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It's About Time I Made A Character! Introducing Robe [Ro-Bae]



Shock Jump is Robe's main ability. Hold Jump and he slowly rises into the air cutting his current speed in half. He can also lift players.



Electric Vortex is Robe's Secondary ability. Hold Spin and he dashes forward sucking in rings and enemies to maintain his battery gauge.


SMS Alfredo for the Main Code
Golden for further optimizations
Frostiikin for the Custom Super Colors
and the Testers who helped improve the mod. You know who you are.

Known Bugs
Being too close and grounded to a bustable wall just has him rebound off of it. dashing from afar or doing it in the air will always work.

Not technically a bug but worth mentioning. using any electrical moves while the enemy is blocked off will make it float after you like a snapping turtle trying to bite you from the tank.

Change Log
- Initial Release

- Robe can no longer attract enemies in netgames in order to increase stability.
- Rings will now properly give Robe energy when he collects them while riding something like the pullies in ACZ.
- Robe's own attraction no longer conflicts with that of the Attraction Shield's.
- Robe's charge animation is now properly cancelled upon completing a level.

- Updated the localization files

V1.02.2 [Hot Fix]
- Fixed an issue involving the Egg Guards being attractable with their shields equipped

- Rolling or drilling as Robe now displays his dash sprites.
- Robe's NiGHTS sprites now have ears.
- Robe's HUD no longer displays in NiGHTS.
- Removed an odd afterimage while transforming in NiGHTS.
- Robe can now be damaged by lava in NiGHTS.
- Robe can now use rollangle properly.
- Attracting blue spheres is now possible in the Multiplayer Special Stages.
- Robe's ability to stand on spiked floors has been restored.
- Robe can once again be damaged by damage water.
- Robe's nullification of any electric damage has been restored. And this time you can now also pierce Brak's defenses :]

- Robe can now use shields again, since somehow it got completely disabled over the past couple updates. Like last time, hold jump and then press spin to do so.
- Made it so that Robe can activate the Electric Vortex multiple times in one jump, and after using the Shock Jump, like in previous versions.
- Fixed error that would pop up when going over electric floors.
- Robe can now regenerate energy when jumping. However, it's 4x slower than regeneration on the ground. This allows you to get some energy back when you're platforming but not using your abilities.
- Added Cross Momentum support. The Electric Vortex's speed is now relative to Robe's speed before activating, and speed will be gained over time. Both of Robe's abilities are buffed significantly while hyper.

- Robe cannot use his abilities when grabbing the Flag or Diamond
- Further netplay stability
- Compatibility fix with the custom Egg Frostburn boss
- Robe

- Buffed Robe's Shock Jump to expand his movement options
- Electric Moves cost less energy making his gameplay pace faster
- Robe no longer floats when inside minecarts
- Robe's Defense in battle has been lowered to hopefully balance him out
- EVEN further code optimizations


Supporters / CoAuthors

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