Release reasoning:As many of you known at least on discord, I am putting project on indefinit hiatus and maybe even cancellation.
That's why this public build release even exists. Goal of entire project was ridiculously ambitious.

Anyway this SRB1 remake project is trying to reconstruct all concepts from original into something actually playable or even fun.
Current build contains 5 maps, which 2 of them are not accessible through normal means.
Project is heavily unfinished, but even then it already does enough.

Originally this project was suppose to be big thank you to all for all support and to STJR team as thank you for all hard work and my child hood memories, which by then expanded into project that supposed to "fix" SRB1.

>>>> SRB1 Remake Credits - Blue Spring Team <<<<

>>>> Direction & Production
*Dave lite

>>>> Level Design
*Dave Lite

>>>> Graphics
*Dave Lite

>>>> Background Music
*CobaltBW - Oak Falls Act 1
*Raze - Agate Heights BGM

>>>> Scripting
*Dave Lite

>>>> Play Testers
*Dave Lite

>>>> Special Thanks
Comes to entire SRB2 community.

-- Project can be edited, changed or some parts salvage for any outside use.
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Dave Lite
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