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The reality-hopping invertebrate, Mizzy The Silverfish comes to SRB2!

After having been manipulated by Dr. Eggman into fighting Sonic and Tails in Crazy Space Zone, Mizzy is ready to take her revenge on the Doctor!

Phase Shift
Press Spin to snap into another plane of existence, boosting forward and becoming invulnerable to enemies! Be careful though; this move drains your Phase Gauge as long as it is active! Resource management is key!

Double Jump
Press Jump again after jumping to initiate a secondary Phase Shift that launches you upwards! Unlike the primary Phase Shift, this does not drain your Phase Gauge.

Rather than walking and speeding up into a run, Mizzy will run as soon as a direction is pressed (à la Sonic Souls), sacrificing accuracy for agility! It can feel a bit slippery at first, but once mastered is extremely useful!

Thanks to Mr. B for the character select art, Mr. FondusBroMan for bugfixes and Battlemod code, and thanks to the SRB2 Discord members for helping me learn modding; this wouldn't be possible without them :D
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Latest reviews

i mean it's neat, thats all i can really say bout it. good job
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An all-around solid character wad. Her two abilities work well with eachother, providing a unique and intuitive playstyle.
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Although the character's abilities are quite simple, this character is quite enjoyable to play. Sprites are also interesting. Although it would be worth improving the shading. But I did not quite understand why it was necessary to add the sounds of walking.
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high skill cieling, but the main character controls arent the problem, its that she breaks special stages in the bad way. you can literally just rip yourself out of the 2d plane you're currently flying on and end up in unintended areas
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i love this character! good work.
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is it fair to say that this character is too overpowered? i understand feeling great about beating a level fast and having a high skill ceiling with plenty of speed to control, but there's a point where the powerful abilities that let you do this end up breaking typical srb2 level design-- that is, looking to somewhere you want to go and accidentally overshooting in some way because the characters' abilities are too extreme. the double jump is way too high, and paired with the high single jump (which is easier to achieve than me walking to the sink and getting water with phase shift) a lot of times i found myself in situations where i accidentally jump too high and/or too far and couldn't gauge exactly what to do to get from one area to the other.

i also find it really weird that the auto run just feels like... normal acceleration? in earlier versions the acceleration was higher and you could notice a difference, but now it just feels weird to have it listed as a feature when it really just feels like the status quo (and i've read the reviews, i know that goes against what other people have said but i think it's a waste of an idea to reset the auto run to normal movement. if it's status quo it should just reset to exactly that and there's nothing wrong with doing that).

my final miscellaneous thoughts have to do with the gauge as of version 1.2.1. i'm gonna keep it 100 with you, the ui for the gauge looks like a project for an intro level comp sci class. an outline would help, but the biggest culprit is having it go to the edge of the screen. it just looks out of place, like it was thrown in as an afterthought-- not actually a part of the character or its idea, but just to check off a box for a requirement you have to meet. i do understand, however, that you probably wanted to make some quick changes to your character considering all the reviews you had gotten before then, so i'm not gonna bash the actual gameplay aspect of the character for it.

but all that being said, i had fun with the character. and i do mean that. i can tell there was a good amount of work put into this project, rather than just a meme that tries to shove itself down the player's throat. if this is a first addon for you, it's a great start and you should feel good about it because it's coherent- the abilities flow into and interact with each other. granted, that exact interaction got me messed me up at first with how extreme it gets, but i noticed i started learning how to implement and control these abilities. nice sprites, fun abilities, and while i can't say i would die for this character, it was fun to check out

(also fyi, as of version 1.2.1 mizzy has an infinite jump tech where if she's completely still she can double jump forever)
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Updatin review because update. It's better I guess, but still pretty meh.
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High Skill ceiling, excellent character, but missing sprites. 7/10
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i guess it's a decent enough mod, but what lowers the score greatly for me is how unpolished it feels. fundamentally it's...alright? the moveset itself is fine, even though to me it does feel a little bland, admittedly, but the biggest outlier right out the game is the lack of the walking animation. granted, walking frames are hard to make, but i'm sure you could've made a less complex one, or at the least edited sonic's, since having a running animation right off the bat is super jarring and unnatural.

as well as that...the vast majority of the sprites just don't seem to be there? sure, a lot of them aren't *totally* necessary to the experience, but...the rolling animation? hanging? the death and drowning frames???? i get that spriting is difficult and all (i would know, i make sprites from time to time), but this comes off to me as borderline laziness.

additionally, there seems to be quite a few bugs and oddities that stem from what seems to be a lack of proper playtesting. obviously, the double jump glitch has made itself obvious, i'm not going to comment on that, but i noticed during gameplay that i could boost a lot longer than the HUD displayed...and then i realised that the gauge was cut off by a significant margin. and i double checked while writing this review, i was playing on a green resolution (which are the recommended options). it's super bizarre that something like that fell through the cracks.

overall, it just seems like this character is the bare minimum. sure, it's functional, and it works, but it really seems like you just wanted to get it right above that threshold and release it. i think you should put a little more playtesting into your mods next time.

(i'm really sorry for the massive wall of text review i was not going in expecting to write as much as i did LOL)
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Honestly? For a first character, this is pretty neat! Sprites can be better but so far they're ok. (I suggest making rolling sprites for Castle Eggman Zone, by the way.) I think her momentum needs to be slowed down, to be honest, and her spin ability should be like a boost, breaking enemies upon impact! Her double jump's okay, I don't think it needs any changes.
Good Job (for a first character mod)!
ability overhaul update just dropped, the Phase Shift now acts like a boost and can destroy walls and enemies :D
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