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Is there a way to disable the homing attack and just warp? I've been looking through the lua file and can't seem to find where it checks if there is something nearby.


I don't know if this is a bug, but the fifth chaos emerald seems to be unattainable. I'm am using the Custom Saves, but I want to know if this is a general bug or smth. My bad, it was another character mod.
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If you have a problem with what someone you said, report it to staff, don't bitch at them in public like this. The report button exists!


You're giving incorrect advice here, sorry! If an addon is marked as reusable, you don't have to ask to use it, but in a case (like this one) where it is not reusable, asking before using it is the correct thing to do.
yeah you do lol
You should get a message in the console that says "Here, you earned it." That confirms that the secret is now activated.
What secret? I just beat the game and the message showed up...
(Update: nevermind, I figured it out.)
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I know (sorry about that)
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Sorry about that. Your right.
Actually, they're not right. You're in the clear! Asking people if you have permission to repost their non-reusable things elsewhere is the decent thing to do! If it's reusable, you don't have to ask; if it is non-reusable, you do have to ask, which you're doing. 👌

There's no problem with you asking on multiple threads, either. You can ask on as many as you want; I don't consider that spam at all. You're asking a legitimate question to various different authors, and that's okay.


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Homer Attacks?


You heard the man Inazuma, turn off the homer attacks they're so annoying

Jokes aside I think that's just a minor spelling mistake (I win) and they meant the homing attacks

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