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After 2 years in development, hopefully it would have been worth the weight. In this mod, there's no Eggman in the world anymore. You'd think that it's great, but it isn't. Sonic's evil twin, Sonic 1 has taken over the entire world with a WTFSonic army. It's an army of mindless clones that will shoot any enemy on sight. They're not very powerful alone, but they can be very dangerous in greater numbers. As always, Sonic has to save the world.

-WTFNPCs - they replace all enemies in the game, can shoot rings and attack you if you get too close. (depends on the difficulty)
-7 difficulty modes - from Very Easy to CBT, there's a difficulty mode for any type of WTFSonic player.
-Console commands - WTFSonic is heavily customizable using commands that can change WTFNPC skins, spawn WTFNPCs or even disable them.
-Modified boss sprites - Eggman is no more, now it's time for Sonic 1 to be the bad guy.
-7 cutscenes - See different parts of the weird WTFSonic story between certain levels.
-2.1 Sonic - This mod includes a 2.1 Sonic character.

wtf_enable <0/1> - enable or disable WTFSonic clone (WTFNPC) spawning (default: 1)
wtf_difficulty <0-6> - choose a difficulty from the difficulty list below (default: 2 - normal)
wtf_bossdifficulty <0/1> - should wtf_difficulty affect bosses (default: 1)
wtf_skin <0-8 or skin name> - set WTFNPC skin (default: 0 - all)
wtf_customskins <0/1> - enable or disable custom WTFNPC skins. Typing "wtf_customskins 1" always reloads the skin list. (default: 0)
wtf_spawn <normal/stationary/flying> <amount> - spawn a given number of WTFNPCs (higher numbers may slow down the game)
wtf_ai <0/1> - enable experimental idle "AI" for WTFNPCs (default: 0)
wtf_target <0/1> - enable or disable WTFNPC player targeting (default: 1)
wtf_47 <0/1> - enable or disable a special 47 mode (default: 0)
wtf_objtype <normal/stationary/flying> - set the default WTFNPC object type for enemy replacement (default: normal)
Very Easy (0) - enemies don't shoot players and don't hurt them, bosses have 1 HP
Easy (1) - enemies don't shoot players, but can hurt them on contact, bosses have half HP
Normal (2) - normal enemy behaviour and boss health
Hard (3) - enemies fire rings more rapidly and thrown rings are faster, bosses have 50% more HP*
Very Hard (4) - enemies are invincible and they always hurt you on contact, bosses have double HP*
Hell (5) - like Very Hard, but enemies shoot 3 rings at once, bosses have triple (3x) HP*
CBT (6) - like Hell, but enemy count is doubled, bosses have quadruple (4x) HP and rings do not drop on non-boss levels*

*Castle WTFSonic Zone boss' HP does not change on Hard and higher difficulties.
LiteWTFSonic is a small, stripped-down version of WTFSonic.
It does not contain:
-2.1 Sonic
-Boss difficulty changes
-wtf_bossdifficulty command
Version 2
-Added LiteWTFSonic - a stripped-down, small (7 KB) version of WTFSonic with only some Lua and SOC code (LiteWTFSonic v1 is based on WTFSonic v2)
-Added new final boss sprites based on 2.2.7+ sprites
-Added a cutscene before RVZ
-Made CBT difficulty even harder: rings don't drop on non-boss levels anymore
-Every enemy changes to a WTFNPC if wtf_enable is set to 1, not only vanilla ones that were spawned on map load
-Fixed wtf_spawn command giving errors if no arguments are passed (glitch found by Xmax311)

Version 1
-Initial release
- Xkower8181 - making SRB2 NPCs that were an inspiration for wtf_ai command functionality
Have fun!


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Welcome to releases! Though, I'd like you to note in the opening post that 2.1 Sonic is included.
Sonic The Movie 2: The Revenge Of The Recolors.
(No but talking seriously, i really was waiting to play this. pretty good job).
ΩSmashCrafterΩ;837074 said:
can this mod create clones of mod characters as well?

None of the less it looks like an interesting challenge

If you type "wtf_customskins 1" in console after you add all character mods you want, the clones will be able to use custom character skins.
I played this with Tails guy and I noticed that when one of my projectiles hit one of the bots it inverts the player's speed
well, i... just... can't take it... it' just to funny and well...

i regret getting this addon
i just made a consept for a character addon and it got destroy by water
it seems that seems
2.2.7 dropped, and the new brak uses new 16 angles sprites, but youre using the older ones

could you fix that, please?
It could be even better if WTFNPCs used player AI, just like Tails does in Sonic & Tails mode.

Otherwise, pretty cool. Found my friends in there a bunch of times.
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Version 2 of WTFSonic has been released!
View the changelog for more information about the update.

A new edition of WTFSonic: LiteWTFSonic was added. To find out about differences between the main version and this version check out the "LiteWTFSonic" spoiler.
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