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Creator of Online+
Freeplay will be known as Online+ after the V3 update
In addition to the V3 Update, the Sandbox gametype will be removed and made into its own mod as it will require a lot of work to stop it from crashing servers and to make it simpler to use.

Also V3 is currently in alpha so there may be a test server going up now and then

I'd like to welcome back Freeplay, ported fully to 2.2.
Freeplay is a lite server mod like those server mods that give permissions to people, except Freeplay has all its functions accessable from the start except from those that are limited behind modes, like cheatmode enables all cheats and sandbox enables commands that might be game breaking.

However now Freeplay is becoming a server mod that includes new content and additions either to help the SRB2 Modding community or just to make servers more intresting and fun

Now for the aim for Freeplay:
I'm aiming to make freeplay allow that speed/exploration balance in multiplayer by adding extra elements to give players a reason to explore the maps. I also aim to add features to improve the multiplayer experience by adding a few fixes to some problems, like a player going AFK in co-op while everyone has finished the level and such.

NEW - Custom Gamemodes:
Freeplay - Normal Coop except cheats are enabled
Sandbox - Access to all Coop, Match, CTF and Exploration (WIP) levels with cheats. This mode is meant to be used with the spawn object command
WIP - Exploration mode - Access to all Coop, Match, CTF and Exploration maps. Missions won't be provided in the mod itself but they can be added to the maps themselves.

Multiplayer Emblems - All emblems in Multiplayer now spawn as red star rings. Collecting all Red Star Rings will reward you with an extra emerald token.

Collectables Hud - The Hud now shows you the amount of tokens and red star rings that have been collected

Event System - Allows server owners to announce events with a special sound

Join Sound - A Sound that plays when a player joins (This may be removed due to there being a mod out there that already does this)

NEW - WIP - A menu system to access most of the mod's commands - fpmenu (WIP but functional) - Thanks to Latius for helping me with this
This menu is controlled with move forward and back buttons, and select with the jump button - This system is being removed from being a menu, but may be used for other features

A Message nodifiaction system, this will alert players about some stuff that have happened with other players like running out of lives

Freeplay Modules are also included to allow some extra general features to change up the gameplay

Command[options - default in bold]

FP_Modules_Pitsaver [On/Off] - This module allows it so when players fall into a pit, they are saved at the cost of all their rings. This is enabled by default in Exploration mode, however players only lose 5 rings in that mode.

Coming in V3

FP_Modules_DragonEditionMonitors [On/Off] - When a monitor is destoryed underwater while this module is enabled, the monitor will release an Air Bubble (Inspired by Sonic 1 Dragon Edition)

Event [name] - announce events for all your players

EndEvent - stops the current event

ServerInfo - shows if any of the modes are enabled and other server info
More commands soon

The commands can be listed in game by either the "FPHelp" or "FPCheats" commands

Red Star Ring - These replace emblems in multiplayer, they reward the player an extra emerald token for finding them all.

Ten Ring - Gives you 10 rings

Blue Ring - These rings arn't visible to anyone unless they have the ring goggles

Ring goggles monitor - There are two versions of this monitor, the Normal monitor, which gives you permenent ring goggles until you get hurt, and the gold monitor which gives you time limited ring goggles

fpwintermode (On/Off) - Allows it to snow on every map
More events coming soon

KHBlast: Red Star Rings have custom pickup text

Freeplay comes with some code that you can also use, here's a list of them

FPNodif(playername, "custom message")
this will produce a chatprint showing
"[Freeplay] PlayerName Custom Message"
and for example
"[Freeplay] Michael has ran out of lives"

Hangout Maps - what has happened to these?
These maps arnt to be included anymore.

Freeplay Resources - Whats also happened to these?
I've decided to work fresh and think up new object ideas, which will be part of the main mod from now on

Note about the test map:
You must open this map in either Sandbox or Exploration mode as it will not appear in any other modes, and this map might not be included in a later release as its currently just a test of my mapping skills

Features to come:
Checkpoint warping for Exploration mode
A Module to make monitors act like from Sonic 1 Dragon Edition (they give you air bubbles when destroyed underwater)

And Much More!!!

Adventure Styled Item Hud
All item monitors now appear on the screen as you get them, also with support for golden monitors! - Mod by K.S./Inuyasha, Fixed by me

SRB2Kart Join/Leave/Kick sounds
Sounds for when a player joins, leaves or gets kicked from the server - Mod by Aquatic Akito plus custom join flicky sound from Sonic 3D added by me

Starpost Rewards
Reward players for passing a starpost - Mod by WellDoneSnake

Note: Freeplay is currently going through a Rework, and the rework will be released as v3
Also all the custom objects in this mod are usable in Zone Builder, and they are listed under "Freeplay Custom Objects"

Extra Note: The menu system is being removed, its code will be kept for future use, but it won't be used for gameplay settings anymore in V3

Version V3 will not be released until some overhauls have been made

Known Bugs:
None - All known bugs are fixed

Important Note:
Freeplay and Sandbox modes can break some mods. If you have other mods added, be careful when using cheats.

Before you ask: Download has been moved to the mod's overview page

Also Freeplay has its own section in the SonicD Discord Server so why not join? you'll be able to view updates before they are released and also give me some suggestions for the mod


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The unreliable judge
Alright, this checks out!

As a note for future updates, when you add the lobby map in the future make sure you change the prefix to VSL to reflect a stage being present in the wad. But welcome to releases!


Creator of Online+
Time to list a few updates:
The Chat bug has been fixed (you can now chat in the normal window)
More options have been added to the menu
A new nodification system is in place (WIP, only announces tokens)
Server Info command removed, just check server info in the menu
Commands updated (Prefix Freeplay has been changed to FP) and open menu has been changed to FPMenu


If you're going to include Utility inside your wad, you need to credit towards Utility somewhere. The only reason I got to find out Utility was in here was because I downloaded it to help someone out. I don't recall permission ever being given but I may be mistaken.
The Mania HUD is in here, so that's nice. Should mania-styled life icons be in... if there even is a mod that has that? My Transparent_Life_Icons are the closest thing to mania-styled... aside from someone actually porting Sonic Mania's life icons to SRB2, I mean I *could* do that. Very easily might I add, but eh. I'll only do that if requested. ~That and i'd have to make the life icons green which... would take time I guess. I give permission, if you want to add T_L_I to this.


Creator of Online+
2.8 Update
Utility has been removed
Three new game modes have been added
Cheat mode toggle has been removed and cheats are now only active on Freeplay or Sandbox gamemodes
Exploration Gamemode with 1 current mission (find red star rings)
New Object: 10 Ring

Note: Exploration isnt finished yet, so the new level type "TOL_EXPLORE" is to not be used yet
Also the test map is to be opened in Exploration mode or sandbox mode

Also Utility is removed in 2.8

Also a note about modules - These won't be added anymore but instead, they are becoming their own mods
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Creator of Online+
an update with two new features:
Collecting all Red Star Rings now give you an extra emerald token
KHBlast support: Red Star Rings have their own item pickup text

One other thing, this mod also has some support with Movie Night as well, so the emerald and red ring counter will move when movie night is added

Also the first module freeplay has to offer: Freeplay_Pitsaver (on/off)
This will enable the player to be saved from death at the cost of all their rings
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Just to mention, I'm out of ideas at the moment of what to add to the mod. This doesn't mean I'll abandon it. it just means that the V3 update will be slow


Creator of Online+
Yes its been a while, but I'm still working on updates. Right now I've changed a few things like adding Casual Co-op mode where instead of dying or losing rings, you add to a hit counter instead. I've also added a way to enable and disable red star rings for server owners.

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