group: pokemon

  1. Sketch Whitehead

    Sketch's Mixed Bag of Goods Version 1.0

    A mish-mash of some of my favorite characters! CHARACTERS UPDATES - VERSION 1.0 - Initial release!
  2. Honestyi

    Honestyi's Character Pack [Buff Chao flexes in!] v2.0

    Hi there! My name is Honestyi and this is my pack of random characters, why the randomness you ask? Well, because i have no standard on which character i'll do next whatsoever so i end up doing things that i like or that i think people will like. Anyway i hope you enjoy my job! The characters...
  3. Sandwichface

    FRIGO RETURNS - Frigo in SRB2! 1.0

    Well, here it is. All of my years spent in this community were leading up to this moment, the release of the ultimate SRB2 character. Nothing will top this revolutionary mod. Introducing: Frigo! Frigo, the mysterious Pokemon from space returns! He's a challenge character, in a sense...
  4. Patafoin

    Patafoin's Character pack 3

    Here all the characters that me and my friends has made. There are 3 different file to download : - The normal pack who has 15 characters. - The cursed pack who has ... Weird character derived from the main pack. Why whould you want to have this? - And a zip with all the individual character...
  5. Mindacos

    [Reusable] Mindacos' Poke'n'Chao Pack! v2.31

    After weeks of delays and delays and even more delays, it's here! The pack's main contents are the pokémon and the chao OCs that I've been working on. Most of these were made a while ago but haven't been public until today, so I hope you enjoy them! The Pokémon: The Chao: Pack #1...
  6. FishingCroagunk

    Croagunk's Character Pack (V_2.0 RELEASE!)

    Hello all! This is my first character pack. So far, I have made twelve chars, with plans to add to it. The characters in this pack: Echoes included in this pack: Echoes, much like Echo Fighters in Smash, are characters built from another character's sprites. However, their stats and sounds...
  7. DirkTheHusky

    Dirk's Character pack R11 - Megamix Edition. R11.03

    --Standard Release-- I present to you all my character pack. I made this little thing so that people can enjoy the characters I've done or collaborated with. There are 27 characters included in this PK3 file. The zip file below contains both the entire pack itself and the separate addons for...
  8. Titou

    [Reusable] Titou's Character pack

    Here's my character pack containing four not-so popular characters i worked and might update to introduce more furries um... characters! Here's the list: Koopa Troopa Flapple/Appletun Gigamax Croc Cloud Draco-Koopa (OC) Dralloon (OC) (Characters alone are also inclued in the...
  9. Y

    [Reusable] YellowFlame4444's Kart Character pack v4.0

    Shaggy, The Mystery Machine, and all 8 eeveelutions. That's right, along with the Super Shag and The Machine of Mystery, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon are all included in this Kart Character pack. I'm super excited to share my work with all those who...
  10. Deercat

    [Reusable] DeercatPack [v2.0] v2.0

    Alright, with fancy graphics out of the way, here we go! The pack that contains all the characters I've done! Characters Changelog Credits
  11. ThePinkGalaxy

    Pink's Character Pack v4.1 v4.1

    There isn't any theme, just characters I happened to make! I will continue to update this pack as I finish new Kart Characters! This pack currently has: 10 Characters Further Character details are listed in the spoilers below! Thank you to everyone who gave criticism and feedback while...
  12. LadyKuki

    [Reusable] LadyKuki Character Pack! (V1)

    It's been a long time coming! Kuki pack is finally here, featuring characters from several franchises! There will definitely be more, but updates (aside from sprite and stat edits) from now on will be coming a little slowly so bear with me here.
  13. Latius

    [Reusable] Latius in SRB2Kart! (Latius at Beta v2.0.1) 2021-03-04

    After goodness knows how many years that I had been planning things to have (Auro) Latius in-game, I finally have gotten him in with the help of a few people into SRB2Kart! Due to Latis being very fast, with some theories saying that they can hit speeds in excess of the speed of sound, Latius...
  14. Super Chris

    [Reusable] Super Chris's Characters (Release 3.5) 2021-03-25

    These are some characters I created during my down time. I hope you enjoy playing as them as much as I did making them. I also included separate characters for convenience. To save space, I put the characters in this pack in the thing below. Open it to read about them. [/SPOILER] More...
  15. That Sprite

    Regina - A Lopunny Biker for SRB2K

    An OC racer of mine I've had in my pocket for a while now, I figured I'd throw her out into Releases in case anyone was interested. Art was commissioned through Eliktroniq, and the character is released with his consent. To say Regina has an attitude problem would be underselling it. It'd be a...
  16. Chengi

    Chengi's Character Pack! [V19] 12/25 - (Modern Sonic v3 & Shiki Ryougi) 2021-03-24

    A small collection of my current SRB2Kart racers, containing characters from vastly different video game franchises! (And like, two original characters.) *As of May 29th, 2019, both Sakura and Amy (or at least her sprites) have been officially added to bonuschars. Older...
  17. B

    Bartman's Rally All-Stars Character Pack [V3] V3

    Now you can get all the characters I've worked on with the Rally All-Stars Character Pack. This pack includes eight characters. (Six if you count Ranma and Shampoo as one character each.) Ash & Pikachu, Misty & Psyduck, Ranma Saotome Boy-Type*, Ranma Girl-Type*, Akane Tendo, Shampoo Girl-Type*...
  18. nicktendoswitch

    Burrvalve digs Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart! (Fakémon)

    Meet Burrvalve! This cautious little clam is joining SRB2K! Burrvalve is Ground/Poison type hailing from the fan-made Pokémon region of Orida! “This Pokémon is cowardly by nature. Burrvalve burrows deep beneath the sand on the shores of Orida where it senses movement through changes in the...
  19. E

    [Reusable] Emgiell's Character Pack V1.3

    Finally, with three characters I thought I'd go and compile them into a pack called the "Rotary Pack". Spyro 7 Speed 5 Weight Snivy 6 Speed 3 Weight Elliana 6 Speed 7 Weight Maypul 8 Speed 4 Weight Features the Secondary Colors Lua Script Use the command...
  20. jewelmoon

    Latias & Latios Character Pack [V2.1]

    The Eon Duo Join The Race! My first addons, featuring Latias and Latios of the Pokemon series! In a pack, because they must always come together. These two are my most favourite Pokemon, and I figured I would post what I've done out of leisure. I might just make more characters for Kart in the...