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Dee (now basically a kart character maker) presents:
Dee's Doodle Pack!
These well known characters were remade in my "doodle" artstyle! plus i'm not very good at pixel art so Here are the racers!


Link: Very light and slow character with great acceleration and handing. Uses Toon Link's voice clips. The Triforce is strong with this one, and this strong, silent (and let's be honest: cute) child is determined to take the gold!


Sonic: Extremely fast and moderately light character with above average handling and highest max speed. Speed is his middle name, and racing is straight up his GAME.


Kirby: Moderately fast and very light character with good handling and speed. Also rides on 'Warp Star.' Kirby is comin' "right back at ya" on a warp star that shines above all the other racers (at least in this pack.) (Also this one was the hardest to implement. No Lua unfortunately.)


Mario: Probably the most average character of the bunch. Slightly heavier, but standard speed. Uses SM64's voice clips. Let's-a-go to the races! Mario may not be in his... racing game, but he's just as capable as any other character in the roster!


Pac/Pac-Man: A tad slower than the others, and also kinda heavy. Mediocre handling, but okay acceleration. Chomp your way through the competition with Pac! He's done this sort of thing before, so he's got experience!


Pencil Drawson: Slow racer with good acceleration and handling. Weight is below average. Pencil, after being a little miffed that his SRB2 debut is "delayed," decides to jump in a kart and race out his frustrations. Sorry Drawson...:sad:


Luigi: Moderately fast (and slippery) character with standard weight. Uses 64 Luigi's voice clips. He's not "Green Mario!" He's Luigi, the slimmer, faster, (and arguably better) brother of the red plumber! Careful though, at high speeds, he's not easy to control!

Also included are standalone versions for each character for servers with "specific tastes!"

And those are the characters for now! I decided to put a little bit more effort in my next submission, because the ones I made before this... YIKES. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this character pack that I made!! Sounds were from other mods, (apart from Pencil's, which I made and chose.)​
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