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I don't think I need to spend too much time explaining what this update is- it's Adventure Sonic. I've done my best to channel my own personal nostalgia into this model and it's animations- and all I really want to say otherwise is thank you to a few that helped make this happen. Chengi assisted immensely with some of the custom texture work here- the shoes, the face, I really don't think I would have done this mod for a long while if not for the convincing work done there. The amount of care and level of detail that went into the mod itself really allows the model to be presented in what I can only think to describe as authentic. No corners were cut with the frames I had to work with- and the sprites were super helpful to guide the animations.

Getting into the details: I have included two versions of the model in the download- one with Sonic's classic shoes, and one with the SA2 SOAP shoes. by default with the models.dat included Adventure Sonic will load with the classic shoes. If you wish to use the soap shoes option. simply edit models.dat's line to direct the skin to "SASONIC2.md3."

With this update also comes models for the Goal Ring mod.

Anything else?
Well- since last updated Metal Knuckles has been updated with cleaner textures, and to actually work with R Chars properly. Other then that large amount modded characters's animations have been tweaked more specifically walking animations- polish with bobbing and weaving mostly.

Vanilla Cast files updated?
Yes!. Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, and Fang have also received a bit of walking animation polish.

Now that models are included with SRB2 as of 2.2.7 I've made the decision to separate out all models that are for MODs. So any model that is not for a Vanilla asset is going to be found within their respective folders inside the VDLC folder. So the path to Mighty's model would be "SBR2 V2.2.7/Models/VDLC/PLAY/MIGHTY.md3".
I apologize if this messes with anyone who likes to move things around- but with the sheer amount of files I'm dealing with - I need to keep them separated for my own sanity. Please understand I do this so I can have an easier time myself making new content for you.

I have included TWO downloads this time.
FULL Will give you all of the models included with SRB2 v1.1.7+all of the MODs-specific models found here (VDLC.)
PATCH Includes just the extra models found only here and can be installed just by adding VDLC to you Models folder and replacing your models.dat. (this download also includes a .txt file with just the .dat entries needed to merge this in vanilla's set.)
I don't recommend installing any of this overtop previous versions of my model packs other then the set included with v2.2.7. Since I've moved mod models' locations- you would have extra unused files in the old slots taking up useless space.

For those interested- here's what has been updated since v1.2.
-Team Rings for CTF
-Blue Sphere for NiGHTS
-Brak Eggman has been updated to use the same model used for the sprites' prerendering- With a texture overhaul by myself.

3D Models for SRB2... are Official?!
As those on the Discord may already know, as of the upcoming 2.2.7 version of SRB2 models will be included with the game by default. All of the updates and such that come with official release(s) are included here- and probably will continue to be for now just for ease of access. Whenever I update here- it should be a simple process to merge with the official models. Just download and extract the v1.2 model .zip from here into your root SRB2 folder. (Where SRB2win.exe is located.) If it asks you if you'd like to overwrite existing files, you should answer yes.

Still Saturn-Inspired, but no longer Saturn-limited.
Some may be quick to point out how most of the cast has been overhauled since 2.1, and you'd be correct. While I still take heavy inspiration from official Sega Saturn titles, I discovered how just a little bit more detail, polish, and creative liberties could get these to fit with SRB2. Following SRB2's designs and colors really make these feel like models made for this game, rather then another game's assets tossed into it. For those looking for 100% accurate Saturn nostalgia, look forward to Chripsy's Pointy Sonic, which I will also be supporting with it's own model down the road.

What's included?
As usual initial released are minimalist, with very few extra characters being supported, but hopefully there's enough to keep you all entertained while I update other characters and assets to 2.2.
-All the vanilla included characters are completed
-All vanilla badiks (excluding turrets)
-All bosses, including Metal Sonic and Fang
-Most intractable objects
-Neo Sonic
-Modern Sonic
-Modern Monitors
-Enemy Variations

Recommended Settings
Please don't ignore this, this is important and I will ignore you and your issues you have for not using these recommended settings.
I only support the interpolation settings of "SOMETIMES" or "NEVER" expect visual errors if using "ALWAYS." I also optimize these models for the Model Lighting "OFF" option, as I dislike the ambient 'lighting' SRB2 applies.
How to I use these?
-Make sure your game is in OpenGL Mode, now in 2.2.1 you can swap renders in Video Settings.
-Go into video settings>"OPENGL OPTIONS", and Change Models to "ON."
V1.5 Espio, Bean, Honey, Tangle
Again an pretty straight-forward release- 4 new characters-
Some quick known quirks though.
Espio: The color changing script breaks with interpolation, so walking after it starts looks wack for a second, nothing I can do about that.
Honey: The script used for her hair colors also breaks with interpolation! all of her animations are not set to interpolate as a result. Also nothing I can do about that.
On a side note, you will also notice that Sonic and Fang's models have also been updated. Both are just slight texturing updates, The side of Sonic's head and Fang's spring tail for those who want the details. :)
Consider this a test for updating them for future mod support.
V1.45 Shadow the Hedgehog I feel like I have less and less to say with each update. Here's Shadow. Huge shout-outs to Inazuma obviously, I wouldn't have been able to reach the quality in animations and poses without his sprites. This shadow supports all the bells and whistles supported in Inazuma's mod. Enjoy!
V1.4 ChrispyChars and RChars.Pointy Sonic, Fluffy Tails, Metal Knuckles, and Tails Doll. Merry Christmas!
V1.3 Rouge and folder structure change.Remade Rouge for the most part- all new animations from the 2.1 version.
V1.2 Mighty, Ray, RocketMetal, and Misc. polish and updated support for mods.We got Mighty and Ray here, was really holding out for newer high quality mods for these characters but for now I'll release these, and just update them if need be in the future.
RocketMetal is also here- not much this say- mostly a "why not" addition considering it's lower effort.
On top of these guys- this update comes with updates to all of the Vanilla cast, some bigger then others, as well of some updates to scenery objects and enemies.
Some smaller details here
-corrected compatibility with Neo Sonic, Modern Sonic and Werehog.
-Blaze now has a proper "Burning Blaze" super form.
-Polished animations for Sonic
-Tails has a completely redone walking animation.
-Knuckles has a completely redone walking animation, and new swimming frames.
-Amy got new shoes, and some color/texture polish.
-Metal Sonic has almost an entirely new meshes for his body, arms, legs, and hands. His was also completely reanimated from scratch. Color corrections as well.
-Fang has got a huge color correction overhaul, and minor animation polish.
-Normal Rings are now modeled.
-Misc other stuff.
V1.1 Werehog and Yoshi Two new Character models added, CTF Monitors Fix, Amy Hug support, various tweaks.
V1.0.2 Small Patch correcting an oversight with Eggrobo for the battlemode mod.
V1.0.1 Modern Sonic Support has been added to the pack, simply download the patch and replace your files with the new ones.

What's next?
I plan to finish porting/updating characters as they are released in the Message Boards. I promise I have more characters just waiting on the sidelines waiting to be released, out of respect I continue to wait on their Mod Creators to finish and release up before I can. For Mods, Sugoi 1-3 are given, and any other notable mods that come out.
These are not my fault, and it's no use complaining in this thread about them.
-NiGHTs mode rotations on custom characters; NiGHTs requires a separate lump in characters wads for models to rotate correctly. Character creators, see the vanilla cast's files and check for "SPRTINFO." Add one to your character if you want it's model to not look like an Arwing.
-Fang; due to naming conflicts, if you switch renderers to OGL after launching in software, the playable Fang will use his sprites rather than the model. Your game must launch in OGL to use Fang's Model
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Sounds great but one question:
Can you turn this into a zipped file instead of a rar file?
I don't have WinRAR, plus I'm not able to download the app because PIN issues
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very cool model pack
here is a fun fact: if you extract the models on linux, the "models" folder is set to be read-only for some reason and depending on the distro you are using, you are going to need root permissions to allow it to be edited or moved around.
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Awesome and everything works really well, except for one small issue i noticed, when fang Shoot in the Air he changes to his 2d model for a brief moment
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I first found these models in 2020, somewhere when i started playing SRB2 and since then, i have had an outstanding love for them. They really make the game bloom with the 3D landscape. I recommend downloading these models of nearly all
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can you add more models for spikes, objects in pipe towers, ringslinger weapons etc.?
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Amazing mod, so many models, honestly dunno how he does it. Any criticisms I have would just be basic crap, model requests, "this/that doesn't have a model. pls add!!!!!", stuff like that. STILL, really awesome, download it.
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Awesome but could you add 3d models for spikes and more of the flowers and trees in greenflower
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10/10 love the models, it brings some modded characters into the 3D spotlight!

Bug(?): The goal ring model doesn't show up, all that shows up us a giant sign.
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10/10 model pack BUT (people are gonna kill me) a few of the animations could use work...mainly modern sonic..because their running animation looks...kinda jank. (to me at least but its not that bad) I Suggest looking at Crispys mid-poly modern sonic as they did the run cycle better..I'll make a youtube video reviewing all the models...90/100 percent of them are good Its just really those animations. (hope you see this) (AND NO INTERNET FOLKS IM NOT A GOD ANIMATOR IM JUST GIVING CRITICISM AND ITS JUST A ME THING.)
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Wow the models are amazing. i hope they add jana and skip, or other characters in the future
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