- Sprites for the spin slash are now at their original size, and scaled up in-game, ultimately resulting in a far better looking animation
- Supercolors are no longer accessible
- Fixed victory animation looping
- Spindash can now also be charged with the Jump button
- Fixed other misc bugs

This should hopefully be the last time I have to update for a bit...
- no longer prints "0" in the console
- fixed a bug with the spindash
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- Spindash is now charged by pressing the directional keys (you can mash all of them or spin the analog stick to charge faster, wall spindash is unaffected)
- Spin Slash makes a less annoying sound, and no longer sends you into spring state from jumping out of it
- Built-in momentum
- Some animation speed tweaks
- New CSS artwork, by the same person who made the ending stars
Enjoy this surprise update that just so happened to fall on Christmas!