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Creator of Online+
Online+ is one of my SRB2 Mods I've been working on in my past.
It used to be known as Freeplay, and I've worked on this mod to improve my coding skills.
Come to 2.2, I decided to change up the mod from being hangout focused to improving the online multiplayer mode.


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Alright, this checks out!

As a note for future updates, when you add the lobby map in the future make sure you change the prefix to VSL to reflect a stage being present in the wad. But welcome to releases!
Time to list a few updates:
The Chat bug has been fixed (you can now chat in the normal window)
More options have been added to the menu
A new nodification system is in place (WIP, only announces tokens)
Server Info command removed, just check server info in the menu
Commands updated (Prefix Freeplay has been changed to FP) and open menu has been changed to FPMenu
If you're going to include Utility inside your wad, you need to credit towards Utility somewhere. The only reason I got to find out Utility was in here was because I downloaded it to help someone out. I don't recall permission ever being given but I may be mistaken.
The Mania HUD is in here, so that's nice. Should mania-styled life icons be in... if there even is a mod that has that? My Transparent_Life_Icons are the closest thing to mania-styled... aside from someone actually porting Sonic Mania's life icons to SRB2, I mean I *could* do that. Very easily might I add, but eh. I'll only do that if requested. ~That and i'd have to make the life icons green which... would take time I guess. I give permission, if you want to add T_L_I to this.
2.8 Update
Utility has been removed
Three new game modes have been added
Cheat mode toggle has been removed and cheats are now only active on Freeplay or Sandbox gamemodes
Exploration Gamemode with 1 current mission (find red star rings)
New Object: 10 Ring

Note: Exploration isnt finished yet, so the new level type "TOL_EXPLORE" is to not be used yet
Also the test map is to be opened in Exploration mode or sandbox mode

Also Utility is removed in 2.8

Also a note about modules - These won't be added anymore but instead, they are becoming their own mods
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an update with two new features:
Collecting all Red Star Rings now give you an extra emerald token
KHBlast support: Red Star Rings have their own item pickup text

One other thing, this mod also has some support with Movie Night as well, so the emerald and red ring counter will move when movie night is added

Also the first module freeplay has to offer: Freeplay_Pitsaver (on/off)
This will enable the player to be saved from death at the cost of all their rings
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Just to mention, I'm out of ideas at the moment of what to add to the mod. This doesn't mean I'll abandon it. it just means that the V3 update will be slow
Yes its been a while, but I'm still working on updates. Right now I've changed a few things like adding Casual Co-op mode where instead of dying or losing rings, you add to a hit counter instead. I've also added a way to enable and disable red star rings for server owners.
You know, the ring goggles should work like the scuba goggles, the unused power up from Sonic 1
Actually... I'm gonna consider this with a few changes.
One of the changes is it will allow you to swim in water, making it unique and not similar to the water/elemental shield
Actually... I'm gonna consider this with a few changes.
One of the changes is it will allow you to swim in water, making it unique and not similar to the water/elemental shield
I actually tried to make it work like make you breath underwater and space but i think i made something wrong cuz everytime i destroy anything like a badnik or get damaged (That also includes other players) the powerup disappears, doesnt happend while wearing a shield but im not making work like a stackable shield, you will lose the powerup and rings as penalty
MikeTheDigiFen updated Freeplay - A SRB2 Server Mod - 2.2 release with a new update entry:

2.0 Beta - Finally an update after a year of nothing! Beta release of Online+!

Its been a long time since I released anything for this mod, so here's an update finally!

What has changed?
All game modes have been removed
Casual Coop is now a module, accessed via OP_Modules_CasualCoop
Cheats have been moved from gamemodes to a module, accessed by OP_Modules_Cheats
Hud has been adjusted to be somewhat friendly for Hud ModsView attachment 90896

Read the rest of this update entry...

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