group: super mario bros

  1. minenice

    [Reusable] xItemLib (+ Sampler pack) v1.0.2

    The modular custom item library xItemLib is a packageable library, allowing for easier creation of custom kart items. A functional custom item can be made in minutes, thanks to the easy to understand "event" system. The library takes care of all complex logic related to item distribution, so...
  2. SeventhSentinel

    Official Level Design Contest 2021: Round 1 1.3

    SONIC ROBO BLAST 2 OFFICIAL LEVEL DESIGN CONTEST Welcome to Round 1 of the 2021 SRB2 Official Level Design Contest! After six long months, we hope it's worth the wait. HOW THIS WORKS As mentioned in the rules, the voting process will take place in the Contest Voting subforum, where you will...
  3. Dee

    [Reusable] Dee's Doodle Character Pack! 1.0

    Dee (now basically a kart character maker) presents: Dee's Doodle Pack! These well known characters were remade in my "doodle" artstyle! plus i'm not very good at pixel art so Here are the racers! Link: Very light and slow character with great acceleration and handing. Uses Toon Link's voice...
  4. Sketch Whitehead

    Sketch's Mixed Bag of Goods Version 1.0

    A mish-mash of some of my favorite characters! CHARACTERS UPDATES - VERSION 1.0 - Initial release!
  5. Epix

    Super Mario Sprite Re-skin

    Recently I have been working on a Re-skin of the base game sprites to turn them into Mario Sprites. Just a disclaimer the "new" sprites are taken from other Mario games such as Mario and Luigi Dream Team and New Super Mario Bros U and are not made by me. This is very early in development...
  6. TheOofee


    A really fun version of the mario 64 pc port that i recommend for people that want a more hd expirence
  7. C

    SRB2 with Salt Edits 1

    I was bored of this vanilla level, so I used editing software to make your own levels. SO Here's SRB2 with Salt Edits! I made few maps replacements including Normal Levels, Boss Arenas and Special Stages Check the List of Edited Maps below. Some Bolded Outlined maps requires Software Mode...
  8. Puncle

    Puncle's Player's Pack 1.0

    I'll clean up the presentation of this on a later update. Day late on getting the shitpost character out, but oh well. I am open to my work being reused, modified, or ported, but please contact me to get permission first and credits. Characters: BLJ Mario (TerminalMontage) Complete with YAHOO...
  9. TheOofee

    Among Us And Mario's Death

    Among Us: So the new update is out with a loading screen, accounts and the new map honestly in my opinion it looks awesome! Mario: Welp this is the day mario dies rest easy mario see you in the afterlife
  10. Patafoin

    Patafoin's Character pack 3

    Here all the characters that me and my friends has made. There are 3 different file to download : - The normal pack who has 15 characters. - The cursed pack who has ... Weird character derived from the main pack. Why whould you want to have this? - And a zip with all the individual character...
  11. SupaCustardbro

    Supacustardbro's cool pack!!! v1.1

    Behold, the coolness of cheesy sprite-work and weird voice acting. Introducing Supacustardbro's Cool Pack (for Kart) (it will only be for kart anyway) Don't mind the rather simple character design. Supercustardbro's cool pack (SP.C:CP) contains characters such as: N'bob: - the blue blob of...
  12. antonretrojr

    [Reusable] P-Switch [and also Blue Coins/Rings] v2.0

    The classic item originating from Super Mario Brothers 3, the P-Switch will keep your level filled with coins as you step on it. How it works Just walking onto the switch will set off a 9-second timer accompanied by music. During that time, the Blue Coins (or Rings) will appear and a few things...
  13. Chrispy

    [CCCP] Chrispy's Content Creation Pack

    The first mod with every prefix! KRBCL is longer than CCCP! The whole name is alphabet soup! KRBCLCCCP is a content expansion mod that features 15 characters and 11 stages created by 21 members of the community (including myself) This was a lot of fun to put together and everybody did a great...
  14. Novaphyer

    [Reusable] Nova Pack v2.1 (NEW HELL MAP + updated Brimstone & Howling)

    Hello and Welcome to Nova Pack (v2.1)! Be warned, most of the tracks in this pack lean on the harder side comebined with some unique mechanics not seen in other packs. All maps here are made to be challening and fun as they can be once you learn the track. So I highly recommend learning each...
  15. Mr.Logan

    ΩTracks V4.0.2: After 3000 years....

    Finally... after 3 months of testing and being demotivated... I present to you... *Ice Cap Zone is currently in hell due to it's changes not being done for the last 4 months. Please wait for 4.1 for its revamp! Please note, ALL Battle Maps are Battle+ compatible. As of 2/24/20, ΩTracks will...
  16. SoupBowler

    Bowler's Pack - BATTLE UPDATE (Ft. Hexagon Heat from Mario Party 2!) V 1.9.9

    A small pack containing six race tracks, a hell map, and three battle maps! More are planned to be added later, but when they get added is not predetermined. If you wish to only play maps related to just Race/Battle mode, then please choose the corresponding file type based on the prefix: -...
  17. Callmore

    [Reusable] SMKRemix v1.1

    A set of 4 SMK maps, updated to help make multiplayer fun. All the maps use a custom item panel instead of regular item boxes, and each map has some sort of gimmick to make it interesting!
  18. Plom510

    Plom Pack v2.3

    Plom Pack is a compilation of tracks that range from originals, ports, or those themed after my original setting. Tracks within each cup may be released out of order. Tracks Freedom Planet =Dragon Cup= =Battle Maps= Lumiva Drift Tour =Neuo Cup= =Resort Cup= =Battle Maps=...
  19. D00D64

    [Reusable] D00DPak64 - The Greatest Twofer Map Pack (Maybe) v2.5

    - D00DPAK64 - I like to map, but I also need to test. As a result, before the maps (possibly) get added to the main game, check out some of the maps I make for SRB2 Kart, right now! Not only are they (probably) cool, but you get to help (some part of) the game improve to boot! Right now, the...
  20. Nintensis

    Nightmare Pack v4

    Every map I released has been updated to varying degrees so it's HIGHLY recommended you don't play the standalone versions of these maps since they won't be updated again. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Featured Tracks Featured Tracks (cont.) Music Sources v4 Changelist Credits...