Jar is filled with maps that were part of a Mapping Jam hosted by Mariko and Mr.Logan under the Kart Community Server (KCS). Members within the server had 2 months to finish and submit a map for the Jam Jar, and everyone within the server (New Mappers, Experienced...
  5. Dark Boo

    Dark Boo Character Pack v1 1.0

    Greetings, SRB2K fans! Introducing my first character pack of racers for SRB2K! Some of Bowser's minions finally decided to hit the track! Blooper (Speed 5, Weight 3): While not as speedy on land as he is underwater, Blooper isn't afraid to show any land dwellers some healthy competition...
  6. Detour

    MPA Sled Slide 1

    Once again I have commissioned the mega talented Diggle to make the minigame, Sled Slide from Mario Party Advance in SRB2K! With the addition of curving the course into a half pipe shape, this course is a lot of fun and really chaotic to play on in bigger lobbies I find. I am really nostalgic...
  7. Detour

    SMKR Town 1.1

    With the power of Diggle's map making skills and the power of my bank account, I am happy to announce the fabled Town course found in the gigaleak is now available for download in SRB2K!
  8. ManaPesto

    ManaPesto Pack 1.3

    Here's some characters I have made, feel free to use them! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  9. IvanElectroFlipSRB2

    i turned into srb2

    crap i turned into srb2 but i dont look half bad this time yeah, im thinking the mod title should be called the 2 hour mod, since i plan on compiling it in 2 hours.
  10. Kirb

    [Reusable] Boo! V1

    i had to resubmit this mod because of a bug, lmao boo from the soup maurice co-existents series (aka super mario bros.) is here to spook some plumbers! abilities: 1-fly, press jump to fly upwards 2-hide, press spin to hide from enemies, you can't get any damage and no enemy will notice your...
  11. Youngod


    Youngod submitted a new resource: Kamek - Kamek came to sweep the air! Read more about this resource...
  12. Youngod

    Kamek v3.2

    Old Kamek is here! Kamek is getting old and messed up a spell, ending up in a unknown realm Nothing magic can't solve! FLY Can't go anywhere without his broom! (Literally) TELEPORT While Kamek is in the air, but not on the broom, Hold Spin and then Jump to start the animation...
  13. R.K.V.C.

    [Reusable] T-Pose Luigi! Ah Yeah! V2.0

    T-Posing Luigi Finally Seeps Into The Message Board! (Out with the old in with the new!) Ever want to have a mustachioed paisano T-Pose Across the Map? WELL NOW YOU CAN! I have spent a good amount of TIME and EFFORT to make this mod... and now *sniff* it is finally here in all of its glory...
  14. Pyrakid Wolfo

    Star Coins over Emblems

    Pyrakid Wolfo submitted a new resource: Star Coins over Emblems - Do an emblem collectathon with Mario flair! Read more about this resource...
  15. Pyrakid Wolfo

    [Reusable] Star Coins over Emblems v2

    Ever wanted to do an Emblem collect-athon with Mario but you wanted a mario-kick to it? Well now you can, it's now Mario-like, just like in Mario odyssey, you collect Power Moons- i mean just like in New Super Mario Bros. you collect Star Coins, even having that nice sound effect accompanied by...
  16. OctoJoss

    [Reusable] JossPack V1.7 V1.7

    You've probably seen these guys somewhere before, but one of them may be a bit alien to you. There's a few others I'm working on that I'll add at a later date. If you have any questions let me know. Enjoy! Pipe Frame kart sprites created by Mit full credit goes to him
  17. HitCoder

    Monty Mole 1

    Monty Mole from Mario's universe followed his peers through whatever wormhole brough him here to SRB2Kart :) I've recently been getting some people into SRB2Kart who have never touched SRB2 before and one of them expressed that they wished they could play as Monty Mole... I've wanted to get...
  18. Cherrysan

    MK64 Mario Raceway 1.2

    MK64 Mario Raceway The classic track from Mario Kart 64 rushes into SRB2Kart! Though it's changed a bit since the N64 era-a couple flowers blooming, some more trees-it's still the same raceway many have come to know and love. A highlight of this course is our good friend Lakitu supervising...
  19. Dee

    Super Mario 64 Styled Hud (WIP)

    Okay, so to go with the Mario mod that came out (and I loved it so MUCH), I'm currently working on a SM64 styled HUD. I've currently completed: Big Zone Font (but not big numbers) Ring and Time Bonuses Numbers for Rings/Time/Score Game Over Graphics I want to know what you guys think! I have...
  20. Rueven

    N64 Promo Mario Trio V1

    Here's a holiday sampler: 3 N64 characters right from the promotional magazines you've come to know and love (or not, we can't blame you). They're here--customized karts and all--to race for first in the world of SRB2Kart! So get your Nintendo 64 controllers ready for some classic N64 fun...