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Elementourney is a crossover event in which characters hailing from video games, cartoons, or even real life duke it out in a 16-contestant bracket to win a day of music all to themselves.

This project's development will be similar to that of the Super Smash Bros. series, by revealing the roster through reveal trailers and Directs as well.

As you may have guessed by clicking on this page, Elementourney has officially announced a tie-in mod for SRB2K! The wonderful artist VAdePEGA has done ALL of the sprite work for the roster, and this mod also contains a fully voice acted roster from our talented team! We'll be updating this page periodically whenever a new contestant is announced, so check in frequently. You can keep tabs on our roster by following our Twitter or subscribing to our YouTube channel.

Speaking of the roster! The overall count of characters for the pack will be...


Without further ado, here's what we have so far!


Head Honcho
Voiced by: Trevor Wilson
Preferred color: Black
Speed: 5
Weight: 5

Lisa Simpson
Voiced by: gupdoo3
Preferred color: Orange
Speed: 3
Weight: 2

Dropout Bear
Voice by: Various acapella clips and AI generated audio provided by Proticity and Detour
Preferred color: Brown
Speed: 2
Weight: 5

Voiced by: PsyAlola
Preferred color: Lime
Speed: 4
Weight: 4

Band Kid

Voiced by: Vidja Donkey
Preferred color: Pigeon
Speed: 4
Weight: 2

Scribble & Skullz

Voiced by: Vidja Donkey, Proticity, Apocalamb
Preferred color: Green
Speed: 7
Weight: 8

Gilbert Gottfried
Voice by: Gilbert Gottfried himself!
Preferred color: Lime
Speed: 8
Weight: 5
(In Honor/Memory of Gilbert Gottfried who passed "Too Soon" of Myotonic Dystrophy Type Two: In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to the research of this debilitating disease.)

Additional Credits:


The Detour on YouTube
Vidja Donkey
Trevor Wilson
Grandle Jams

As previously stated, you can keep tabs on our roster by following our Twitter or subscribing to our YouTube channel! Thank you for reading!​
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