group: pokemon

  1. MildMole

    MildMole's MSPaint Monstrocities 0.03

    What happens when a person with mid level art skills and microsoft paint decides to make a character pack for kart? You get whatever the heck this is! I seriously worked hard on these so i hope i don't fuck up! The characters thus far: Trubbish (Pokemon) It's everyone's "favorite"...
  2. SomeSRB2modder

    Pikachu mod (Work In Progress)

    One of the most famous pokemon now in SRB2 (Work in progress) but here some sneak peak 1697241186 Sprite starting now
  3. Stapy-Paldea

    Stapy's Mons

    Stapy-Paldea submitted a new resource: Stapy's Mons - Adds in my 3 favorite Pokémon, that's literally it Read more about this resource...
  4. Stapy-Paldea

    Stapy's Mons v1.2

    This addon that took literally 2 days to finish from the start. I wasn't good at pixel art or filling in sprite sheets so expect them to not be perfect (especially the older ones having worse design than the newer ones I add in). The zip file comes in with 5 individual wad files from the addon...
  5. ALeafyOddie

    Sixfour's Venture Character Pack 1.1 Hotfix

    WELCOME TO SIXFOUR KART! Sixfour's Venture is a webseries I do revolving around Pokemon ocs. It's as simple as that! Over the course of the past few months, through the power of prerendered sprites I have been putting these characters into SRB2Kart for fun, and I kept them to myself until I...
  6. BDonutGLXY

    DONUT'S BUFFET (previously CONE PACK) V5.1

    This is really just a pack for misc characters that don't exactly fit a theme, but a good chunk may happen to be food related, theres a possibility for characters to be migrated to another pack for if I make a lot of Bugsnax for example, that is planned someday! But Scoopy and Sherbie will stay...
  7. RobinE

    [Open Assets] Robin E's Character Pack V2.0 v.2.0

  8. BetaShadow

    The Beta Pack 1.0

    Welcome, everyone, to... this... thing. (I have no idea how to introduce this.) Currently contains the following characters: Downloads include the full character pack, the individual WADs, and Beta Pack Alpha, which removes all of the OCs should you have zero interest in any of them...
  9. Shrub64

    [Open Assets] Shrub64's Character Pack V6

    Ever the one willing to prove his worth, at least when there's chocobars on the line, Jibanyan rolls in to win! Jibanyan Stats: Speed 4, Weight 3 Next up is everyone's favorite bumpkin Komasan! This may not be the place he was expecting to end up when riding his vacuum friend, but he is...
  10. JB743

    Inverse Wave Pack Version 1.2

    The Inverse Wave is now in session. [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER]
  11. TheTrueEpicPro

    EpicPro Character Pack! v4.1

    Welcome to the EpicPro Character Pack. This pack contains all the characters I have made for SRB2Kart. Note that this pack contains spoilers for Kirby and the Forgotten Land. There are currently only eight character in the pack so far. Tasque Manager, Fecto Elfilis, Noelle Holiday, Hisuian...
  12. Suicune


    After seeing how there are barely any pokemon add-ons for this game, I took it upon myself to add my favorite pokemon to it. This is my 1st time tho working with char files but there will be refined in the future. 1659309435 1659310434 If you have any ideas/changes post in the comments
  13. Mr.Logan

    The Jam Jar v1.2

    What is the Jam Jar? The Jam Jar is filled with maps that were part of a Mapping Jam hosted by Mariko and Mr.Logan under the Kart Community Server (KCS). Members within the server had 2 months to finish and submit a map for the Jam Jar, and everyone within the server (New Mappers, Experienced...
  14. fork

    Chandelure, the Luring Pokémon, jumps into the racetrack! 1.1

    The sentient and mischievous lamp itself, Chandelure, debuts into Kart straight from the Pokémon series! Although it feels a bit uncomfortable in the kart, and would much rather float, just know that it's trying its best to win (without cheating, that is...). Chandelure sports the brilliant...
  15. Kíbito

    [kíbito's dump of kart characters] v1.1 + still the old version

    Been making these on my spare time throughout the months so i might as well release them instead of leaving them to rot in the sprites folder. ¡¡Anyways hope you enjoy them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  16. OctoJoss

    [Open Assets] JossPack V6.4 V6.4

    You've probably seen these guys somewhere before, but one of them may be a bit alien to you. There's a few others I'm working on that I'll add at a later date. If you have any questions let me know. Enjoy! Pipe Frame kart sprites created by Mit full credit goes to him
  17. Evil Sonic

    Evey's Character Pak! v1.3

    A majority of these characters are commissions, WARNING: Some of them have vulgar language In order of the image from left to right, starting from the top: [/SPOILER]
  18. Patafoin

    [Open Assets] Eeveelution.Lua _ What? EEVEE is evolving?! 1b

    WARNING : This lua is now include in the PatafoinCharacterPack since V16 and the Lua version of eevee. Avoid to put those two file at the same time to avoid conflict. This page is now mainly usefull if you are using Joker's eevee instead of mine. Those lua make the character Eevee evolve...
  19. osa1390

    [Open Assets] Mega Gardevoir v2.0.1

    My first character mod. Mega Gardevoir's stats: Speed: 6 Weight: 6
  20. ThatGuyKel

    KelChars v20

    Welcome to KelChars! A collection of SRB2Kart racers that I've created, containing characters from various pieces of media. More characters are planned to be added in the near future, so stick around! I hope you enjoy playing as these characters as much as I did making them! :D - CHARACTER...