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[Reusable] Egg Reverie Super Sonic/Free-Flying Super Sonic [V2.1]

Egg Reverie Super Sonic

One of my favorite mods for Sonic Mania is the mod which allows you to use Egg Reverie SuperSonic's abilities anywhere in the game, so I thought i'd make a SRB2 version of that. Here's a lil' description of what he can do.

Free Flight


Press jump while midair to start floating. While floating, you can press jump to ascend, and spin to descend. Beware that it carries some momentum with you, you won't stop ascending/descending the second you stop pressing jump/spin.

Super Dash

Press both Jump and Spin at the same time while flying to get an instant burst of speed. The drawback to this is that it takes 5 rings in order to do this dash, so don't spam it or you'll be back to your normal form in no time flat.

Bonus content: Hyper alt!

Included on this post is an alternate download that gives Super Sonic an alternative Hyper Sonic supercolor. Now that 2.2.5 has released, you can simply download the hyper alt, and it'll work just fine!
Other things to note:
ERZ Supersonic has two I/O supported console commands to make slight tweaks to him. The first one is EggFlyMode, set to either 1 or 2, which decides if you want to start moving upwards as soon as you start hovering if you have jump held down, or if you want to have to press jump again to start moving upwards. Set to 1 (Jump again) by default. The other command is EggMusic, which can be either set to 0 or 1. 0 disables the custom music included with Egg Reverie super sonic, and 1 enables it. Set to 1 by default (custom music enabled).

V2.1: Very small update that fixes compatibility issues with KRework.

V2: Tons of code cleanup and a couple bugfixes courtesy of Dabir, New I/O supported commands (eggflymode and eggmusic)

SwitchKaze: Helping fix a bug with the hovering.
Frostiikin: Literally everything else. I did the vast majority of the code for one of my mods for once.
Dabir: Cleaning up code and fixing a few other bugs
Cyron: Helping me set up I/O for the commands.
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