This is probably one the most fun I've had with anything Sonic related in general. There is SO much great stuff about this game. And the most impressive thing about it is that it's an SRB- people who play this game need better internet like damn seriously* -2. And now there's gonna be v2 with actual AI and I think there will be resprited characters (if there are gonna be resprited characters why don't you just release a new version of this game with the resprited characters it'd be better than nothing if v2 for doesn't release for some reason).
* this is a joke, so maybe don't pm me threatens please and thank you**
** once again another joke please don't pm me threatens please and thank you**
SRB2K Help playing

I recently downloaded Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart and only see Time Attack and Multiplayer. Did I download the wrong file? Is the game not complete yet? Am I navigating the menu wrong? Please Help!


Menace That Can't Be Stopped
Any chance Kart will have zipped releases along with the installer?
Not a fan of them myself and it'd probably be easier for me to drag people to play with the former.


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hey I know this is prolly a weird question but does anyone know where exactly to find the bonus chars? cause i been looking in the addon section for a little while now

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