group: bubble and squeak

  1. Dee

    [Open Assets] Dee's Doodled Character Pack! 2.1

    Dee (now basically a kart character maker) presents: Dee's Doodled Pack! These well known characters were remade in my "doodle" artstyle! (and more!) Here are the racers! Also included are standalone versions for each character for servers with "specific tastes!" And those are the characters...
  2. Dee

    Bubble and Squeak [Kart Character] 1.0

    ...not that anybody cared..? Bubble and Squeak are forgotten buddies from the '94 Genesis (and Amiga) game, Bubble and Squeak. Bubble is the human, and Squeaks is the blue alien from the planet Grool. And after over 25 years of disappearing, they're suddenly here! Not for an adventure this...