original character

  1. Superjustinbros

    Roger & Zax

    After a little over a week of production, two more long-forgotten OC characters of mine are now ready for some racing! Meet Roger and Zax, one's a vampire boy (or so he claims) with mutated hands and the other has a bionic left arm and a hobby of studying volcanic activity. Roger has 4 speed...
  2. Flare957

    Hyper the Hedgehog

    Hyper the Hedgehog makes his SRB2 Kart Debut! Similar in personality and stats, this hedgehog is just as fast as Sonic, but is a bit heavier. (Must be the clothing...) Stats Speed: 6 Weight: 5
  3. Logan8r

    Ivory the Mad Scientist/Rabbit v1.5

    My sister wanted to start working on another character, so here is a our evil rabbit OC Ivory just in time for Easter. The villainous Ivory has come to reluctantly raid Eggman's labs. Using her acid bombs she able to blast badniks or melt cracked walls, but she has to manually aim her...
  4. Logan8r

    Legacy Flame The Dragon v3.1

    (We are currently working a respite and rework so this will be outdated soon) My sister and I wanted to try making a character wad so we decided to use our OC Flame the Dragon Collecting rings will charge up her Aura Bar, when it's full press Custom 1 to begin tossing fire at your enemies...
  5. Loafy

    Loafy [v.1.5]

    Thanks to the SRB2 Discord server for all the help and kind words! I most likely would have given up without all the support everyone gave. Loafy got a pair of prototype rocket boots from his pal Lean and decided to take them out for a joy-ride. Hours later, he realized his surroundings were...
  6. NARbluebear

    Old 4:3

    NOTE: This is an archived version of this mod. For the download, you will need to go to the discussion topic. 4:3 has returned, but he didn't receive much of an upgrade along the way. (A new version with updated sprites is still being worked on. When he's released, this version will still be...
  7. CoatRack

    Legacy Knockout

    Legacy Knockout Thanks to the efforts of Hiwin and Katmint, Knockout has been ported from 2.0, to 2.2! This port has attempted to stay true to the original, minus some changes due to changes to SRB2 in the time that has passed. But the movement is the same over all! Credits go to: Hiwin...
  8. R

    [Reusable] The Sprixie Fairies: Wand Night, Wanda, and Wand Shy

    1. Here's our first member of the Sprixie Fairies. Wand Night is a Pink kind-Hearted Smartest Sprixie Fairy that sounds as a used Car Salesman which holds her wand on her left hand but floats and talks in the "Sprixie Scepter Whiz" episode. In my mind and dream I saw The Sonic Heroes 2015...
  9. Frostiikin

    [Reusable] Legacy Azura

    [MAJOR V3 UPDATE! Check changelog for info!] Azura will be receiving a complete and total resprite relatively soon (aka within the next couple of months) alongside a new character for her to team up with, and a brand new midair spin ability! Stay tuned! (Art below is the CSS art for the wip...
  10. Alice

    [Reusable] Legacy Hinote

    Thanks to Timeos' Treasurebox for taking the time to port Hinote into v2.2. This port would have not happened without his initiative to port and script Hinote's abilities. Thank you again! It's been a while, and she's back! While it may not be the new updated Hinote, here's the old Hinote with...
  11. Spectra

    [Reusable] Euphorica V2.3

    Euphorica returns CS Art made by Starshy Have fun with it i guess Supporters / CoAuthors Appleblurt a_SkyFox_1 Starshy
  12. Rafael44642

    [Reusable] Pedro (REMAKE!) 2

    Pedro took some time but now he's back too! I couldn't think of another main ability that he could have soo i gave him an extra ability Charge Jump Charge Jump makes you perform a overpowered jump, the more you spin, more the jump will be higher. One of the advantages is that you can fly...
  13. Micro

    Kekcroc (NOT A MEME MOD)

    Yep, it's him. He can glide, climb, and use his trusty plungers to attack. Model made by me.
  14. Emi

    Noob from Town of Robloxia: Destroyed enters SRB2! (v2)

    Noob, from Town of Robloxia: Destroyed joins SRB2! He's a unique take on the classic ROBLOX character from the webcomic, which is an UNDERTALE AU based on ROBLOX! Please check it out. https://twitter.com/ToR_DOfficial Abilities: Jetpack - Double jump and hold to fly for a while. Linked Sword -...
  15. Starshy

    Starshy the Star v1.1

    Abilities & Controls & Tips Commands Credits Changelog
  16. DrStephen

    Jana The Fox - StephChars v1 StephChars Release v1

    A Backpack of fun and high speed action, Skip & Jana join SRB2! Check the Updates tab to read about the new character! Inspired by collectathon platformers like A Hat in Time and Super Mario 64, Skip is designed for seamless movement across the levels with his simple yet hard to master...
  17. Rafael44642

    [Reusable] Legacy Pedro (Pedro V1.1) 1.1

    He has a remake soo you don't need to really download this as it is just a change of name Sprites of him also were made on Paint! Hope you like it!
  18. Rafael44642

    [Reusable] Legacy Rafael (Rafael V2.6) 2.6

    [/SPOILER] You probably came here just because you knew they paired up or something didn't you? (or maybe you just wanted to know his past or something :V) All the sprites were made on Paint, hope you like it! :)
  19. FlyingNosaj

    Jason [Kiki Crusaders] - V2 2021-03-16

    Looks like the overconfident and hammerheaded Kiki Crusader, Jason, has joined the fray! While he's not a Sonic character, he can prove himself to be much better than Sonic and Co. In fact, he's my own hand drawn character! (Though, that doesn't equate to how good he actually is) Anyways, how...
  20. walt_theFan

    ink cat v2

    ink cat is here and ready now why is it v2 well i had a older version that i dont have now but it was on the 2.1 version of srb2. for some reason i remember that he had the uuhhh airdrill ability the only thing that i remember that and a superform buut i still have the old sprites, good...