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If you're looking to download a single character from the pack, just grab the "AaronPackIndividual" zip file in the Downloads and grab the characters you like from it. A few characters have alternate versions available in the Individual Characters zip file.

Characters featured:


Specific Character Notes:
* Any character that has a BikeMod version will need the "L_BikeModCharList.lua" file downloaded and placed in the same folder as the character to work. Edit that file with a txt editor to pick and choose the BikeMod characters you want BikeMod functionality on.

Wario - Two versions. One regular version (KC-WarioCar) and another version with additional recolorable parts (KCL-WarioCar).
Captain Falcon - Two versions. One regular version (KC-CptFalcon) and another version with additional recolorable parts (KCL-CptFalcon).
Tifa - Two versions. One regular version (KC-Tifa) and another version with additional recolorable parts (KCL-Tifa).
Freeza - Four versions. One regular version (KC-Freeza), another version with additional recolorable parts (KCL-Freeza), and two more versions with special voice lines by Lythero (KC-FreezaLYTH and KCL-FreezaLYTH).
Waluigi - Two versions. One regular version (KC-WaluigiBike) and another version that includes BikeMod (KCL-WaluigiBike).
Pepe - Two versions. One regular version (KC-Pepe) and another version with additional recolorable parts (KCL-Pepe).
Crazy Frog - Four versions. One regular version (KC-CrazyFrog), another version with dinging noises (KCL-CrazyFrog-ExtraAnnoying), a third version that includes BikeMod (KCL-CrazyFrog-BikeMod), and a last version that has both annoying dings and bike mod (KCL-CrazyFrog-AnnoyingBike).
Kirby - Two versions. One with regular engine noises (KC-WarpStarKirby), and another with Warp Star noises (KCL-WarpStarKirby).
Sephiroth - Two versions. One with Japanese voice lines (KC-SephirothJPN), and another with English voice lines (KC-SephirothENG).
Donkey Kong - Two versions. One with regular voice lines (KC-DonkeyKong), and another with Donkey Kong 64 voice lines (KC-DonkeyKong64).
Iron Giant - Two versions. One with 10 speed and 10 weight (KCL-IronGiant), and another with only 9/9 stats that is time trial safe (KC-IronGiant).
Spike Spiegel - Two versions. One regular version (KC-SpikeSpiegel) and another version with additional recolorable parts (KCL-SpikeSpiegel).
Sonic (Riders) - Two versions. One regular version (KC-RidersSonic) and another version with Acrobatics/Acrobasics/Open Tricks trick pose compatibility (KCL-RidersSonic).
Pyra and Mythra - Multiple versions. Standard versions, recolorable hair versions (in all lua versions of these characters), Bikemod versions, and special combination files (KCL-Aegis-Pyra&Mythra) that allows the player to swap characters on the fly by pressing Item twice quickly while empty-handed. Three variants of the swap file, one with normal colors, one that makes both Pyra and Mythra use their canon colors if one character is using their canon color, and one that makes the other member of the tag team the opposite color of your own.
K. Rool - Two versions. One regular version (KC-KingKRool) and another version with additional recolorable parts (KCL-KingKRool).

5.9 - Revamped Peppnio's sprites, updated Riders Sonic to the latest version of AnimaL (2.1.5).
5.8 - Added Pizzahead.
5.7 - Revamped Goku's sprites, updated Riders Sonic to the latest version of AnimaL.
5.6 - Added Caine. Updated the BikeMod characters to version 2.1.2.
5.5 - Revamped Freeza, fixed some typo issues with the basic version of K.Rool and tweaked some shading on a few sprites.
5.41 - Updated the BikeMod characters for compatibility with the latest version of BikeMod.
5.4 - Added King K.Rool. Updated BikeMod versions of characters (be sure to grab the BikeMod file in downloads to enable the BikeMod function and place it in the same folder as the character(s), and edit that file with a txt editor to pick and choose the BikeMod characters you want BikeMod functionality on.) Also fixed up a couple of Pyra sprites.
5.3 - Revamped Kermit's sprites, adjusted the Aegis tag team's color options and added a new variant.
5.22 - Had forgotten to change the victory sign's file name for Pyra (in the Pyra&Mythra files) in the last update, fixed that and also changed the file name for Pyra's sprites in the non-Lua pack.
5.21 - Changed Pyra's internal file names for her sprites and sounds to avoid conflicting with the Animechars pack's Pyra. Also fixed some sprite inconsistencies between versions.
5.2 - Added Pyra and Mythra. Updated Riders Sonic's Simple AnimaL lua to the latest version.
5.1 - Revamped Armstrong and Johnny Bravo's sprites. Fixed a minor issue with a few of Curly's sprites.
5.01 - Fixed the Lua version of the character pack where one of Freeza's sprites hadn't been converted to the proper format and was causing the game to crash.
5.0 - Revamped Quote and Curly Braces sprites again as well as updated their sounds. Also touched up Freeza's/Lee-za's sprites and reduced the length of Freeza's power-up sound a little. Lastly, fixed an issue with a Peppino hurt sprite and the file for Tifa's secondcolor version being incorrect in the Zip folder.
4.9 - Revamped Dandy's sprites.
4.81 - Updated Riders Sonic to have trick frame compatibility for all three of the major trick addons.
4.8 - Added Riders Sonic.
4.7 - Revamped Claptrap's sprites. Also tweaked some sprites for Captain Falcon, Tifa, and Peppino.
4.61 - Very minor sprite adjustments for Peppino.
4.6 - Added Peppino, fixed some minor issues with the Demoman and Tifa's sprites.
4.5 - Revamped Tifa's sprites.
4.4 - Added the Demoman.
4.3 - Revamped Master Chief's sprites.
4.2 - Added Ridley.
4.1 - Revised the Cave Story duo's sprites and split the two characters into individual files. Fixed a tiny issue with one of Papyrus' sprites, and added BikeMod versions of Crazy Frog and Waluigi.
4.0 - Added Papyrus.
3.9 - Remade Captain Falcon's sprites and slightly updated the file names for Waluigi, Iron Giant, and Spike.
3.8 - Added Spike Spiegel, and updated a few characters slightly;
  • Slightly adjusted Bowser's eyes in a few of his drifting sprites.
  • Reduced the length of one of PaperBoxHouse's boosting voice lines.
  • Adjusted the flames on Dandy's ship.
  • Adjusted Johnny Bravo's hair to no longer mirror in some drifting sprites.
  • Slightly adjusted the shading on some of Eddie's sprites.
  • Slightly adjusted the shading in Sephiroth's victory sign.
  • Made the front wheels in Donkey Kong's tilting sprites turn.
  • Slightly adjusted the shading on some of Iron Giant's sprites.
3.7 - Added the Medic.
3.6 - Added the Iron Giant, one version with abnormal stats and one version that is time trial safe. Also made the DK64-voiced version Donkey Kong count as a separate character from the regularly-voiced version.
3.5 - Added Donkey Kong (two versions, one with regular voice lines and one with DK64 voice lines). Also increased Eddie Riggs' weight to 9.
3.4 - Added Piccolo.
3.3 - Added Sephiroth (two versions, Japanese voice and English voice. Japanese is regular version, English is located in the Alternate Sound Versions folder in the zip file.)
3.2 - Added Eddie Riggs. Fixed some sprite alignment issues with Freeza/Lee-za's secondcolor variants.
3.1 - Added Senator Armstrong.
3 - Added the Scout. Updated the Soldier's sprites, and also the internal sprite and sound names to prevent conflicts with Slenderman.
2.91 - Fixed Wario's secondcolor not working in the KCL pack.
2.9 - Added Johnny Bravo.
2.8 - Multi-character update #3;
  1. Fixed the KCL pack so that secondcolor should work properly.
  2. Improved the booster on Captain Falcon's sprites.
  3. Fixed some sprite issues with Tifa.
  4. Polished up the Cave Story duo a bit. Tweaked the color of the antennae a bit, improved the outlines in some areas, darkened Quote's shirt, hair, and the bottom of both of their shoes.
  5. Replaced Goku and Vegeta's map sprites with new ones by ziMEEMga.
  6. Shrunk Crazy Frog's hands a bit in his side sprites to be more consistent with the size of his hands in other sprites and fixed a minor issue with his map icon. Also added a version that replaces all engine sounds with his ding noises.
  7. Changed Kirby's shot-landed sound to be different from his winning sound and touched up his rank image a bit.
2.7 - Added Pepe the Frog.
2.6 - Added Space Dandy. Fixed some minor sprite issues with Vegeta (thanks for pointing those out, ZiMEEMga)
2.51 - Fixed Kirby not having custom engine noises in the KCL version of the character pack (individual file is unchanged).
2.5 - Added Kirby.
2.4 - Added Bowser. Polished up a few of Coop's sprites and lowered his speed to 7.
2.3 - Added the Crazy Frog.
2.2 - Completely revamped Wario. New sprites, new vehicle, new sound, and secondcolor support.
2.1 - Added the Soldier from TF2 and updated multiple characters;
  1. Added secondcolor support for Captain Falcon, Tifa, and Freeza/Lee-za, removed the "alts" for Wario/Falcon/Tifa/Chief.
  2. Adjusted Captain Falcon's helmet's shading, adjusted the collar on some sprites.
  3. Adjusted Claptrap's sprites to have a better angle in regards to perspective.
  4. Adjusted the outlines of Tifa's victory sign and altered a few of the sprites a little.
  5. Adjusted the positioning of Coop's sprites and changed his stats to 9, 9.
  6. Adjusted the shading on Master Chief to be more consistant.
  7. Adjusted Kermit's sprites to be more consistent.
  8. Replaced Freeza's minimap icon with a smaller one (by ZiMEEMga), improved the sprites for Lee-za's character select and victory sign.
  9. Made Waluigi's arms in his side-sprites slightly skinnier.
2.01 - Added "Lee-za" (Freeza voiced by Lythero, contains NSFW language) to the individual character zip.
2.0 - Added Waluigi.
1.9 - Added PaperBoxHouse.
1.8 - Added Vegeta.
1.7 - Remade Goku's sprites. Cleaner sprites, darker outlines, smaller vehicle, and changed the stats to 7 speed, 5 weight.
1.6 - Added Freeza.
1.5 - Updated the sprites and/or voice lines for everyone except Claptrap. Also added alternate versions of Wario, Captain Falcon, and Tifa that allow more parts to be recolored.
1.4 - Added Kermit the Frog.
1.35 - Gave Claptrap a kart and a new voice line.
1.3 - Added Master Chief.
1.25 - Fixed the alignment of Coop's sprites for getting flattened.
1.2 - Added Quote and Curly Brace, as well as a ZIP Folder containing all characters.
1.1 - Added Goku.
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A great selection of quality characters, and it's marked as reusable!
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A large amount of high quality renditions of characters from all kinds of sources between games, cartoons, and even memes! Some characters even coming with custom karts and secondcolor support too! An all-around primo pack!
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Great cast of characters and spritework, not to mention the custom karts work really well for the characters!
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