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Bad at every videogame ever

With that out of the way, I present to you all...

Xtreme Sonic

  1. The Spin Slash: a cut ability for Sonic in the original Sonic Xtreme. Because so little was known about it, SMS Alfredo (and myself, to some extent) came up with how the ability should work.
  2. Silky-Smooth animations running at full speed
  3. Manually color-corrected sprites
  4. Skidding and Victory animations
  5. Battle™ support (broken at the moment, looking into a fix...)
  6. Kirby™ support
  7. Xmomentum support
  8. Being yet another Sonic

As some of you may know, this is my first character pk3, or at least the first one I am submitting here. Development on the character started around the same time 2.2 initially released, and lasted all the way up to this point (mainly because I have been busy with life...), so I sincerely hope this gets through, and most importantly, I hope everyone enjoys it!

Shoutouts to Goldenhog and Lach for helping me initially, and HUGE shoutouts to SMS Alfredo. Without any of these three, this character wouldn't be possible!

Supporters / CoAuthors



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This is a very fun character! The Spin Slash is extremely versatile, I found a great use for it in every stage I played with X Sonic. I noticed that if you tap spin the moment you land while using the Spin Slash, you get to retain your momentum. I don't know if this is a bug or not, but if it is I think you should leave it in, and perhaps increase the amount of frames that you can do it in slightly. Again, this is a really great character, good job!
There's definitely some neat things I can do here and there with the Spin Slash.

EDIT: Here's another one.


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what i X-tremely adore about this character is, first of all, the sprites, it's amazing how smooth this character is, especially the spin-slash
second, I didn't know that an idle other than the waiting could be animated, including the victory animation, that caught me off-guard

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was forgetting to tell you, if you're able to add Kirby compatibility, Neddle would be perfect
This model is really one of my favorite 3D render of Sonic ever.

I mean look at him, isn't he both cute and cool at the same time?
And so, we finally reached another Character Achievement in SRB2 History!
We started SRB2 with a choppy, discoloured version of Xtreme Sonic with only a multithok...and now we have a perfectly coloured, fluidly animated version of Xtreme Sonic with his own ability and gamestyle!

The prophecy has been fufilled!
Hm, i'll test this, but it seems very cool, i wonder what sonic people are going to make next?
I dont get what the spinslash does with momentum. When the spin slash sticks to the ground or something, I have to jump to cancel it, and that's a pacebreaker imo, but I mean I guess glide is kinda a pacebreaker too, but with crouch you can spindash out of it, and i guess recurl makesit better maybe. (Tbh glide should have multiglide anyway) I hate the sound effect for the spin-slash, the antialiasing on the sprites are horrible. I swear his acceleration and speed is fucked up, and speed shoes just don't even work. I don't know, those are my gripes with it currently.
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I've been trying out the ability and I have noticed that you can actually negate damage completely if you're in the spikeball state since I believe the code thinks it's colliding with an unclimbable wall whenever you touch a hazard. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but it sorta seems weird at times. Especially when you're touching a lava fall.
This is great for a first mod, and I absolutely love what you guys did for the Spin Slash, but I have one suggestion.

  • Pressing Spin while stuck on the ground from a Spin Slash should have some unique benefit.
Perhaps a small leap that leaves you thokked and uncurled, but uses some of your previous momentum, like that accidental Focus Jump ability you made during development of this mod.

I also found some bugs:

I tried performing the Spin Slash cancel PencilVoid mentioned and found that not only does the sound continue to play and the floor latch was cancelled, Spinning below run speed would give me a noticeable burst of speed and I had full control over my direction, even being able to do quick 180s.


Pretty self-explanatory.
I've been trying out the ability and I have noticed that you can actually negate damage completely if you're in the spikeball state since I believe the code thinks it's colliding with an unclimbable wall whenever you touch a hazard. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but it sorta seems weird at times. Especially when you're touching a lava fall.
It's intentional.


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Version 1.1 is now out!

This update changes what pressing Spin does once you've latched onto something with the Spin Slash. Instead of simply jumping out of the move, you'll now cancel it into a Spindash! You can use this to regain lost momentum, reorientate yourself, or even Spindash up walls!

As a consequence of this update, pressing Spin right as you land with the Spin Slash will no longer cancel the move and let you keep running. This may be disappointing to some, but I hope the Spindash makes up for it!

Oh, and the buggy behavior exhibited from spinning after a Spin Slash has been fixed too.



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Oh I forgot to ask, but is the spindash *even weaker* than Sonic's spindash in vanilla? I say *even weaker* in astericks because vanilla spindash min-dash is already... a bit weak for my taste. Don't take offense, just wondering if xtreme Sonic spindash is weaker.

The transition from spin slash to spindash is a bit odd, since you already have "spin slash spindash" sprites, why not use those.
Why not have spin slash auto cancel after being on the ground after a while like knuckles glide or amy hammer.
Spin Slash and Spikes do not go well together, and if spin slash breaks through knuckles/amy paths why doesn't it break spikes. (Insert gif of me getting stuck on spikes because spin slash and spikes don't work)
Yes, I am really stuck here. Yes, I tried aiming spin slash to hit the spikes, since you cant spinslash on the ground.

Nevermind actually, you can jump out of this. I don't know if i was just mis-timing it or something. But I can jump out of this.

Edit: Spin Slash doesn't get you through Amy floors... which is sad.
Rip arid canyon 1 wooden floors

Edit: IT DOES GET YOU THROUGH AMY FLOORS, YOU JUST HAVE TO TIME THE SPINSLASH, as the "stick to floor" overrides the break amy floors thing or something

Edit: It also breaks spikes.... sometimes


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as Pyrakid said, why not using those Spin Slash Spindash sprites for the character?
also, was forgetting: the super form for this character is... not good
just a buff and a recolor with Mania Super Song, nothing else new
i mostly wish to remove or change it with something else
This character really is interesting and I'm glad to see that we finally came full circle with Xtreme Sonic actually being playable in SRB2. I was honestly messing around with the character and I actually have a lot of things to say about him.

First off, I really love his Spin Slash ability. Even when there was no source for the ability itself. You guys made something really cool out of this and I love it a lot and respect it. This actually had me thinking that I would love to see a level designed around this character. Whether it may spark some interest or not, I would personally love to share my thoughts.

As stated in an earlier post, there isn't a nerf on the spindash itself so seeing it fully charged and transferred to height momentum is really interesting. I was messing around with gravity and I found out that the Spin Slash has a huge height limit when in altered gravity (assuming that water in the code messes with default gravity and speed while the player is in the water), as opposed to the default 0.5 gravity. I recorded two gifs to see how high you can scale up a wall with a fully charged spindash.

The first one is regular gravity, the second one being water's default gravity. It was really interesting to see how modified gravity actually changes how you scale a wall.

This got me thinking what a level would be like designed around his basic gimmicks. There is some potential for some pretty interesting levels with this character. The Spin Slash while you're running and jumping feels like a small Thok within itself, it's crazy. Nice work to everyone who worked on this.
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