Restored Multiplayer CEZ1 Bridge Sequence

[Reusable] Restored Multiplayer CEZ1 Bridge Sequence 1

This addon returns the behavior of the CEZ1 bridge sequence the early versions of 2.2 had.

As everyone who has played through the singleplayer campaign should know by now, at the end of Castle Eggman Zone Act 1, you're put up against a bridge closed by a gate. Upon setting foot on the bridge, another gate closes down behind you, and you're told to run over the castle while the bridge collapses under you.

However, if you've played multiplayer on the more recent versions, you'll probably have noticed that the gate is gone, and that the bridge does not collapse. That's right, the bridge run is deactivated in multiplayer. But why?

The answer is simple. The bridge sequence would only start if EVERY player on the server got inside the room. Wouldn't you know, most of the times there would be players who didn't, stalling the progression of the campaign.

Because of this, CEZ1 was updated to make the bridge sequence only work in singleplayer. Sad, I know.

But I had a revelation earlier and thought it shouldn't be so hard to change it back to what it used to be. And because I didn't see anyone do it I did it myself.

Now the bridge sequence is back so you can truly experience multiplayer SRB2.

TL,DR: The bridge sequence once worked in multiplayer but now it doesn't. This addon changes this.

You may be wondering how did players who die during the run finish the stage. After the bridge is done collapsing, a gate will rise on the southeast end of the room (assuming the castle is at the north). This gate has an Eggman monitor and a set of stairs which let the player finish the stage (the tunnel of shame).


But because just releasing a minor change like this felt unworthy, I made 2 extra versions with different behaviors.

There are 3 versions:
  • original - has the original behaviour where every player has to be in the room.
  • teleport - whenever someone enters the room to trigger the bridge sequence, all players teleport to the room.
  • firstplayer - whoever gets in the room first can run through the bridge sequence. The rest must go through the alternate exit
The sequence also appears in Race (and Competition ig, but who even plays that). So have fun disregarding the entire point of Race mode while having a decisive last sprint on the bridge

Every version forces players who die (or don't reach the sequence in time) to take the tunnel of shame. So don't die! Or else you'll be lame!

Due to how linedef triggers work, even if more than one player gets inside the room in the firstplayer version, only the player who triggers it will hear the music change.
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