group: pizza tower

  1. pissinothepissman

    Pissino Piss blast 69!

    A remake of my abandoned Pissino mod with more effort YIPPE!!!!!!!!
  2. SuperKirbylover

    [PIZZA TOWER] The Noise (+ Doise) 1.3.1

    I wanted to make a Noise mod to go along with the official Peppino mod, so, here it is! Within 3 hours I whipped up the sprites, and my friends Laventory and Hubster assembled the sounds and did some coding respectively. Infinite thanks to them!! Oh, and Doise is here too. In case you wanted...
  3. Vincent The Rabbear

    Thoughts on Pizza Tower: Yours and Mine.

    Pizza Tower, who hasn't heard of it, and who hasn't loved it? A lot of people from Steam, maybe even from or SAGE 2019, possibly from the Discord or from the YouTube videos, if rarely, from the Patreon, or somewhere else around the world have heard about it. My experiences only go so far...
  4. Average

    [Open Assets] Rocky v1.2 super update

    Warning! Warning! Rocky is a joke mod!! Proceed with caution Now.. Lets see his abilities tl;dr: funny rock mod in srb2 Thanks for checking out my first mod!
  5. uriel xd

    Among us character for srb2 1

    HI GUYS!!. i'm very happy because I bring u a SUS char... He is orange, an among us. ability: he can do a thok-jump (like a doublejump) ability 2: can do a crounch with custom1 ability 3: he has a mach run The faster you run, the higher the jump will be. ability 4: he can do a punch have...
  6. Sonicpower2001

    Pizza Tower map: John Gutter

    Man, John Gutter be looking differnt%
  7. Bandder

    Jelly Sonki v1

    What is this Jelly Sonki! Thats what! Jelly Sonki plays like the original Sonki, with a few differences. Sonki can still be as fast as always, but he is a bit slower and gains more height instead. Sadly Jelly Sonki lacks a tv. *shrugs* With that, happy birthday to me! Credits: Sonki's...
  8. KirbyAnniv

    [Open Assets] Wind Lines V1.0

    Just a simple script that adds wind lines when you run, nothing else, nothing more. Other players can also see it in multiplayer, but ya go and have fun. Credits: Me for uh, the files and most of the code and the SRB2 Discord for the sin and cos code cause idk math Luigi budd in specific for...
  9. Sonicpower2001

    [Open Assets] Snick the Porcupine V1.0

    Snick the Porcupine, It's him, he's here in SRB2 because... This is a very simple vanilla mod due to a lack of coding knowledge on my behalf. Even then I hope this mode has a lot to enjoy about it and can provide a unique experience regardless.
  10. luigi budd

    [Open Assets] Soap's Combo Bar v1

    This is mostly all old code for Soap. This addon brings a combo meter to every character. To disable this for your skins, set player.alreadyhascombometer = 2 every frame. Now you can stop asking me for the combo mod in the video.
  11. Skylar Dream

    The Woag Couple 1.0

    Look at that! two gremlins in SRB2kart! (Hey yo! this is my first addon ,please if you see anything wrong that you can find in my addon, tell me!)
  12. KirbyAnniv

    The Pizza Blast! Version 2.0

    DO NOT APPROVE UNTIL THE DIRECT! You may delete the direct notice once the direct happens. After a month of work (wouldn't call it "hard") I introduce to you Pizza Blast! TL:DR Combo Bar but not Combo Bar just read the post ok? Before we start though, lets go through the disclaimers...
  13. weirdomniac

    Pizza Tower Guy (Old Design) 1.0

    As seen on the official Pizza Tower YouTube Channel's profile picture, Pizza Tower Guy, most specifically his old design, has found a way to develop himself into the game! Statistics: Speed = 7 Weight = 6 Includes: PTG (duh!) Custom voice lines Does not include: The Pizza Tower Pack...
  14. KirbyAnniv

    [Open Assets] The Combo Bar Version 1.2.1

    First of all, Imma start this off with the TL:DR TL:DR: Pizza Tower Combo Bar with bonus Now that's out of the way... All of this will be part of a bigger mod later down the road (maybe) Have fun Pizza Tower fans I JUST REMEMBERED CREDITS!!! Boost: I used the hud code in small...
  15. Bandder

    Sonki The Hedgehawg v1.8.2 - ok im like done lmao ive had enough

    Kept you waiting, huh? But hey, it's time. He's back! Sorry for the wait guys! But here is Thanks for coming back for the remake! I hope the remake is worth the wait of a few months! A Talez remake is in the works now, though I wont be focusing on it as much due to other...
  16. C

    [Open Assets] Escape Spawner from Pizza Tower 1.1

    Escape Spawner Remember Pizza Time, I made this mod that respawn Enemies that killed. Commands pt_escapespawner - (On/Off/PizzaTimeOnly) Enables Escape Spawners. [Default: PizzaTimeOnly] pt_escapespawner_timetillspawn - (5 Seconds to 60 Seconds) Time that take to Spawn an Enemy. [Default: 5...
  17. nicholas rickys

    Nick's Pizza Time / Pizza Time v2 1.3

    After so many servers, Jisk Edition being a thing (shoutout to my homeboy jisk 🔥), and a bunch of fans, is only right i give this mode the love it deserves, and here I present to you... The official continuation to Pizza Time, seen in PTOPP/NTOPP. Which features... CUSTOM MUSIC: () CUSTOM...
  18. Diggle

    ChronoShift Track Pack 4

    ChronoShift is a collaborative pack of SRB2Kart tracks, built by the ChronoShift team. The team consists of Diggle, Mr. Logan, JugadorXEI, and Cotomili. Currently, there are 6 tracks included, with hopefully more on the way! We hope you enjoy. Useful info for server owners (Please read if you...
  19. BuggieTheBug

    [Open Assets] War Timer v1

    The War timer from the WAR level from Pizza Tower. I made this mod some time ago and it was just laying in my folder so now i decided to actually post it. This mod has 2 downloads, L_WarTimer-v1.pk3 and V_WarTimerLevels.wad L_WarTimer-v1.pk3 is the actual mod with all the lua and stuff, this...
  20. Jisk

    [Open Assets] Pizza Time: Spice Runners!! v1.0.2b

    This is a full on remake/rewrite of poyo's version of PizzaTime. It also includes many quality of life changes. Additions compared to poyo's version: An overall remake, I might've accidentally created new features or left out some, but this went through a bit of play testing. A new lap...