The True Arena! (BOSS RUSH)

The True Arena! (BOSS RUSH) v3.4


I love bosses, so I have created a Boss Rush to serve as a collection for the bosses of V2.2

This is my first mod, so there is room for improvement, feel free to give feedback and suggestions.

The Arena is just a boss rush against the 7 vanilla bosses.

The True Arena has you fight against the 7 vanilla bosses, plus bosses from other mods that I have permission to use,
it currently has 16 fights. I hope to get permission for all sorts of bosses.

In co-op mode compete to see who can get the most points.

  • 1. Egg Mobile
  • 2. Egg Slimer
  • 3. Sea Egg
  • 4. Eggscalibur
  • 5. Fang The Sniper
  • 6. Metal Sonic
  • 7. Brak Eggman
  • 01. Egg Mobile
  • 02. Egg Mobile-H
  • 03. Egg Slimer
  • 04. Knuckles
  • 05. Stray-Bolts
  • 06. Sea Egg
  • 07. Shadow
  • 08. Egg Sand Sub
  • 09. Eggscalibur
  • 10. Knuckles...?
  • 11. Fang The Sniper
  • 12. Robo Hood EX
  • 13. Egg Boiler
  • 14. Anastasia
  • 15. Metal Sonic
  • 16. Brak Eggman

  • Kirby music and the mods namesake by HAL
  • Boss Rewards by "S" (Re-Useable Content)
  • Egg Sand Sub by Blade (Re-Useable Content)
  • Eggrock Zone Boss - Scrapped 2.2 Content by FuriousFox (Re-Useable Content)
  • Final Demo Zone knuckles boss by Toaster (Re-Useable Content)(component map ported to 2.1 by Glaber)
  • Boss Battle: Knuckles by The Underground (Re-Useable Content)
  • Wrecking ball boss from Green Hill Zone by FuriousFox (Re-Useable Content)
  • Vs. Robo Hood by Zipper (Re-Useable Content)
  • VS Shadow The Hedgehog (Boss): By ManimiFire | CarlosGamer - boss arena | Speedwagon - chaos blast function (Re-Useable Content)
  • Custom Boss - Anastasia : By Zipper (Re-Useable Content)(Music used: A Collision of Death from Megadimension Neptunia VIIR)
  • Fixed Boss Rewards LUA : Zipper
  • Sempiternity Shores Zone Stray-Bolts : TrustyGun (Permission to use from TrustyGun)
  • WL4 HUD and Emeralds: Latius (Permission to use)



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That Infinite fight might be mostly a reskin of the Silver boss fight made for 2.1, but it's awesome. It should have been released here standalone. Always wanted to see Infinite in SRB2.
I have some advice for minor changes to "character" style bosses like Knuckles, Shadow, and Infinite you can make to stop them looking like robots, in a way which was not originally possible for 2.1.

If you give their object flags MF_GRENADEBOUNCE (yeah, it's a hack) they won't flash black and white. You can then use a Lua script to make MF2_DONTDRAW toggled every tic while they're not in their painstate until MF2_FRET has been removed (It's easy enough to do, but if you need help from someone else I understand). This will match the behaviour of the Fang boss in 2.2, which itself is meant to look like a flashing player.

I'd also like to make a suggestion. While I did mark the Ugly Knuckles """battle""" (like everything else in Final Demo Zone) as reusable, it was meant to be a one-off joke, not a legitimate boss battle that could show up in other mods. You definitely have permission to continue using it because the mod was marked as reusable, but I don't think it makes sense for people looking to have a challenging series of battles to hit this guy and have him immediately die. (If I ever change the stage to end with an actual fight, this advice obviously goes out the window.)

Other than that, this is a nice little package! ^u^
That sounds cool, I didn't know Fang flashed differently from the others, but I will probably need help setting that up.

Also i just thought the Ugly Knuckles was funny so i put him in as a joke.
Update 2.0 12/31/2019

Added 2 new bosses
Added custom save data
Fixed Robo Hood's spike ball sprites
Nerfed Infinite's HP
Added Soundtest
Added Emblems
I’d personally love an alternative to the normal Arena that adds the normal version of Egg Boiler (not the bullet hell version) just because its almost one of the normal bosses and i always run with that mod in now..
I just noticed something as I was trying out this with a HUD thing I've been working on - apparently, Ball and Chain is always considered to be in Pinch Mode (due to their .damage, which is normally used in the base bosses to tell when to go into Pinch Mode, being higher than their base HP) while a few other bosses (like Stray-Bolts) don't have it set, meaning that I use a 'default' Pinch value of 25% or less HP (Which is 2HP for an 8HP boss) for it.
I'm quite late to notice this, but the Infinite fight in this pack is built off of Sapheros' Silver the Hedgehog boss battle which is not marked as reusable, and considering that Sapheros is permanently banned it seems quite unlikely that you'll be able to ask them for permission to use their soc.

I get that this probably wasn't done with any malicious intent and rather just not realizing that the file isn't marked as re-usable because it's been passed around and appeared in multiple places over the years, so I'm just going to ask you to remove this boss or replace it with something of your own coding when you get a chance. Sorry to only realize this now so late after you originally put it in via an update!
Ok I removed Infinite and updated the wad adding in Latius's WL4 Hud and Emerald code,
although I have not tested it in multiplayer yet.
The file inside the zip is a .bak file instead of .wad. It loads fine but it won't show up in the Addons menu with the default settings, which might confuse people.

Also, the emblems were not updated. The mod still thinks there are 38 emblems to collect, but there are only 16 boss fights (2 emblems each, 32 total) and 4 extra emblems.
Tbh I'd love to see both the Cyberdemon and the Spider Mastermind in the true arena along with the bosses of Castle Wolfenstein 3D to reference the roots of the SRB2 Engine.

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