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Now that I think of it, what if spindashing up a wall actually kept you stuck to the wall, but i mean you couldn't spindash up it twice. I'm pretty sure max-speed changes spindash speed or whatever, because X Sonic *SEEMS* slower. It doesn't look like he has a running animation yet either, so. Not sayin thats the case, but im just throwing out random words.


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He has a running animation, it just looks like he doesn't because he swings his arms while running. I don't know why SEGA made it look like that, but I don't really think it's a problem, and if anything makes him unique. But I can understand if you didn't notice at first.

Also, to address your other concerns, X Sonic has the same stats as Sonic (I literally copy-pasted them over), so I think the reason he seems slower is because of either his animation speed or his ability. I'm willing to bet it's his animation speed.

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as Pyrakid said, why not using those Spin Slash Spindash sprites for the character?
also, was forgetting: the super form for this character is... not good
just a buff and a recolor with Mania Super Song, nothing else new
i mostly wish to remove or change it with something else

There are no Spindash Spin Slash sprites. I don't know where you're getting that from, but it's okay.

Also, reguarding the super form, I wanted to keep this a secret, but if you move fast enough and Spin Slash into a wall, it causes a quake that kills nearby enemies (Think Hyper Knuckles). It's not supposed to be much because of the fact that he has a screen nuke. Other than that, There are no pre-renders for the super form, probably because Sonic Xtreme got canceled before it could get to that point in development.


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Whenever you grab Speed Shoes as Super X Sonic, the music reverts back to the SRB2 Super theme for the duration of the power. Also happens with an Invincibility monitor.
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Yeah, I'll have to look into that further. I did fix it, but when the power ended the music reset...
Smooth animation (probably the smoothest animation I've seen in SRB2), fun mechanic, fun character. My only gripe is that you can't cancel the buzzsaw move when activated. Other than that small nitpick, great job!


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The drawback for using the Spin Slash and hitting the ground is something I can understand. You're extremely capable with this ability in your moveset so it kinda needs something to balance it out.
The wall spindash is super fun! That's my favorite part of this character.
I find it a little annoying that, when you land on a slope with the Spin Slash and then try to charge a spindash, you start rolling down the slope instead. It makes sense because you go into a regular ball, but because you're stuck to the floor it also feels like maybe you should be stuck in place while charging the spindash as well, like how you are when you do it on a wall.

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Version 1.2 is now out, or at least should be in a couple seconds.

This fixes a couple bugs relating to the Spin Slash, and adds Kirby support.

- Momentum received from activating the Spin Slash, defending against an attack, and Spindashing up walls now properly accounts for antigravity and scale.

- X Sonic will now no longer rocket off into the sky when using the Spin Slash in snow in Frozen Hillside.

- The Spin Slash will now properly cancel when X Sonic gets hit by an attack in Battle Mod

- X Sonic will now give Kirby the Needle ability when gobbled up


The wall spindash is so weak while underwater that it's borderline useless. The actual spindash isn't nerfed at all while underwater so that's an inconsistency as well.

Also, landing on top of a pushable with the spinslash results in the landing sound being spammed every tic. Don't ask me why, but for whatever reason SRB2 rapidly applies MFE_JUSTHITFLOOR while you're standing on a pushable.
I unfortunately have noticed a bug when it comes to XSonic, specifically when moving towards the camera his multiplayer colors is all screwy when set to anything other than the shades of blue.

Other than that, I can accept this sonic from another reality as a member to the sonic family crossover (But only when playing single player.)

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That's a bug with the OpenGL renderer and has nothing to do with X Sonic. It happens with any character not using models in OpenGL.


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An oddity.

I feel like his running animation is way too sped up and should be slowed down slightly, it's really jarringly fast compared to everything else.


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I feel like his running animation is way too sped up and should be slowed down slightly, it's really jarringly fast compared to everything else.

Tried doing that, however the animation speed cannot go between 1 and 2. 2 makes it look like he is running on the moon, so I chose 1.
Nice work on this Alternate Reality Sonic by the way, really am looking forward to getting involved with some Custom Character Works to really make it worthwhile. As in the characters can have as many frames as he does.

However, When "Dreaming at Night" he doesn't do his Victory Pose upon reaching the goal with the emerald. Could this be fixed please? Thank You.

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