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SRB2 Bonus video when
using this and XMomentum together causes to all NPC's to rotate when they die.
this should be fixed
This is a very interesting mod but I do have two little thing, I wish the Tails npc had his tails.

And how "Egg-2" the box in Techno hill act 2 haven't been changed and left as eggman

Also this is just something I noticed is Eggpack's Eggman makes Sonic gray like if you played as 2.1 Sonic, not just how this is caused.
It doesn't seem like it doesn't that with any other modded char.

Edit: I now know that the Eggpack makes Eggman gray as well so you both just had the same idea lol
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What if...
Nightwolf updated WTFSonic with a new update entry:

WTFSonic v3 update

After a long time of no updates, WTFSonic v3 is here!

-Added peaceful WTFNPCs
-Added a simple victory map
-Added EvilFlower Zone
-Added a cutscene before EvilFlower Zone
-Added xmas mode (over 9 months early)
-Modified MAP03 to allow going to EvilFlower Zone
-Fixed a few wtf_difficulty options not working correctly
-Fixed turrets not being replaced (bug from v2)

Read the rest of this update entry...
This is awesome man I been looking for something where I can fight against bot characters , is there a way to pick the color I want to spawn ?


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Tails has no tails fix it
The character Tails to have tails, as for the enemies it may not be fixable. His tails' has another layer. Even if it was fixable I kind of like it like that. It's meant to represent that they are a clone and that they look different from the original.


So. Just checked the mod out it's pretty challingeing and l like it 15/10 would do a full playthrough of if I felt like it
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