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  1. mr_someone

    mr someones art thread.

    Place where i mostly just post what ever art im doing, this isn't just for me though, as multiple other people can post stuff here. 1707089860 haiii 1707090107
  2. Dee

    The Super Mario 64 HUD

    Dee submitted a new resource: The Super Mario 64 HUD - Playing as N64 Mario has never felt so complete! (Well, MORE complete, anyway...) Read more about this resource...
  3. Dee

    The Super Mario 64 HUD 1

    "Dis is it, Luigi!" -Mario from Hotel Mario It's been.... *checks WIP forums* 2 years since I first decided to do this mod! And after all that time, it's finally, FINALLY done! This simple HUD mod allows you to partially immerse yourself into the world of Mario 64, Coin Counter and all! This...
  4. narufan202

    M/NMario V2 V1 Unfinished Beta

    Itsa me a Marifan Mario! since im bored and dont want to continue working on mmario anymore im releasing this unfinished beta! Move 1 Spinjump a mix of the SMW and SM64 Beta spinjumps (can bounce on spikes etc) mapped to C1 Move 2/Passive ability P Speed if youve played mario 3 you know what...
  5. Sunflowerstein

    SMW Bros V2.0d

    Ever wanted to play as Mario and his bro Luigi in Super Mario World style? No? Oh well! Have this anyway! I present you SMW Bros! They play (mostly) accurate to the real Super Mario World! With a moveset consisting of these abilities Spin - Running/Grabbing Once grabbing an enemy or an...
  6. blankslat

    Nintendo 64 model pack v1.9

    Now yes this model pack is almost complete (in my eyes) anywho... The coin my first model then the goombas then the blue goobers then the 1-up for n64 mario then the star for my man (also this is a tease for what's to come) then the heart that's it for now
  7. blankslat

    How do I make an object on a bone visible in 3 frames but invisible in others

    Now I am making a N64 Mario model and I am trying to do his victory animation and I have two separate hand models one closed right hand and one peace right hand both connected to the same bone in the same armature and obviously he isn't using a peace sign the whole time and I just don't know how...
  8. JohnSmokesII

    Mario Kart 64 Style Waluigi 1.0

    From an alternate dimension comes Waluigi from Mario Kart 64?! Built off of the Mario Kart 64 Cast addon comes a custom made MK64 style Waluigi with sprites, renders, and N64 era Waluigi render model recreation model by me! This addon comes with the same quirks and commands as the base addon...
  9. PlayerPat

    Choco Island 2 - Super Mario Kart 1.0

    My first Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart course is a port of Choco Island 2 from Super Mario Kart! I'm wanted to create a course for quite awhile now, and now that dream is a reality! I hope to make more courses in the future, both remakes and nitro courses. So stay tuned for that! (MAP AS) Retro...
  10. Baba_theBooey

    [Super Mario] Replace Monitors with Blocks! (and pipes)

    Hopefully a very simple mod. All it'll do is visually replace every type of monitor with an item block from Mario, complete with animations and all that. (Again, only visually; you won't be able to tell at a glance what each block gives, but that's accurate to Mario games anyways, so worthy...
  11. narufan202

    Really Really Really Retro V1.3.2

    CREDIT TO PACOLA FOR ALLOWING ME TO USE THE SUPER JUMP CODE Its Him SMB2 USA Mario From Hit Game Doki Doki Panic! With A Hint Of Somari (no walking or grabbing on enemies though) He Only Has 2 Moves And Some Accurate SMB2 Physics! Now Onto The Moves! Move 1 Spindash Its Sonics Spindash...
  12. Piksqu

    SMK Mario Circuit 3 V1

    A Remake of Mario Circuit 3. My take on a map nintendo used in 5 different game without changing anything about it once.
  13. Maddshura

    Retro Mario v1

    heres a mod based on the "retro mario" meme, i started this as a joke cus i was bored in my study classes, hes nothing special and is a harmless joke mod, so dont go acting like i killed your grandma cus this mod is "bad" i already know! this pk3 includes retro mario, he is slow and a bit...
  14. Sls64LGamingBro

    Nintendo Direct - September 14, 2023 (SPOILER ALERT)

    SPOILER ALERT: if you are seeing this, please do not go in this, it's spoilers about the latest nintendo direct.
  15. MarioFaker

    Mario Kart Characters 1.1

    Using the power of pre-rendered graphics, I bring to you, several characters from the Mario Kart series on different karts from all over the series! (By that I mean from DS to 7) Each character comes equipped with custom music and most have custom code, for a more authentic experience...
  16. Fluffy the Racer

    [Open Assets] The Super Mario Bros Pack V1.1

    Wiggler: The tempered caterpillar. Heavy but he made its first appearence as racer in Mario Kart 7. Speed: 7 Weight: 8 Goomboss He isn't an ordinary Goomba at all, he's the King of Goombas Speed: 8 Weight: 8
  17. Void Animates

    Smash Bros. Ultimate Sonic Abilities! v1

    A mod that adds Smash Bros. Ultimate abilities to Sonic. That's it. Go home. Kidding, we need a much more detailed description for the moderators and downloaders to see! SPRING JUMP Press Custom 1 in the air to spawn a spring. Can be useful to get out of trick situations. RECURL Press Spin...
  18. SpringEThing

    'The BonkerBox' Racer Pack 12

    Do you like oddball characters? Do you like pre-rendered graphics? Do you like your SRB2Kart mods to have some real zany variety? If you answered 'YES' to any of those, then 'The BonkerBox' is the Racer Pack for you! 'The BonkerBox' Racer Pack is an abundant ever-growing collection of faux-3D...
  19. Sls64LGamingBro

    Nintendo Direct - June 21, 2023 (SPOILER ALERT)

    SPOILER WARNING: I clearly sugget going to the direct (since it's over) and see what you have missed by now!
  20. Cinos4778

    You should try this mario mod out if the other mario mod crashs

    This mod is a very well known mod based on smf marios mod but slighty more different. 1686503799 These mods aren't mine