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Note: These hats support the Cosmetics mod. This is required for them to pop up

Welcome to the hat shop.png

Welcome to the Hat Shop! Enjoy yourself while we play 24/7 LoFi, and a certain someone's huge playlist of banger music.

We don't have too much, but I hope there's a good amount for you to enjoy a few. Lets see the ones we have in-stock!

(Map used - Green Flower Zone 2 from 2.1 Levels, same with the next GIF provided)
A cute little Eagle friend that'll stay with you to the end! He has a dark burnt wing, So he'd prefers to chill on people's heads. The actual bird owner is mine.

Paper Boat

Mainly just for fun a paper boat is here, nothing more than to be a silly hat. Hold up how is it not sog-

Party Shaders

(Map used - Secluded Island Zone from Community Battlemod Pack)
Weather its for showing you love to party, or like to beat the living out of a person with some style we also added the sweet shades for you to enjoy!

Cutter Hat

From Kirby, there is also the Cutter hat! This one is based off the Kirby Right Back At Ya version of the cutter, which is why the sharp part is fully grey.

Joker's Mask

(Map used - by my friend Kriby. I was given permission.)
Fang likes to wear his mask a different way

From Persona 5, this is the mask Joker wears! Now you can threaten people but make sure they never see it comin' :knuxsmug:

Leather Helmet

(Map used - By my friend Kriby. Again, I had his permission)
From Minecraft, you can wear a leather helmet! Though... it doesn't really protect you though :lol:. But no need to dye it as this, and all the other hats, can be colorized to your hearts desire!

Monitor Box

(Map used - by my friend Kriby)
Mini monitor inspired by the demo version's look! What holds inside? That we may never know..

Yoshi Egg

(Map used - Calzone, creator is unknown)
From the Mario Series, comes in a reference of one of my favorite characters. Yoshi! Or a broken shell that you can wear the represents him!

Sir Fluff

(Map used - by my friend Kriby)
This bunny is from "Me", this is a inside joke canon only in one modded gamemode.

Sir Fluff is a very cute rabbit, wearing a cute yellow crown!
Be mindful I did not make the bunny himself but just the crown


(Map used - by my friend Kriby)
This... kind of counts like a hat..? Eh, doesn't matter as we still have it anyways! The only question left to answer is.. what are you gonna listen to?

This is everything we got! If I ever have ideas, I'll see if I can update. Although, I probably won't be open to requests anytime soon or even at all. But I really want to say I hope you enjoy a few, even if I'm not the best at spriting lol..

Krabs & The Cosmetic Team: Krabs has helped me with the starting point of lua because I'm an idiot, I was able to expand to support the rest thanks to your help! I also want to credit the team for making this reusable!
JackieJelly, Kriby, Deadsky, & Gabriel.lua: Helped with the gif recording! Thanks to every one of them very much, as the gifs would have looked and been VERY bland if they didn't.

Thats everything from A'Dillaz Hat Shop! Hope to see you soon!
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this is great! also what did you use when recording a gif?
Thanks! For maps they are credited below, otherwise its either vanilla or made by Kriby. In which, those are not released in the Message board. If you meant recording I use "]" but the default is F9
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Great addition for cosmetics addon. i like the leather helmet from minecraft
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