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"It's about time!" Finally after months of work the "Oddball" pack has been given a fresh coat of paint and has been renamed to Remixed.

Many of the things you remember has been given some form of an upgrade. [ most of them.. R.I.P DerpV2 you will forever be missed. till you get added in after a patch :V]

The Main Cast and some modded characters have been redone from the ground up and look better than ever!


How to: LFMAIN isn't inside a "models" folder by default therefore you need to create a folder called models if there isn't one already. Make sure the models.dat file is in the Srb2 Directory [in the same folder as srb2.exe] lastly make sure that you are playing in OpenGL with models enabled and interpolation set to "SOMETIMES"

The "SOMETIMES option allows the animator to have near full control over how animations will play giving you the best experience.

The "ALWAYS" option ISN'T max graphics it's actually an unstable option that forces everything to run "smooth" even though it may cause visual errors.

Anyway! I hope you all enjoy the new changes to the Remixed pack!

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Super neat! I especially like the Milne model!
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