Just a quick fix for a few mistakes on my part.
Re-added Silver's model file.
Marine now has a RIDE animation-
Spring Crab enemy now has his spring model.

Download and merge/replace "v1.7 to v1.71patch" to apply these fixes- as well as add the .dat entry for the spring(included in the zip)

Also included is a shields.7z containing versions of shields that are front facing and backfacing- so you can choose your preference. Just drag/drop the "models" folder of your choice into your root SRB2 folder and replace.


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Lets get the easy part out of the way first-
Blaze and Marine!
designed for the Rushchars mod have been added!

Not too much to say here- Blaze was included before- She's since been polished up with texturing/animations for the new mod. All the bells and whistles should be here. I've included the old model as NBLAZE.md3 If you want to use it for the older blaze mods still.

Why is there no Patch version this time?
I've updated enough vanilla models at this point that it is too messy for me to keep track of, best to just re-downloading the whole package. The base roaster has all been updated in animations and texturing. And now I've included remakes of some collectable objects. The most noticeable being rings.

Chaos Emeralds- Shields, and Special stage Tokens also updated. (Once these vanilla assets make it to an official patch I will continue released "DLC" patches here as before)
TV monitors have also been touched- to better match the size of their sprite counterparts. Also taking the change to make them use the correct sprite for the lifeup icons.

I've not yet made this change on *all* characters- but I will get to it I swear. I also plan to make everyone who supports it do the kazotsky kick down the line, but I didn't want to hold Blaze/ Marine up longer to do so.


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He made it!


I don't think I need to spend too much time explaining what this update is- it's Adventure Sonic. I've done my best to channel my own personal nostalgia into this model and it's animations- and all I really want to say otherwise is thank you to a few that helped make this happen. Chengi assisted immensely with some of the custom texture work here- the shoes, the face, I really don't think I would have done this mod for a long while if not for the convincing work done there. The amount of care and level of detail that went into the mod itself really allows the model to be presented in what I can only think to describe as authentic. No corners were cut with the frames I had to work with- and the sprites were super helpful to guide the animations.

Getting into the details: I have included two versions of the model in the download- one with Sonic's classic shoes, and one with the SA2 SOAP shoes. by default with the models.dat included Adventure Sonic will load with the classic shoes. If you wish to use the soap shoes option. simply edit models.dat's line to direct the skin to "SASONIC2.md3."

With this update also comes models for the Goal Ring mod.

Anything else?
Well- since last updated Metal Knuckles has been updated with cleaner textures, and to actually work with R Chars properly. Other then that large amount modded characters's animations have been tweaked more specifically walking animations- polish with bobbing and weaving mostly.

Vanilla Cast files updated?
Yes!. Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, and Fang have also received a bit of walking animation polish.


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V1.5 Espio, Bean, Honey, Tangle
View attachment 44283View attachment 44284View attachment 44285View attachment 44286

Again an pretty straight-forward release- 4 new characters-

Some quick known quirks though.
Espio: The color changing script breaks with interpolation, so walking after it starts looks wack for a second, nothing I can do about that.
Honey: The script used for her hair colors also breaks with interpolation! all of her animations are not set to interpolate as a result. Also nothing I can do about that.

On a side note, you will also notice that Sonic and Fang's models have also been updated. Both are just slight texturing updates, The side of Sonic's head and Fang's spring tail for those who want the details. :)
Consider this a test for updating them for future mod support.