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Welcome to the EpicPro Character Pack. This pack contains all the characters I have made for SRB2Kart. Note that this pack contains spoilers for Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

There are currently only six character in the pack so far. Tasque Manager, Fecto Elfilis, Noelle Holiday, Hisuian Typhlosion, Meowscarada, and Ampharos.

Character 1: Tasque Manager.
This character is from Deltarune. As the Queen's maid and Tasque Handler, this cybernetic Darkner has arrived in Kart to try her best, to bring order to the races! Tasque Manager is a threat on the course, sporting the stat loadout of 4 Speed and 9 Weight, Tasque Manager is quite fast and won't be pushed around so easily!

Character 2: Fecto Elfilis
This character is from Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Specimen ID-F86 has arrived and is ready to show everyone who is the ultimate lifeform and not some faker hedgehog. Elfilis' stats make him quite speedy, with a Speed of 9 and a Weight of 7, Elfilis tears through through the track with his high speed and his decent weight stat.

Character 3: Noelle Holiday
This character is from Deltarune. This lighter has the power to freeze her opponents solid with her ice powers, hopefully she won't use any spells she doesn't know during the races. Noelle isn't going to be to tough of a rival with her stats of 4 speed and 2 weight, she's quick, but can be easily shoved around.

Character 4: Hisuian Tyhplosion
This Pokemon is from Pokemon; Legends Arceus. He is an ancient form of Tyhplosion who takes on a ghostly flame instead of a roaring explosion. This pretty laid back Pokemon has arrived in Kart to have a good time and win some races. He has a stat load out of 3 speed and 6 weight, so while he can't be pushed around so easily, his top speed isn't the greatest around.

(New!) Character 5: Meowscarada
This Pokemon is one of the starters for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Meowscarada joins the race to mesmerize the competition with her magic and steal the trophy for herself. She has a speed of 3 and a weight of 7 so not only is she fast, but she also can pack quite the punch!

(New!) Character 6: Ampharos
This electrifying Pokemon originally comes from Pokemon Gold and Silver. Ampharos here will lighten up even the darkest of nights and is here to have fun! No one can be sad when they're around someone has happy as Ampharos! She has a speed stat of 4 and a weight stat of 4 so she is quite balanced and easy to play!

More coming soon!
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