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  1. BuggieTheBug

    [Open Assets] Engineer TF2 v1.1 - The world of color update

    Engineer TF2 Credits TF2 Wiki - Engineer renders Terios/Terionic - Invulnerability Mashup
  2. BuggieTheBug

    [Open Assets] TF2 Voice menu v1

    TF2. Voice commands. A simple mod that is very heavy. Type "voicemenu" in concole and it will open a menu that will say a line from TF2 if the character has one. By pressing weapon buttons you choose the command. Theres also an admin command "voicespam" that turns off spam(default if off). If...
  3. BuggieTheBug

    Tails The Engineer v2 - Complete Overhaul

    The v2 stuff is in the Updates tab! Hello! Another mod, i hope it`s a good one. It`s basically TF2 Engineer but adapted to SRB2. I do think i posted this too early for some reason. Anyway the abilities and cool stuff. Fly Dash: Press and hold jump to fly for a very limited time. (if you just...
  4. normal

    Abnormal pack v3

    Just some characters I wanted to see in srb2k, I will probably make a few more in the future. Also, If you have any feedback I'm all ears! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pack!
  5. ajnebs

    [Open Assets] TF2 Teleporter (xItemLib) 1

    Hello everyone! This is my first mod ever, and I'm very excited to share it with you all. Me and my friends got into this game a while ago, and over my winter break I decided to learn how to program the game and make us a custom build. I felt like the game was lacking catch-up items, so i came...
  6. SinOrejas293

    Sprites and sound not showing correctly?

    Hello. I am SinOrejas293, and i'm new to SRB2 Modding. i've was trying to make an Add-On that replaced Rings by Chili Dogs. I've made a sprite, and read things about SOCs and Objects. Made an .txt file with the information necessary for this sprite replacing Rings with a proper Meme sound. When...
  7. BigBalloonGirl

    [Open Assets] Balloona's Character Pack 1

    Have you ever played League of Legends, Team Fortress 2, or a Mario game and said to yourself "Man, [Insert Character Here] should totally be in a racing game!"? If you did, this character pack is for you, featuring Aatrox, the Darkin Blade, from League of Legends, the cocky Bostonian Scout from...
  8. minenice

    [Open Assets] xItemLib (+ Sampler pack) 1.1.2r5

    The modular custom item library xItemLib is a packageable library, allowing for easier creation of custom kart items. A functional custom item can be made in minutes, thanks to the easy to understand "event" system. The library takes care of all complex logic related to item distribution, so...
  9. Patafoin

    [Open Assets] Baguette pack! More Special Stupid map : HEXAGONE and WARIO DELUXE 18.1

    In this pack, you will find 17 race maps and 8 Battle maps. Feedbacks are welcome. WARNING 1 : There are potential conflict with the GrindRail.lua with some pack - If you have Marsh Mayhem (Bellbridge Zone) , then the first pack loaded will erase the grindrail of the other. Which mean that...
  10. GomaTheMascar

    [Open Assets] Mercenary Pack v1.1 - dumb fix for a dumb joke

    Welcome... to Mercenary PAAAACK! Oh... No, not the park, that one is closed, they didn't have anymore yetis after all... Funny joke reference aside, this is a Battle level pack that combines some maps that I have made before for Ringslinger, now properly adpated for Battle, and a new map too...
  11. Toxicoow

    Toxicoow's character pack V10 - New character: Riptor

    Hey hey, just made a character pack with TOO MANY characters to be in a single character pack, so i will be making a second wave of it ! Wave two characters: (They are only downloadable with separate character for now) Yoku from Yoku's Island Express 3 Speed - 7 Weight This beetle push their...
  12. TorbinCrow1987

    Torbin Crow's SRB2Kart Character Pack 1!

    Hey there, I'm Torbin Crow! ...You don't care who I am, but I bet you're more interested in these 16 (and more) characters I will bring! The sprites I drew for each character are my heart and joy... and I can't wait to show them all to you! [TORBIN] "Imma blast ya!" Me! I'm a cartoon robot who...
  13. U

    Udgey Character Pack v9 : Sniper (TF2), Peppino & more v9

    Racer number 12 and 13 are out ! First off is the Sniper from Team Fortress 2. Born in New Zealand, raised in Australia, Sniper is a deadly marksman hiding in the backlines. During a well deserved break, he decides to give kart racing a spin alongside the other mercenaries. However with his...
  14. B. Comet

    [Open Assets] CometChars - V6.2 (Quality of Life Update)

    "After 9 years in development, hopefully, it was worth the wait" (because I am still slow)... Here it is, my own character pack! Which currently has 6 racers, which are: - Mac Tonight - Super Hang-On - The Bonanza Bros - Spy (Team Fortress 2) - G. Ceara (Super Monaco GP) - SEGA I did my best...
  15. Aaron0000

    Aaron's Char Pack - Latest Update: Goku drives the competition in-saiyan once again 5.7

    If you're looking to download a single character from the pack, just grab the "AaronPackIndividual" zip file in the Downloads and grab the characters you like from it. A few characters have alternate versions available in the Individual Characters zip file. Characters featured: Specific...
  16. G

    [Open Assets] The Starlight Character Pack (new racers 5 delux)

    this here be is a pack of characters that you race like a shooting star in the vacuum of space update: I manage to improve some of the sprites replace some voice lines and fix some of them CHARACTERS Eddy (ED EDD n EDDY) SPEED 7.5 the leader of the Ed-boys is here to in himself some money...
  17. SuperMarioGamer

    [Open Assets] The Heavy (Version 2 Update!) 2

    After 2 weeks of development, hopefully, it'll have been worth the wait (and the weight)! Just like his in his TF2 appearance, Heavy is a slow but incredibly heavy and powerful driver, making him perfect for bullying other racers and kicking them while they're down. Thanks, and have fun!
  18. That-little-moo

    [Open Assets] That-little-moo's Pixelish Character Pack V2.0

    The stage is set and the green flag drops!! That-little-moo's Pixelish character pack Yo! First time postin' here! So after hearing this was a thing, I decided to throw in a bunch of characters for y'all to race as! Will I be addin' more? Chances are, most likely! Actually kinda had fun...
  19. C

    Collectible Ducks 1.1

    Ducks are invading SRB2! Every-time when the player collects the duck, Merasmus will say "Bonus Ducks!" awarding the rings and the score. Here are the Variables. bonusducks_chance - Chance for the ducks to appear at the start of the level or if any enemy is defeated. (DEFAULT = 5) 0 will...
  20. TorbinCrow1987

    [Character] Torbin Crow's SRB2Kart Character Pack 1!

    Hey there, I'm Torbin Crow! ...You don't care who I am, but I bet you're more interested in these 16 (and more) characters I will bring! The sprites I drew for each character are my heart and joy... and I can't wait to show them all to you! [TORBIN] "Imma blast ya!" Me! I'm a cartoon robot who...