group: pizza tower

  1. bepisgaming

    [Open Assets] bepiChars V1

    hey its my pack Just a bunch of characters I do when I feel like it. (i may redo this page later my screens dying help) SOMARI SPEED: 8 WEIGHT: 5 MAD DUMMY SPEED: 9 WEIGHT: 3 PIZZAFACE SPEED: 9 WEIGHT: 9 hope u like them :)
  2. MlopsFunny

    Gustavo (and Brick the rat!)

    Finally feel ready to show my progress on him so far! Meet gustavo, Best friend of Peppino and owner of Brick. I am adding him and his pet to srb2, with (hopefully) movesets taken from their appearance from there, with a couple new moves to compromise for the 3d enviroment. I already finished...
  3. nicholas rickys

    Nick's Tower of Pizza Pack! 1.0

    after a month of working on this in my free time, i have made something way better than the gamebanana character pack 🔥 Introducing Poyo's Tower of Pizza Pack! This character pack is based on the game Pizza Tower. Containing 3 new characters, a new gamemode, and a map that's yet to be released...
  4. darril193


    [canceled,sorry] How the title says. Pepperman from pizza tower in srb2 (here are the gameplays) (css art) I would appreciate it if someone does the lua of the character :wonderful: This is what I have for now Sprites(by me):13% Lua:0%
  5. nicholas rickys

    Poyo's Tower of Pizza Pack

    hi lol this is like my 2nd or 3rd character thingy this pack is mainly focusing on the game Pizza Tower, adding 3 new characters, a new gamemode, and a new map roadmap: PEPPINO: 100% done THE NOISE: 100% done (EDIT: we still need fixed wall running code which neither me or Pacola know how to...
  6. Bluetorch

    [Open Assets] Pizza Tower Lap Mechanic

    Bluetorch submitted a new resource: Pizza Tower Lap Mechanic - This level is so good, I'd like to play it a second time! Read more about this resource...
  7. Bluetorch

    [Open Assets] Pizza Tower Lap Mechanic 1.1

    This is an addon that tries to recreate the lap 2 portal from pizza tower. It also includes a map for you to test on. I can't wait to see what kind of maps you make with this mechanic! Have Fun!
  8. SRB2Nextbots

    EGG Tower

    EGG Tower! A Entire Remake of Pizza Tower in SRB2! Some Work In Progress Footage Of the Start (Hub)
  9. PedroGaming7833

    Boring Progress

  10. PedroGaming7833

    Making progress on Peppino

  11. KaiyoLazr

    Snick The Porcupine From PT (Progress Thread)

    hello lovely people from the SRB2mb:threat: As yall saw on the title of this thread, im doing a playable Snick The Porcupine add-on with my friend Gabriel.lua. (Some of you may already know that, because we have shown some stuff on the discord server). I made this thread to show some progress...
  12. Joschurale

    Joschurale's Funky Bunch of Dudes!

    Joschurale submitted a new resource: Pepperman - Pepperman Strikes! Read more about this resource...
  13. Joschurale

    Joschurale's Funky Bunch of Dudes! 2.1

    A collection of very specific characters from someone you don't know! What a novel idea! CHARACTER INFO Pepperman: SPEED: 4 WEIGHT: 8 Feddy: SPEED: 2 WEIGHT: 2
  14. normalpissinofan

    pissino for srb2.

    he is coming 1680419019 here pis what is done of piss towel man his (temp) ccs
  15. Sonicpower2001

    Snick the Porcupine

    Yello, I am new stranger and I like snick. :) There isn't enough snick content out there wouldn't you agree? Therefore, I figured I try my hand at adding him to SRB2. Here's a small teaser of him that I like to share. :D It's not super unique and is using the bare minimum in terms of...
  16. BuggieTheBug

    Pizza TV (Pizza Tower TV thingy, Cancelled?)

    I make a silly little thing that is not a character, no idea if it will come out but i have some good progress. Stuff i made: Some simple sprites for the TV. Some crops of player sprites to put in the TV. Background changing color based on the level (Boss and which zone, but can differ on acts)...
  17. king of spades

    pizza tower

    thoughts on pizza tower(this is the entire game btw)
  18. JackieJelly

    Jackie's Jelly Horns V1

    this addon's an extension to the HORNMOD which you should grab, otherwise it doesn't work! grab it here: this pack's a small but sweet collection of horns, sourced from media I enjoy (most of it is pizza tower) it contains 15 horns...
  19. Zappoola

    [Open Assets] Gustavo and Brick 1.0

    Gustavo and Brick This may become my overall pack in the future, slowly adding one off characters to it.
  20. luigi budd

    Pizza Tower-Styled Afterimages v2

    NOTE: Version 2 only has Afterimages for Vanilla Characters, RushChars, Surge, and Adventure Sonic. You can add more characters with ptai_addskin, but if you want global afterimages, go to the History tab and download v1.3. Ever wanted those awesome and flashy ghosts from Pizza Tower? Well...