Elfilin - Friend from the Forgotten Land

Elfilin - Friend from the Forgotten Land 1.1

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(Big thanks to Bendedede for the character art seen on this thread!)

Elfilin is a very unique character, playing drastically differently to what you'd expect from this game.
I'm not great at writing these threads, so let's just get right in to it, shall we?



Elfilin's central (passive) mechanic. He's always hovering slightly off the ground, and due to this, can jump at any time. Note that this isn't flight though, he can only jump once before having to return to the ground. Or, more accurately, the area slightly above the ground, I guess.


If you're able to carry enough momentum to hit the ground, you'll be launched back upwards.
Can be cancelled with a jump if you wish to stop pretending to be a pinball.
It's also heavily affected by slopes, and can be used to gain a lot of speed under the right circumstances.


Pressing spin will allow you to toss out a portal, which you can later warp to by pressing spin again. Going through a portal doesn't reset any of your momentum, so it's true power shines when combined with the rebound.


If you need to quickly return to the ground, or just need to kill some enemies, Spear Crash is how you do it. Alongside having a fixed amount of rebound, the spears also leave a lingering hitbox after they get stuck into the ground, allowing you to even set traps. ...Elfilin seems a bit too small to properly wield a weapon of that size, though.

...Aaaaand, that's about it for his primary kit. He certainly takes a little bit to learn, but once you figure him out, he has some of the craziest potential of any character in this game. I can't wait to see what speedrunners manage to do with him!

...But, anyone who saw the trailer would know that's not quite all he has in store.

Elfilin Assist.png

By pressing Custom 1 while next to a friend in Co-Op, Elfilin is able to hitch a ride on their back, while providing some aid.


All of the abilities on timers are activated through the use of movement directions (WASD on keyboard, or analog stick on controller), though only when their bar is full and their border is colored.
Up, Right, and Down activate Speed Shoes, Jump Boost, and Invincibility respectively, while pressing Left activates Cheer. There are ~50 different pieces of cheer dialog that can be randomly selected, so you'll rarely see him say the same thing twice!

In addition to that, he also has two other abilities, activated with Spin and Jump respectively. I uh, don't really have a good way to get gifs of these right now, so i'll just explain how they work.

Pressing Spin will activate a slow-fall, allowing you and your partner to make it across gaps that would otherwise be impossible, or even save them from certain death, whereas pressing Jump will activate Magnet Hover, a move which pulls them upwards, sorta like a super powerful doublejump. Magnet Hover can only be activated after your partner has jumped, however.

If for whatever reason you don't want help from elfilin players, you can very easily turn assistance off with the console command "elfilinassist [on/off]". It's even saved via I/O so you don't need to re-set it each time you join a netgame.

One last thing, there are a couple easter eggs and secrets within this mod, and i'd appreciate it if people refrained from posting spoilers, at least for a week or so. There's no fun in a secret if everyone knows it exists :P

Downright gorgeous Character Select & Messageboard artwork. I can't get over how well it came out!

~40 extra bits of cheer dialog made only a few days before release, I was shocked when he handed over the 88 MB .ase with all he'd done LOL

Lach, Amperbee
Repeated help with fixing my barely functional scripts X-X
Oh yeah, Lach also is 99% of the reason why death pits don't make float totally break due to a cool function he made for me, big thanks for that one.

Script that stops elfilin assisters from getting stuck in walls. Sorry for forgetting to credit 'ya in the trailer :P

Re-worked secondcolor system. Mine was uh, way less stable then this one.

TAG, the CSCS, and SonicX8000
Bugtesting and feedback. I can't state enough just how valuable all of your suggestions were, and I wouldn't have found half the problems I did without you all.

...Well, just about everything else. It is my mod, after all :P​
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Latest updates

  1. v1.1 Patch

    Basically just a bunch of bugfixes. Here's the stuff I can actually remember that I fixed...

Latest reviews

This character's setup is actually really neat. I hope someone makes bandana waddle dee next! Great job! :D
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it's best but u can control bot!?
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I like their main playstyle; floatiness and portals go together really well, and gives you a lot to experiment with when you're on your own.

I really want to like the Coop abilities, but they ended up being really boring. Giving a full 20 second timed strong powerup on a basic cooldown is simply lame, you mostly just buff the player as often as you're allowed to and forget about it. I'd much prefer shorter buffs that only drain the meter as you use it, because it'd open up for more strategy and make the Elfilin player pay attention.

Still, the fact that there's any Coop functionality means I'll probably continue to use this character whenever I play.
Charyb actually mentioned something similar right before release, and while I do agree that could probably be more interesting, at that point I just wanted to release the mod LOL
i'm definitely considering reworking the buffs in an update, it's just that i kinda need a bit of a break after having worked on this for around a year and a half. btw, did you use the jump/spin co-op abilities at all? people don't tend to immediately know those are a thing, so i'm probably gonna need to try to add some more indication they're a thing in the future. really, the jump & spin stuff is the main thing with elfilin assist, the buffs are kinda just secondary.
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this mod is very cool, but there is one problem that must be fixed, and that is efelins's voice cilps, they are very annoying to hear every 5 seconds when playing in net game. you should consider adding a function of some sort to get rid of the voice clips. the words of encouragement are good tho, keep those, because they made me open my third eye and now i see the world in a new way, and i now know things i have never knew before.

any ways that is the review.

10 kirbys out of 8 dededes
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IT'S FINALLY OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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this is awesome!!! at first i had gripes with the bounciness but i've come to see its potential and necessity. messing with the portals is really fun!

my only issue is admittedly a bit of a nitpick, and it's the fact that the spear's hitbox is... well, it's a *LOT* bigger than the actual spear. makes it feel a little cheap to hit things with it, especially in boss fights. I understand it not being 1 to 1 with the sprite, of course! I just feel the size of the hitbox completely shatters the illusion of the spear itself damaging things.
I understand why you dislike the hitbox size, it's just that previously it was incredibly annoying to actually hit anything as elfilin so I increased the size just as an anti-frustration measure. I may end up slightly lowering it in a patch someday though if this ends up being a consistent complaint people have.
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Eliflin and Kirby will never be forgotten
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On a serious note, this is really fun to play around with! I wonder if there's any netgames with him in it! It would be hilarious to see him team up with Pixie teaming up with another player lmao. I should stop using proper grammar but I'm the grammar police so I can't, sorry for the essay.
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A really fun to play character in both singleplayer and multiplayer.

Both abilities take a little getting used to, but do flow well together, and the co-op abilities, if used properly, can allow a tag team to destroy a level.

My only real complaint is the lack of a way to enter a normal stand state at will (you have to wait a couple seconds before Elfilin falls asleep) Having Elfilin enter a walk state when pressing c2 (or even just having it make you fall asleep immediately) could make it much easier to trigger floor touch sectors.
Otherwise, well done.
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amazing as usual
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