The Mario Kart 64 Cast

[Open Assets] The Mario Kart 64 Cast v1.1.3


Mario and friends robo blast from the past into a 8-skin character pack that includes the full rotation sprites from Mario Kart 64!

Exclusive jingles, effects, and sounds that are only played for these characters are also included to enhance the experience.

Don't worry about the fact that these characters contain Lua, everything here is purely visual/auditory, no gameplay aspects are changed. This means you can have proper competitive races even with these characters added!

In order to keep the colors of these characters intact, they do not support being recolored normally. Instead, using any color other than that character's prefcolor (accessed by pressing backspace on the character select screen while selecting a color) you will be completely tinted that color.
Mario: raspberry
Luigi: emerald
Yoshi: emerald
Peach: salmon
Toad: blue
Wario: yellow
Donkey Kong: rosewood
Bowser: orange
mk64hop is also included as a command with I/O support. It lets you turn off the completely visual hop that these character perform upon starting a drift if you find it too distracting.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this fun little experiment of mine!


Man, the fact that I had to manually rip Toad's and DK's sprites myself because no sprite sheets existed of them was an absolute pain in the butt...
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed replays crashing and removed debug print when the player spawns

    As the title says, I've fixed replays, so you now should be able to record and watch them...

Latest reviews

an excellent mod, perfectly recreates the visual style of Mario Kart 64, with all its extra pre-rendered frames and the onomatopoeia graphics and the sound design and stuff. it's really well done.
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Perfect execution of a fun idea!

"Look how much longer it takes to select Wario!"
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Now I see why this was allowed to be here on the MB.
This is absolutely great!! I love how it has all the rotations, the extra details like the visual hop, the fact that there's the Mushroom sound effect which always sounded g o o d

I really like this, its Luigi time once again :knuxsmug:
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After playing in the Jart :D? server earlier tonight for the last hour, I left the server, and had SRB2Kart sit at the title screen for a minute. Within that minute, the game threw up a SIGSEV error. I was using ver. 1.3 #42 of the Moe Mansion build, but I don't know what actually caused a SIGEV error message to pop up.
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High quality recreation with lots of attention to detail.
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