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Silver The Hedgehog (Boss)
Version: , by Sapheros Sapheros is offline
Developer Last Online: May 2018

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (1 votes - 3.00 average)
Released: 11-15-2016 Last Update: Never Favourites: 2
SOCs Scripts Sprites/Graphics

You guys probably remember the Silver fight from SUGOI that I whipped up for the mod. (Since I wasn't a very confident level designer and came across porting this boss) So now, I decided to re-release Silver, this time with a few minor differences from the original boss fight.

Here's the pointless plot to why you're going to fight him for 2 minutes:
Spoiler: Plot

The stage's environment is a void in the end of time. Despite there being barriers blocking you from exploring the rest of the void, you and Silver are stuck in this cold dark dimension with no reason why. Silver isn't very happy he's there and doesn't know or care who you are, but now that you're the only person there with him, you're the only person to blame for being there. Forcing you to fight with Pothead for the last time.

Silver's Projectiles have changed:
1: Psycho Blades (Courtesy and with the permission of Speedwagon) now replace the turret bullets
2: The Energy Ball now dies in a particle explosion when it hits the ground/wall.
3: NEW! A Shockwave projectile attack with no warning that dies within a second

The boss fight was originally supposed to give the player a game over if the Silver character wad was added and used in the same arena in SUGOI, but it was commented out for the sake of keeping the Single Player Campaign stable. But since this is a single boss fight, I don't give a fuck! If you use Silver during the Silver Boss Fight, you and the boss will die, leaving you a game over to actually try again next time with a different character. (Idea by me and TehRealSalt)

I highly recommend that you try to shamelessly insert this boss into your levels, don't forget to ask for permission before freely using it!

You can access this map via the map command:
map mapz2
Credit to Thompson for the original boss fight's SOC.

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Go on, I dare you!
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Welcome to Releases!
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Local Squirrel Service
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Nice, this one more hard then the other boss from SUGOI. Great job!

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Thomas Earl
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Awesome! i have a boss idea - A metal sonic race through Stardust Speedyway zone!
Thomas The Earl Hedgehog!

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Man of the Hour
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Another Contribution to Sugoi's Remastered levels. Its Welcome.Good work!
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Permanently Banned

New Update for not only modders, but for players as well.

1: Since OGL doesn't leave me at 8FPS in 640x400, I realized that the sprite prefix SLVB conflicts with one of Silver.wad's sprites, which forced you to fight an invisible Silver Boss.
tl;dr The boss' spritename has been changed to prevent conflict with what MD2's show.

2: The boss stage has gotten a slight update, now the stage has a dark blue colormap that gives an ever darker vibe to the atmosphere. (By PixelGamer64/White T.U)

3: The gif: The cutscene has been revamped with a little more imagery (By: PixelGamer64/White T.U)
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