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Machine Gun Jetpack 1.1.1

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The Machine Gun Jetpack, produced by Legitimate Industries and "borrowed" by Barry Steakfries.

This jetpack propels you to the skies thanks to its chainguns which fire damaging bullets.

  • A Jetpack that fires bullets that can damage enemies, monitors and bosses
  • The main theme of Jetpack Joyride almost constantly playing in the background
  • idfk
  • Support for all the vanilla characters
  • Unguaranteed support for custom characters
  • No netgame support

Yes that's right I don't know how to make it work for multiple players at the same time so it just doesn't work in netgames

It can be toggled with the console variable "jetpack", it's variables are on/off (idk if it accepts numbers or yes/no)
Music can be toggled with the console variable "jetpackmusic". Music will only play if the Jetpack is on though.
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Latest updates

  1. Minor hotfix

    Hopefully prevents the rare chance of not gaining any height at some point during the flight...
  2. Minor improvements

    Music can now be toggled with the console variable "jetpackmusic". It's on by default and it...

Latest reviews

Holy crap I love this. I grew up playing Jetpack Joyride and this instantly brought me back to those days. This is an instant 10/10.
I'd suggest trying to find out how to give this multiplayer support. I can already imagine how much fun playing something like Ringslinger with this would be.
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Ah, this took me back to when I played Jetpack Joyride all the time as a kid haha. Simple but done well, it's definitely fun.
I'd suggest adding a few QoL features, however, like being able to turn off the music. As much as I like it, it can get repetitive after a bit. I'd also make the bullets noticeably spread a little further, since they currently seem to shoot in a perfectly straight line.

That aside, its really fun to mess around with. Plus its fun to look at, great work. Welcome aboard the Message Board!
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