The True Arena! (BOSS RUSH)

The True Arena! (BOSS RUSH) v3.4

3.4 Changelog:
- 2.2.10 made Ugly Knux's map stop existing, It should be fixed now.
3.3 Changelog:
- Renamed Egg Baller to Egg Fireballer.
- Egg Freezer's credits now credit Ashi.
- Updated Egg Animus's crystal sprites to MRCE-v0.2.2
- Updated Egg Fighter's map's sky texture to MRCE-v0.2.2
- Might have fixed Egg Zap's teleporting breaking on some multiplayer servers?
3.2 Changelog:
- Hotfix on final boss missing a freeslot.
- Removed a duplicate sfx.
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3.1 Changelog:
- Fixed Old Brak not unlocking.
- Hopefully stopped Eggzap's rumbling from stacking in multiplayer.
- Updated Egg Baller to MRCE-v0.2.2, new arena!
- Updated Egg Animus to MRCE-v0.2.2, this should make it less laggy.
- Stray-Bolts' attacks now deal electric type damage.
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Huge new update, I finally stopped being lazy and got around to updating this!
The boss count is now up to 27!