Now forgivingly, I may be taking this mod too serious to expect the actual original moveset, plus along side there not seemingly being a controller toggle support stated.
I Will say tho, on the bright side, this mod does gladly make a n64 mario feel like n64 mario, but thats where the positives about this end
The main and huge downside I feel about him is that he just feels too tight and sometimes clunky/weird, such as the jump and kick being binded to different buttons while in the air (Tho this is more of a complement then a hateful downside)
Do I feel bad for having to rate it like this? Yeah admiddably I do, espeically since I expected exactly what not to expect from what was written, but it doesnt really excuse the whole oddity that some combined things happen when you dont mean for them to happen
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SM64? In my SRB2?! , Amazing!
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Pretty nice, but I do think some changes could be made.

1. When Mario is underwater, he still makes audible noise. It would be better if he either didn't make any noise at all underwater or made bubbling noises similar to SMS. Also, regarding the underwater problem, water heals you. I'm not sure if this happens in the OG SM64, but since this is a mod that tweaks the 64 moveset to fit in SRB2, water healing could be removed. (Note that going into water at full health, losing energy, and coming out is not water healing. It is more like going in water while damaged and hopping out for max energy.)

2. The wall kick and dive are too OP. Tone down the dive to have a cap on the speed, but not too slow that it feels like Mario is sluggish. Additionally, the wall kick can be done on the same wall over and over, and it is way too fast. If the dive is toned down, the wall kick speed wouldn't be much of an issue.

3. The hearts are a bit OP for healing. An idea could be that they heal 2 energy and then disappear. Having them be infinite is a bit OP, considering ring monitors are pretty common.

4. A few quality of life features, such as a star replacing the goal and a few other Mario 64 style changes, along with a settings menu, could be nice.

Overall, I like this Mario mod better than the other one, and if these changes were made, it would be perfect.
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Its a really great mod but i think there is missing some movements like: The long Jump (possible blj ?) and a back jump
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What am i even supposed to say? It's pure perfection since it really adapts the N64 controls so well, i even put my control settings that i use on Super Mario 64 to play this addon, and it was so fun!
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makes game way easier 10/10
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@AxoUniverse His name is "sgimario"
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great mod, much fast, but no blj, if you are reading this and want the blj, check out the Super Mario bros mod
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it's a great and fun character, even though he is a bit too fast for a standard mario, he can easily reach really high places thanks to his jumps and fast wallkicks, but, where is the long jump? it's an trademark move for mario in his n64 adventure and not having it here feels like it's missing a tiny yet important part of a puzzle, either if you add it or not, it's still fun to use him.
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If I'm being honest, he's way, way, way too fast. I know this is a Sonic game, but making him play like a Sonic character means he stops feeling like Mario, you know? I mean, jeeze, this Mario almost feels faster than Sonic, sometimes. Which makes sense, because you basically gave him a better, more powerful version of Sonic Mania's drop dash.

Also, calling him "N64 Mario" but not having key, signature abilities from Super Mario 64 feels like a crime, especially considering there's other Mario character addons that have them.

The real crime is what this does to the camera, however. Automatically snapping the camera behind Mario every time he does a punch or a wallkick is incredibly disorienting and doesn't match any version of any Mario game I've ever played.
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i love the mod :D but i do wonder if you're having the buddyex mod aswell whats his name cause ive tried everything on to add him and nothing worked :(
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I love this mod, but I do have some problems with it.
-The lack of a backflip and long jump
(And the slide kick thing, but I'm fine without it)
-the 16 directional sprites make CEZact2 lag
(Not a whole lot, but it is noticeable)
-at some point, the game crashed
(I did die in a super form that used metal Mario's sprites)_
-the wall jump function, either it doesn't work when I need it or the opposite
(It doesn't come up often, but it might be something to look into)
If I didn't bring something up, then either I didn't notice or I like it as is
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its a good mod but why can he long jump?
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Wow, else one mario for srb2!

Well he cool!
I thinked it's else one addon like sm64 mario for minecraft or gmod.
But it's most like on vanilla sonic (srb2 2.2) with little moves from sm64
It's just funny addon™
And thanks you for remove lags!
Now i can play it.

And else trailer very cool!
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Cool Mod But Add Long Jump And Other Stuff (also is there a model that works with this?)
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tell mario to make another anniversary cake for sonic. he had no reason to destroy it like that in the trailer (jokes aside amazing mod!)
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this mod, awesome, but the lag for weak pc's (like mine) really is a promblematic thing since people with weak pc's (yet again like mine) can't really play with n64 mario thats why i didn't give it 5 stars.
i hope you find a way to speed up people's games (if they have a weak pc,
yet again like mine)
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i lag but is so cool
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this is great, but no long jump (also ik this is unlrelated, but have you considered making a playable banjo and kazooie? its perfect with this style!)
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