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This is BrianFan The Hedgehog for Sonic Robo Blast 2!
srb2 brianfan.png

Multi-Jump Thok

Boost Mode

Cosmetics by Krabs
A'Dillaz Hat Shop by A'Dilla
Overhauled Legacy Trio by Elyos03
XMomentum/CrossMomentum by Frostiikin
Crystal Sonic/Alt Sonic by Icezer​
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Latest updates

  1. Character select text fix

    Sls64 asked me to fix the character select text, so I fixed it! everyone should now read it!

Latest reviews

Thank You For Subscribing My Channel! It Has Multi-Jump Thok, Run On Water, And Dash Mode I Loved it! Thank You!
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Good sprites but not abilities. Go i am helping?
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Honestly, it's okay. This a bit looks like if neon the hedgehog [LucasRPDJ's mod/oc] had an SSN version (NO OFFENSE PLEASE DONT TAKE SERIOUSLY) i'd reccomend thinking of actual original moves or something or probally a combination? I've have been talking with some (upcoming) mod creators to try to make OG movesets, perhaps insta shield multi thok will work? Hopefully this helps.
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His current abilities are pretty lacking considering the only thing unique about him gameplay-wise is dashmode and the multi-jump thok. I feel like a reworked moveset would make him more interesting as a character.
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Interesting character, but definitely needs a lot of improvements to make it much more fun to use.
I think the sprites are decent to detatch him from being just a simple Sonic recolor, and I think giving him a more original and fun moveset can help make this character more interesting.
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I love it you did a great job making this bro
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You know, this character is Okay, but yeah, it reminds me of Scourge the Hedgehog, specially due to the fact that it wears a jacket, some sunglasses and is green, either way, nice addon.
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It's cool.Finally a green sonic, one question, how did you make it?
i made it with paint.net using the srb2 2.2 palette png and slade to make a mod!
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This character is ok, but there is some due to lack of abilities and things that you need to add. The sprites are fine, just need more stuff to come up
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I knew what I was getting myself into when I saw the thumbnail and topic name and I should've looked back, but I just..didn't. So, generic Sonic recolor #12091023 is playable and he plays...exactly like Sonic. The new moves you gave him aren't even original or yours. You did the bare minimum. Is this your first character mod?
yes, it's my first character mod on the srb2mb!
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