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SRB2 Battle! Multiplayer Gameplay Mod 8.6

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Apparently Tails' new RC Missiles don't scale their speed properly in the air when Tails is different size than normal.
This breaks compatibility with any maps with Oldbrak in the header, as those maps scale down everything to half size.



I'm gonna say the one 2d arena I did play the smash-like camera made it hard to tell where I was in a fairly filled up server. Also Amy's tornado should probably not knockback players during their iframes.


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Version 7.1

For some reason the forums are preventing me from editing attachments to any of my releases. In the meantime, you can download the latest version [redacted].

Changes include:
  • Stability improvements (fixes a nasty cfail issue for dedicated servers)
  • Balance adjustments to Amy, Fang, and Metal Sonic
  • Adjustments to the 2D dynamic camera
  • Visual improvements for Diamond in the Rough


	Fixed a couple of script breaks (one of which caused mass cfails in dedicated servers)
	Reduced max flinch time from collisions (4s -> 2s)
	Changed the properties of the 2D camera to center more around the player in view
	Fixed Ground Pound splash being executed multiple times per use
	Fixed issues in CBW_Battle.ControlThrust that caused certain objects like Tails' RC to use the wrong speeds at non-standard object scales.

Game Modes
	Diamond in the Rough
		Tossed and flung diamonds will disappear after 16 seconds
		Diamond is larger when unclaimed
		Diamond now has a dropshadow
		Colorized and increased the visibility of diamond sparkle trail
		Diamond-holding player is drawn on HUD in Team CP
Character balance
		Midair Piko Spin
			Cooldown is applied when the move ends, rather than when it starts.
		Piko Tornado
			Reduced forward thrust while preparing tornado
			Adjusted graphics and animation
			Reduced radius (32 -> 16)
			Reduced height (64 -> 48)
			Reduced horizontal knockback strength (28 -> 6)
			Increased vertical knockback strength (10 -> 16)
			Tornado will only knockback players who are currently in pain state
			Cooldown is applied at the beginning of end lag state.
		Increased weight (100 -> 110)
		Bomb throw
			Reduced startup time (9 -> 6)
			Reduced cooldown (2s -> 0.5s)
		Bomb self-recoil
			Reduced horizontal knockback strength (16 -> 8)
			Increased vertical knockback strength (12 -> 16)
	Metal Sonic
		Charge Energy
			Reduced startup time (10 -> 6)
		Energy Blast
			Reduced spread between blasts
			Re-adjusted blast angles to resemble "+" shape
		Fully Charged Energy Blast
			Reduced spread between blasts
			Raised horizontal projectile sets (3 -> 5)
		Dash Slicer
			Now provides much more vertical lift at the end of move
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This all seems pretty cool! I'll have to get into multiplayer some time. Found a couple of issues in simple mode, though.

First thing, Fang's bomb seems to go off at weird angles when you're not pushing a direction. In this video I recorded of the problem, he was facing 90 degrees to the left every single time, but another time I had him flipping around and throwing them straight at the camera. If I'm moving it works fine, in any other control mode it works fine.

The other thing is that you can't aim Metal Sonic's special ability with the movement controls in simple mode. The camera rotates around him, but he doesn't turn with it.


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Amy can't compete with faster or stronger characters as well anymore. I also noticed Amy is less accurate in where she lands. The previous build Amy was perfect because it compensated for her slower speeds/reactions. I think the current version puts her at too much of a disadvantage.
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Fang and Amy can't compete with faster characters such as Sonic with his speed thok anymore. I also noticed Amy is less accurate in where she lands. The previous build for Fang and Amy was perfect because it compensated for their slower speeds/reactions. I think the current version puts them at too much of a disadvantage.

I second this, you have characters like Sonic and Knuckles who can just throw crazy AOE out really fast, and Amy is sitting here with a tiny upside down traffic cone. There must be some middle ground here?


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Version 7.2


It has been brought to my attention that the Tails Doll sprites included in this mod contained work which was modified without permission. I have removed the assets from the mod, and the training dummy's sprites have been replaced with color-swap variants of the Crawla Commander.

This update also contains some bug fixes for simple control users.

	Fixed flag/diamondrunners having increased air control when spinning
	Fixed simple control users being unable to control the aim of Fang's bombs
	Fixed simple control users being unable to aim Metal Sonic's special moves
	Fixed simple control users being able to redirect the dash slicer

	Tails Doll and associated assets replaced with Battle Crawla Commander
	console variable "battle_tailsdoll" renamed to "battle_training"
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What was so plagiarized about Tails Doll?

The person I received sprites from has made it clear that plagiarism was not the intent, it was mostly a miscommunication between us. That being said, the sprites which they were based off of were edited without permission, and the original author requested that the assets be removed.


This 7.0-7.2 Battle Mod Update has great stuff here and there, Cobalt!
Although I see one glaring issue this update also adds, the moveset changes basically buffs thok on sonic, which was already an annoying move; known as the best basic move in the game.

Sonic main's (pre-update patch) already have had ample practice with Thok into ground pound, which is a very oppressive strategy in the moveset for landing the tumbling rocks..

The fact that ground pound is now a priority attack move makes it so Sonic's can thok while quickly pressing ground pound afterwards to make it essentially a priority thok. A spammable momentum canceling fast movement attack now can't be defended against.

I feel that everyone in the vanilla srb2 cast has been nerfed (and buffed) accordingly besides Sonic, which seems like he as zero nerfs on the board. On top of that, this priority thok strategy technique will be a big buff on top of his zero nerfs.

Outside of this the 7.0-7.2 battle mod updates and patches have been solid enough. Nice work.


I've got quite a few things to say about this update.
I don’t want to sound like I'm whining, this here is a genuine attempt at criticism. 7.0 changed a lot of things, and I for one think it changed too much. First and foremost the default maps being teeny tiny little plateaus that you cannot be knocked off of is probably the main deal here. There’s a lot less need to strategize, plan, or think when in a tiny space like this. With any more than around 3 or 4 people,everyone is on top of each other resulting in generic blatant action being more effective than a thought out plan and procedure.

Parrying is a welcome addition. It adds a whole other layer to the gameplay. Its simply sad that it completely breaks most if not all mod characters rendering them virtually unplayable taking away a huge chunk of potential content for use within the mode. Though this itself isn’t really the mode's problem, it’s still worth mentioning.

Reworking characters is great.I’m glad Amy has something more to offer now. Metal really feels like a former shell of himself now. Giving him a HARD force fall after 3 or so seconds just pretty much strips him of whatever he was, even if his basic shot is slightly better. I can tell that some of these decisions were made based on the size of the new maps. Which are also not as good as any previous maps and make the entire gamemode feel like a minigame for another gamemode. Tails having a hard flight cap seems like a poor decision. Alongside the removal of knuckles’s passive tough guy armor stance.Why would you nerf these guys in any way really? They're already not so great, and now they've been jabbed further down. Tails’s new badnik missiles would be welcome if it weren't for the issue of:

Starting with finite rings, and relying on cooldown + RNG ring and sheild drops from item bubbles(?) I’m not sure what was wrong with having a set static place on a map where rings could be collected. It rewards map memorization and simply playtime over all. Some maps seem to not drop any rings at all. Forcing you into using excessive cooldown. All the changes piled up upon each other, make this an entirely different gamemode. This isn’t battle mode. This is nothing like what we had prior. It seems like more of an entirely new battle project rather than an update or even overhaul. It feels like I'm being thrown into a Mario Party minigame with each match. Simply put, this isn’t the same mode at all.

I’m aware you can load ctf and control point maps. But all these changes come nowhere near capturing the experience of what battle was just a few updates prior. These views are all mine. They’re opinion based. I simply felt the need to get them out and see what others think of this update as well. I don’t like this new direction battlemod has taken one bit. There's obviously care put into it, adding new mechanics and even a nice looking HUD. If we could have a separate branch even, to implement that hud onto old battle mode that would be kinda cool. Though I don’t feel as if battle even needs anything of the sort. You can simply press tab for a second to check score anyways. Just my views and thoughts.Think what you will, hate is a strong word but I feel in the end its safe to say I hate the new update(s).


a new personal complaint/request:
please bring back the shared smash bros-esque camera for 2D battle mode, or make it an optional client-side toggle/cvar. i miss being able to see everything at once even if it was very zoomed out.


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Version 7.3

  • Various bug fixes
  • Performance tweaks to Tunnel Road Zone
  • Minor adjustments to bashable physics
  • Balance adjustments for Sonic, Tails and Knuckles
  • Overtime applied to all battle modes
  • Sudden death in survival now occurs during the overtime phase (and other sudden death balance adjustments)
  • Tweaked player respawn times in battle modes


	Fixed script error which prevented training dummy from de-spawning
	Reduced the number of linedefs in Tunnel Road Zone 
	Created emerald props for Chaos Shrine, allowing the pedestal emeralds to be made visible in Battle gametypes
	Set the player revive sound to max priority
	Forced "thokked" state onto Sonic during Super Spin Jump
	Fixed Metal Sonic's dash slicer having increased ranged when spin/jump are pressed simultaneously
	Fixed Metal Sonic not being able to turn in 2D mode while charging energy
	Fixed Metal Sonic maintaining dash mode speed out of a projectile blast or dash slicer
	Fixed Metal Sonic's energy charge aura remaining visible when Metal Sonic is killed
	Egg robos will no longer lose rings or reward points when damaged by enemy player projectiles
	Fixed armageddon blast being activated when a player collects another armageddon shield from an item bubble

Game Modes
	Overtime assigned to all Battle gametypes
		Survival will no longer end until a single or player or team is standing
		Survival timelimit reduced (5 -> 4)
		Team Survival timelimit reduced (5 -> 4)
		Sudden death
			Sudden Death will now activate during level overtime, rather than during level "pinch"
			Players will no longer start with shields and rings during sudden death
			Doubled the frequency of bomb drops
			WaitJoinHUD will no longer mention that you can "respawn as a jettysyn" during sudden death.
			WaitJoinHUD vertical offsets adjusted to prevent overlap with lives counter

		Move and guard keys no longer interrupt parry animation (Other actions still take effect)
		Reduced parry animation time (12 -> 9)
		Increased invulnerability after parry (0.5s -> 0.75s)
	Special Moves
		Reduced minimum cooldown for ring debt penalties (5s -> 2s)
	Shield Abilities
		Flattened the knockback scaling of attraction's homing special
	Flag/Diamond runners speed penalty raised (10% -> 20%)
	Removed enforcement of respawn time during pre-round waiting period
	Increased respawn time in non-survival battle gametypes (3s -> 7s)
	Increased respawn time in Battle CTF (3s -> 10s)
		Lowered default* weight (100 -> 80)
		Lowered default* friction (4 -> 2)
		Bash boulder weight reduced (90 -> 70)
		Lowered Chess Knight weight (100 -> 80)
		Lowered Chess Pawn weight (100 -> 60)
		* Affected objects: Training dummy, snowman, snowman with top hat

		Reduced weight (100 -> 95)
		Raised cooldown on specials (0.5s -> 1.5s)
		RC Missile
			Crawlas will jump regardless of whether the special move command is held
			BASH and Jet Jaw will avoid ceilings and floors when possible
		Modified the shape of rock blast to improve ground and anti-air coverage

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a new personal complaint/request:
please bring back the shared smash bros-esque camera for 2D battle mode, or make it an optional client-side toggle/cvar. i miss being able to see everything at once even if it was very zoomed out.

I will try to work this into a future update. The changes to the camera were somewhat last-minute, as it was found that the full-scale camera played significantly worse the more players were in the game. What I'd like to do is hopefully find some way of smoothing the camera so that it keeps all players in view without causing motion sickness.
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The 2D camera for sideshow zone was problematic because it was very difficult to figure out which character you are, especially if you share the same color/skin as someone else. In my opinion, the camera should be centered on your character by default, but the camera should be zoomed out a bit more. Unfortunately, zooming the camera out also affects the volume of sound effects, which really sucks. Kind of a lose-lose situation.


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I'm gonna have to report that this mod disables super palettes.

Sort of, because they're still there in the afterimages.


another request/complaint:
the console log makes seeing players' info at the top of the screen very difficult. it'd be nice if this info were moved somewhere else, such as the bottom of the screen.


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Great work you did. This is excellent. Now what if another gametype called Assault was added? If you don't know what Assault is, it's pretty much the same as CTF except that instead of the objective being capturing your opponent's flag, you have to bring a bomb from your base to your opponent's base to place in the bomb and wait until it gets denoted at the opponent's spot in the base.

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