The True Arena! (BOSS RUSH)

The True Arena! (BOSS RUSH) v3.4

I have not been working on this very much lately as I have been pretty busy, but I do have some ideas for an update.

Thenightofwaste, One of the main reasons I tried making this mod was because I found out that Boss Mayhem has no chance of ever being ported.
I also might be able to make an option that disables the health bars.

smashmallow101, these are some cool ideas ;)
1. I'm not sure if random boss order is possible? I hope it is.
2. This would be pretty cool too.
3. I actually already have this on the beta build
4. I don't know about making a challenge mode, but on the beta build I have made it so you no longer get lives from beating bosses, instead you just get them every 50,000 points. and "Health would refill between boss fights"? wdm the game just uses rings?
I don't know what i was thinking when i mentioned health
Egg Frostburn decided to stop existing for me💀


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Not Sure If This Was Because I Was Playing Adventure Sonic, But After 2 Hits, Stray Bolts Didn't Fall Down And Get Tired
man im craving ring valley zone for some reason

BRB i gotta go to the red sphere

ringvalley boss.gif
ringvalley pinchphase.gif
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adventure sonic or any char with an adventureish bounce stomp can cheese the legacybrak for all his money

(why didnt i use adventure sonic in tortured planet i just had to be enticed by dirfex)
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Yo! I defeted every boss using Deltachars. Except the extra boss one. The brak eggman beta/ final boss 2.0.
It seems he is invencible. He doesn't take damage at all.
Is it some game desing and I'm missing something?

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