group: puyo puyo

  1. B

    [Reusable] Brian's Char Pack V1.5

    Kagami Hiiragi (Lucky Star) ACCELERATION 2.6 Ayano Minegishi (Lucky Star) ACCELERATION 1.5 Harpy (Puyo Puyo) SPEED 8.3 Dribble & Spitz (WarioWare) HEAVY 3.9 Patricia Martin (Lucky Star) SPEED 8.7 Lulu (WarioWare) BALANCED 5.1 Misao Kusakabe (Lucky Star) SPEED 9.4 Penny Crygor...
  2. irregular_breadstick

    Sig [Puyo Puyo] V1.2

    My very first custom character, Sig, joins the race! Eventually, I'll make a few more characters and this will become a character pack. Stay tuned until then. Enjoy!
  3. Evil Sonic

    Evey's Character Pak! v1.2

    A majority of these characters are commissions, WARNING: Some of them have vulgar language In order of the image from left to right, starting from the top: [/SPOILER]
  4. Miguelius256

    Tee from Puyo Puyo Tetris 1.1

    Tee from Puyo Puyo Tetris spins into victory!! Tee, a character that I took long to make, finally joins the day at the races. This is also my first character to make and I had a lot of fun making it. Character stats: Speed: 7 Weight: 4
  5. Lentus

    [Reusable] Sig 1.1

    oof- Sig
  6. Evil Sonic

    Jay & Elle from Puyo Tetris! 1.0

    Weight: 4 Speed: 4 Jay and Elle from Puyo Tetris join the race! Taking up space by sharing one kart cause that's what twins do. (English voice clips used) (This racer was a commission)
  7. cotomili

    Cotopack [New track: ChuChu Space Stadium] v7.3

    Hello racers! I am honored to present you my pack: Cotopack! It will feature multiple Cups, one being inspired by classic SEGA franchises such as Super Monkey Ball and Puyo Puyo, and another one inspired by multiple franchises accross gaming. You will find in this pack lots of original sprites...
  8. Micro

    Arle.PNG 2.1

    OH MY GOD ARLE NADJA IN ESSAREBEETOO!!!111!! HAHA FUNNY ARLE GO BRRR FIREBALLZ FOR DAYZ FAST AS FUCC BOI BATTLE OF THE PNGS Credits: Simon_T for the bomb code Sega AND SONY for the sprites me for everything else. Happy April Fools!
  9. Tyonic

    Community Models + [V2] 2

    This is more so a side project from my main two kart mods and something i've had recent fun in doing so. Community Models + is a model expansion pack that aims to give support to various Community made kart characters mdl support over time. it is not expected every character will get a model...
  10. SrHerbii

    SrHerbii's Character Pack [V3.0]

    Characters: SCP-173 Brad Armstrong (Lisa the Painful) MrSaturn (Mother series) Batter (OFF) Marle (Puyo Puyo) Lidelle (Puyo Puyo) [NEW] Pigmask Soldier (MOTHER 3) [NEW] Gordon Freeman (Half-life)
  11. Super Chris

    Super Chris's Characters (Release 4) 4

    These are some characters I created during my down time. I hope you enjoy playing as them as much as I did making them. I also included separate characters for convenience. To save space, I put the characters in this pack in the thing below. Open it to read about them. [/SPOILER] More...
  12. Superjustinbros

    [Reusable] SJBCP 2.5 - Droll Scenario 2.5

    Since more character packs have been releasing lately for SRB2kart thanks to the increased character limit in servers, I figured I’d publish mine that I’ve been using for quite some time. Track source: Chengi's Track Attack Pack by Chengi This is every (usable) character that I’ve created...
  13. Strife

    AoStH Character Pack v1.6

    It's here at last! The main cast from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon have assembled for your Saturday morning racing needs. Every character shares a stat slot with one of the vanilla characters for perfect balance with vanilla gameplay. This pack contains the following characters...
  14. Ganbare-Lucifer

    [Reusable] The Ganbare Rapa-Pack! V2 [Pokemon Trainer Gold]

    Finally! I am proud to present you the first pack of mine! The Ganbare Rapa-Pack! Racers Ahead! So anyways, enjoy!
  15. SrHerbii

    Witch (Puyo Puyo)

    Witch from the Puyo puyo franchise joins the race!
  16. SrHerbii

    Raffina (Puyo Puyo)

    Raffina from the Puyo Puyo Franchise makes her way onto the track! Now Including Japanese and English Fever Voicelines! Update 1.1 - Added Japanese and Fever voicelines - Fixed character' prefix - Added missing voiceline - Added an echo effect to gloat voiceline
  17. Cyber

    Amitie Puyo Pyuo Fever (KC_AmitiePPF) V2.1

    From her debut appearance in the game Puyo Puyo Fever Amitie joins the race! Her appearance is based of Puyo Pyuo Fever and her voice is in English and is from Puyo Puyo Tetris.She has a weight stat of 8 and the speed stat is 4. Let me know for any bugs and I will get them sorted out by the...
  18. Dimpsuu

    Dimpsuu's Kart Pack (RC.9 PRIME/MISFITS UPDATE)

    The Dimpsuu- Kart Pack Now that v1.0.2 is out, and .pk3 file types are supported I figured this would be a good opportunity to just re-release a bunch of my standard kart wads under a pack which should make it easier to load them for servers. This includes 7 characters that were already...
  19. VGBoy

    Dark Prince (Puyo Puyo) [V1.1]

    The devilish antagonist of the Puyo Puyo series joins the race! As a rival to Arle, his high speed and weight mirrors her light weight and high acceleration. Voice Clips are from Puyo Puyo Tetris. Stats: Speed/Accel: 6/4 Weight/Handl: 7/3
  20. B

    The Brash Buster Character Pack (v5.0: Flandre, Paratroopa, shading fixes, and more)

    Hi there. This is just a collection of characters I've made, which I've been able to split into three categories: Characters An "nr" version of the pack without the Robot Masters (aside from Dyna Man) is included as well, to prevent overlap with the MegaMan Pack.