The Dimpsuu- Kart Pack

Now that v1.0.2 is out, and .pk3 file types are supported I figured this would be a good opportunity to just re-release a bunch of my standard kart wads under a pack which should make it easier to load them for servers.

This includes 7 characters that were already released prior, including a brand new character who just got finished in time for 1.0.2. However all of the 7 originals also contain updates that aren't currently available on their individual forums and may not get updated from here on out as this pack will be the home of these 8 characters. Most of these changes are definitely minor though, ranging from voice modifications to some minor sprite edits.

This pack includes 33 karts among 2 sets (Prime and Misfits), some which prior to this were part of their own individual threads, however this is going to be the home of future updates to those and more.

Prime contains all the standard affair of characters, with the typical quality you'd find in my thread normally.
Misfits has all the meme characters but this is also where the original characters and those who appear in other packs will appear.

By default you have both of these combined, however you are able to download one or the other at your leisure depending on the mood of your server.

View attachment 10649
Speed: 9
Weight: 1
From the Puyo Puyo/Madou Monogatari series, to accompany Arle Nadja, Carbuncle is here to win the race... not sure how he can see most the time but sure.
//Credit to Tiniest Turtles who helped out a lot with this update//

View attachment 10125
Speed: 2
Weight: 4
The wacky pink robot from Joy Mech Fight makes a surprise appearance in SRB2Kart with overall middle-ing stats.

Mr. Game & Watch
View attachment 8042
Speed: 9
Weight: 2
Mr. Game & Watch, representing the glory days of the Game & Watch and coming mostly from the Super Smash Bros. series allows you to play as the 2D lightweight silhouette of a man.

Sonia Strumm
View attachment 8276
Speed: 7
Weight: 6
The idol from the EM-Wave Mega Man timeline capable of transforming into the precious Harp Note, Sonia Strumm (or Misora Hibiki) makes her striking show in the kart racing scene.
//Credit to Strife for redoing most of her sprites//

Atsuko Kagari
View attachment 10650
Speed: 8
Weight: 4
Just a witch trying to express appreciation for her line of work, Akko tries to get word around about magic by joining the race. She may get a little competitive though...
//Credit to several people who helped fix up the signpost (will update with those people later)//

Roll (Mega Man 11)
View attachment 8044
Speed: 6
Weight: 6
As Mega Man's sister, Roll doesn't usually get to do a whole lot of action except chores. So this time she participates in the race! Using stats similarly to another Roll released, this Roll shouldn't be hard to grasp.
//Credit to LJSTAR and Strife for sprite fixes//

View attachment 8045
Speed: 8
Weight: 7
The young pirate girl from Guilty Gear is here to enjoy her time racing. Though I dunno about you but I think there is something on her mind... perhaps love?
//Credit to Strife for sprite fixes//

View attachment 9256
Speed: 4
Weight: 7

The customizable robot buddy known as a Gizoid comes with pretty middling stats (not quite a super balanced character though), focusing more on how Emerl was not easy to play as at first.
//Credit to Chrispy for a sprite fix and LJSTAR/Tiniest Turtles for palette testing//

Bugs Bunny
View attachment 8990
Speed: 7
Weight: 2
The carrot-loving hare that enjoys fooling with those who try to make rabbit soup out of him is now enjoying some kart racing. This lightweight comes packed with pretty grungy Mel Blanc clips, but perhaps that could be seen as a novelty for this character.

View attachment 8991
Speed: 3
Weight: 4
The mediocre clarinet player unwillingly joins SRB2Kart, for what reason? I dunno, Krusty Krab business I suppose. This squid has a modified kart for... unspecified reasons (could actually be water or the fact he has 4 tentacles for feet). Sound clips are pulled from a few Spongebob video games: Battle for Bikini Bottom, Lights, Camera, Pants, and either Truth or Square or Plankton's Robotic Revenge. Regardless, hopefully he suits your lousy needs.

View attachment 8992
Speed: 6
Weight: 3
Here's another one that will make people scream "Who?". This is a character who originates from an obscure shoot-em-up on the SEGA CD named "Keio Flying Squadron", who's probably only really known now for appearing in 1 JonTron video about weird SHMUPs. This little girl has a pretty decent speed but low weight, with sounds that had to be recorded manually in-game by removing the music.

Draco Centauros
View attachment 8993
Speed: 8
Weight: 2
The tryhard rival to Arle Nadja finally found new competition in kart racing, perhaps joining will boost her beauty over Arle?
//Credit to Strife for sprite fixes, Wizzkidwas for reference assistance, and "Lat" for the original Arle Nadja kart//

Luna Platz
View attachment 9257
Speed: 4
Weight: 5
The rich young lady who comes from Echo Ridge with a bit of an attitude and tsundere personality has come to join the race because... I dunno, for fun or perhaps to reach a higher role of responsibility. In any case, she won't be taken over by any alien snakes anytime soon, though her stats are semi-reflective of this.

View attachment 9516
Speed: 2
Weight: 6
One of the main SeHa girls, Saturn, is here to represent one of SEGA's worst selling but most charming generation. With an asymmetrical design and sound clips pulled from the Hyperdimension Neptunia crossover game, this character is certainly a "headliner".
//Credit to "Lat" for the original Arle Nadja kart and Strife for some hair fixes//

View attachment 9517
Speed: 3
Weight: 8
You may fear her most, the noseless emo girl from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy makes a sudden and almost abrupt appearance in SRB2Kart featuring a style closer to the show's art style and sounds from the Gamecube title, one of the Flash games, and I believe at least one used from the show itself.

View attachment 9966
Speed: 5
Weight: 2

The Unova region's female trainer came alone to go for some fun kart racing.

Ochako Uraraka
View attachment 10123
Speed: 4
Weight: 2

The aggressive love-distracted gravity wielding heroine from U.A. Academy decides to go karting in her hero outfit, being a floaty character she is closer to a slow lightweight. Uses voice clips from the English Dub of the anime and Female Time Patroller 2's voice from Dragonball Xenoverse 2 (same voice actress: Luci Christian).

View attachment 10644
Speed: 2
Weight: 6

The anger-induced boss of the park from Regular Show stressfully tries to race against the competition, don't be surprised he blows your ears out though if he loses or is at a disadvantage. Voice clips taken straight from the show.
//Credit to mit who helped with proportions//

View attachment 10647
Speed: 7
Weight: 3

The NetNavi who is operated by Mayl Sakura makes her appearance as the first Battle Network represent of this pack. Using voice clips of Ingrid from Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX (same VA as Japanese anime Roll.EXE).
//Credit to AtelierBunny for a 3D model that was used as a reference//

Pandora //UPDATED
View attachment 10648
Speed: 8
Weight: 6

As part of a duo with Prometheus from Mega Man ZX, Pandora is one of the main antagonists of the duology. Using voice clips ripped manually from the Japanese version of ZX.
//Credit to HeatPhoenix for a 3D model that was used as a reference//

View attachment 10959
Speed: 6
Weight: 1

The Bodega's lil hero worker, KO is often seen at the Lakewood Plaza with his friends Rad and Enid, however is now seen kart racing.
//Credit to zXspriter and Kibito for some additional sprite help and help with the signpost//

Pan //NEW
View attachment 10960
Speed: 7
Weight: 3

Gohan's little girl and the spunky Saiyan who joins Goku and Trunks on a trip to find the Shadow Dragon Balls. Despite her age, she lays down a great amount of dominance, even to the powerful Goku.
//Credit to Daisy for making her Dragonball characters this is based on, and Kibito for some sprite help//

Sonic's Shoes //NEW
View attachment 10961
Speed: 9
Weight: 3
Sonic's Shoes have escaped and have decided to drive the kart itself... somehow.

HMS123311 //NEW
View attachment 10962
Speed: 9
Weight: 1
The legendary Hyper Mystic Shadonic who has unlimited power in his toe, giving anyone the Dr. Pepper order for those who approach his overpowered qualities.

Professor Asobin / Center-sensei
View attachment 8043
Speed: 5
Weight: 5
With balanced stats, Professor Asobin is here to teach you the basics of SRB2Kart using his extensive SEGA knowledge. This appearance is based on his pixelated appearance in SEGA Hard Girls where he takes on the role of Center-sensei.

View attachment 9965
Speed: 6
Weight: 4

The frozen furry who originates from a Megaman 8-bit Deathmatch modification called MagiCode, a custom classes modification where she was among one of the playable characters.
//Credit to zxyspku for the signpost art//

View attachment 10124
Speed: 3
Weight: 6

DWN-018 from Mega Man 3 on the NES, with the obtainable copy ability "Magnet Missile", this guy comes pushing and pulling himself to 1st place. Uses voice clips from Nappa's appearance in Dragonball Raging Blast 2.

View attachment 10643
Speed: 6
Weight: 9

This is an original character owned by FuPoo. With voices taken from the Female Preppy avatar from Xenoblade Chronicles X.
//Credit to FuPoo for references and PsychoJosh for sprite fixes//

Gutsman //NEW
View attachment 10963
Speed: 3
Weight: 9
One of the original Robot Masters created by Dr. Light to work as a construction robot that got taken over by Dr. Wily to take over the world. Best known for his power of guts and the copy ability "Super Arm".

View attachment 10645
Speed: 1
Weight: 4

The silly eyeball creature who hails from Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch's Unholy Classes/Bosses modification. Coming in with pretty low stats and voice clips taken from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
//Credit to Tristana for the character//

View attachment 10646
Speed: 2
Weight: 5

An upgraded form of the Demoneye who made their debut in the same place as above. With slightly higher stats and also voice clips from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
//Credit to Tristana for the character//

Killer Kong //NEW
View attachment 10964
Speed: 3
Weight: 8
The mysterious Donkey Kong ripoff that is known for the box art of a ZX Spectrum title of the same name. A surprising heavyweight character, with sounds that will probably spook ya at first.
//Credit to Notakin for the small kart template//

Ring //NEW
View attachment 10965
Speed: 7
Weight: 1
A random Ring that floats over the kart, thankfully can stay alive as Rings are essentially immortal beings.

Update #1 - Version 2
- A bunch of icons have been updated, primarily the minimap icons but Sonia's big icon and Akko's small icon were also updated
- Sukapon received a massive update with entirely different shading
- Carbuncle now has improved vibrating and wheels actually turn on the turn frames

Update #2 - Separate Package (SP)
- After noticing that this is an 8-character package, and maybe some of these characters aren't your style, I have decided to release a separate ZIP file containing all the characters separately (and with the exception of May obviously, despite almost all the characters reaching to or above version 2, the PK3s in this ZIP are going to be set to match the version number of this pack meaning they all use have the "R2" at the end regardless). This assists in some servers that only wish to add 1 of these characters to reduce available WAD limit.

^ Everything is now included in 1 ZIP as of Update #3 ^

Update #3 - Second Set of Karts
- After a lot of thought, I've decided to return to this kart pack and make it more a primer thread for all new kart releases. Prior to this I wanted to release an entirely different thread with a second set, as I feared I would be acting unfair to judging and potentially have way too many karts to keep up (servers would likely be unable to host it and a few other karts on top of that). However I will be removing this fear in favor of just going all out, approaching the issue of "too much" later on.
- I don't guess I noticed but the SP (the karts as separate files) zip probably didn't have anything in it, so instead I've included the individual files inside the main zip. This keeps it down to 1 whole file needed to download, with the choice of only dragging over the pack or select karts.

Update #4 - Emerl, Luna, & Updates
- Some of Rami's sounds have been replaced by recordings from Keio Flying Squadron 2, this may still come with clumsy presentation as once again no proper rips were made for this game. If cleaner rips are made for the first but more importantly the second game this will be accounted for later
- Updated stats for: Sukapon, (2,4 > 5,3), Draco (8,2 > 6,2), Akko (8,4 > 9,4)
- Sukapon, Game & Watch, Asobin, Akko, Roll, May, Rami, and Draco's "real names" now use proper pronunciation
- Sonia has been entirely redone by Strife
- Luna has been added! Due to lack of resources for voice, her voice is Anise Tatlin from Tales of the Abyss (same English VA as the one in the Starforce anime)
- Emerl has been moved here out of convenience of players as he did receive decent enough popularity

Update #5 - Saturn, Mandy, & Updates
- Saturn has been added! Thanks to "Lat" for the Arle base and Strife for fixes to the hair
- Mandy has been added!
- Some sounds for Sonia and Luna have been replaced to be more Starforce centric
- Icon updates for: Roll, Akko, Squidward
- Luna's leggings no longer get recolored

Update #6 - Glace, Hilda, & Voice Packs
- Roll now uses Crimson > Red as her default color
- Luna now uses Cream > Gold as her default color (especially thanks to v1.0.4 adding it partly because of her)
- Readjusted Saturn's colors to accomodate the changes to the black color
- Glace has been added! She is an original character that was previously used in a mod for MM8BDM, however she made her initial SRB2Kart debut in Chrispy's Character Creation Contest, though since that pack hardly gets hosted anymore (at least alongside other packs like this) I have decided to toss her in this pack with an additional update to her turning frames
- Hilda has been added! She has a visual appearance close to the sprite work in Pokemon Black & White with voice clips that are both a combination of Pokemon B/W sound effects and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Female Pokemon Trainer voice
- Draco and Saturn now have alternate voice packs that must be loaded after the main files or else they'll get overridden

Update #7 - Uraraka + Magnetman
- Ochako Uraraka from My Hero Academia has been added! Sporting her hero outfit and being a sort of floaty type (translates to being a low weight high acceleration type I suppose?)
- Magnetman from Mega Man 3 has been added! Using voice lines from Nappa in Dragonball Z Raging Blast 2, suited as the Ocean dub's actor for Nappa (Michael Dobson) has also voiced Magnetman.exe in Megaman NT Warrior
- Sukapon received another facelift, now also using the Rose default color

Update #8 - Carbuncle, Akko, + More!
- Carbuncle and Akko received total overhauls, with new looks and such.
- R.I.P. has been added! This is an OC from FuPoo who is kind of popular among the Mega Man community.
- Benson from Regular Show has been added! With voice clips taken directly from the show itself.
- Demoneye and Devileye have been added! Both representing the Unholy Classes/Bosses mod from MM8BDM.
- Roll.EXE and Pandora from Mega Man Battle Network and ZX respectively. They were added as a result of a temporary delay of this pack, consider them a bonus as well as a means of representing more of the Mega Man franchise.
- I have decided to clump the original Sets 1 and 2 together, meaning Sets 3 and the inevitable 4 are going to just be Set 2. This means that each set will be 16 characters each.

Update #9 - Prime/Misfits Update
- Pandora's small icon has been fixed as it had some grey pixels that weren't recolored.
- Rami's base color is now Yellow instead of Gold due to the updates to the colors in v1.1.
- Killer Kong, KO, Pan, and Ring were added as brand new characters to the pack.
- The pack has been split up into 2 actual sets, Prime and Misfits to appease crowds who love either the sheer value of characters available, only want the most quality and usability, or want to meme around.
- Due to the actual split-up in the packs, Sonic's Shoes, HMS, and Gutsman now appear. There are also some characters who got moved to the Misfits pack including the brand new Killer Kong.
- There is now a build for MegamixThemes you can add on top that is for all the characters available here, not all characters are supported just yet though.
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