Is there supposed to be an orange yoshi in my yoshi?


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Why are shield models broken in the new update?
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I fixed them
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i showed the sonic 3 shields just in case... but they've always looked the way they do
The reason it works on Sonic 3's shields, is because they are *Clear Shields with Effects*.
Hey, hi send a link to the fixed shields please be a friend🥺


Было бы неплохо увидеть Cman с 3D-моделью, верно?..... Верно?....

Модель была сделана до того, как Йоши обновился, поэтому в настоящее время она сломана.
Джек планирует исправить это d

Model was made before yoshi updated so its currently broken rn
Jeck is planning to fix it dw
I do not know, the model works fine for me, so I don't know how to help


Bcs you prob have an outdated version of yoshi
New version added second color in which the model doesnt have support for it so its currently broken
Yes, it’s possible, I don’t have a second color, but can I clarify this color to change the palette of shoes?


Legend with Blue Stripes
There should be a Mario and Luigi 3D Models for this Addon I have found some 3D Models but trying to incorporate on Models.dat kinda breaks animation, colors and scale models, even tho the changes between powerups and they're probably not builded for these skins cuz of the animations with software sprites
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