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Balanced Sonic is a Lua modification to Sonic's ability to make him more begginer friendly while still being veteran tough.


Balanced Sonic's name comes from the balance between speed and platforming.

  • His main ability has been turned into the double jump, easy as that
  • His secondary ability is now the speed thok, performed by pressing spin while in mid air
  • He is now also able to run on water

With these abilities, Balanced Sonic becomes a begginer-option for it's wasy platforming, while also being an incredible choice for veterans and speedrunners.

You are able to thok after the jump and the double jump, but you aren't able to double jump after thokking, remember this.

Man553# for getting me started and suggesting that rather than being a separate character
I made it into a Lua script for Sonic while also helping me to do so

Rapidgame7#1949 for helping me with some incorrect syntax

Zipper#2540 for making my life a lot easier with the code and answering my questions,
while also correcting some of my errors and making the Lua tutorials that got me started
into this mod

kays#5325 for the easier way to float as super whilst not having thok

nexit1337#5352 for telling me how to identify if you are underwater

Tatsuru#8938 for teaching me all the flag variables and helping with the underwater identifier

Alacroix#9812 for the Character Select Screen artwork (basically all the vanilla SRB2 2.2
artwork is hers anyways)

The people at #spriting for giving their opinion with the thik and the thuk (underwater thik)

Even to the ones that helped me with unnoticeable things, thank you

Once again to all the people that helped me, thank you.

By the way Balanced Sonic is able to float when in Super form, with the thok acting as a boost. This can help to begin floating if you find yourself in narrow spaces.
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