gametype: kart race

  1. Hiryuu

    [Reusable] Dragon Pack RC1

    Hello. I've been waiting for some time now to get this pack released proper and I think now is as good a time as any. This has been a work-in-progress for the last eight months with people from both the Kart Krew Discord as well as friends of mine. Annnd, I feel that it's time to let this...
  2. Brainlessdude

    [Reusable] Nico's Smile Zone [v1.2] 1.2

    Hey there! Do you like Nico? I don't. But that didn't stop me from making THIS for some reason! Welcome to Nico's Smile Zone (MAPNI); a track I originally made as a joke for my friends, but then became a more serious effort as my desire to be perfect grew (and my friends lost interest in...
  3. Mizu

    Mizu Pack V5.2: New Maps! (Chroma Backrooms & Spring Casino) V5.2

    Welcome to my map pack! As of right now, I have 5 (4 Normal, 1 Hell) maps available. First Cup: Resort Cup (maps that are designed to be tourist attractions) Extra Map: Chroma Backrooms (Resort Cup ???) MAPID: MAPEM While beginning to explore all the attractions, you somehow find yourself...
  4. Teyla

    SERAPH Speedway V1

    Hello everyone, and welcome to my first track release! Starting from the end with the last map of my planned Gacha Cup it's the Aquatic Racing Paradise: SE.RA.PH Speedway! A bit of a tough course, with angular turns and multiple hairpins through the digitzed world of a magical sinking oil...
  5. Menacing Marshmallow

    Marsh Mayhem Pack [NEW MAP - MARBLE ZONE] 1.3

    THE LONG AWAITED MARSH MAYHEM PACK IS HERE! It's been a long time coming, please enjoy what I have to offer! WAVE _1 COURSES:
  6. Eldog

    SI-HTpak 2.1

    SI-HTpak Wave 2 is finally here! With SI-HT MC2 finished, the new maps are finally being released in a more refined state.
  7. TrailBlazer

    Mandrill Maze 1.2

    Ok so I was playing TF2ware again recently and I got the boss minigame where you had to finish the Mandrill Maze as a banana Heavy before the deathwall kills you. I figured "hey, why not turn it into a hell map?" And so I did. Map number is MAPCL.
  8. Diggle

    [Reusable] Dig Pack 14.2

    Dig Pack! 'Cause it's Diggle's Pack! Welcome to Dig Pack! It's a collection of all the maps I've made. NOTICE: The KRBL version of Dig Pack is no longer supported, see updates for more info. Dig Pack has reached over 50 MB in filesize. If you're hosting a server without a proper http source...
  9. W

    [Reusable] Weblorex's Nostalgia Pack V1.2

    Heyo, weblorex here! Excited to show off my pack! This nostalgia filled set contains four tracks (and two hell maps). This pack also contains custom enemies, textures, 'boss fights', and some fun secrets to be found! On Legend of Zelda maps, collect Rupees to go a little faster! 3 of the tracks...
  10. IvoYaridovich

    Ivo Industries Track Pack V10.1 V10.2

    Heyo, I am an IvoYaridovich. I used to be one of the more popular track creators back in the days when Modnation Racers was around on the PS3. So I saw this game flitting around on YouTube and I thought it might be worth it to get back into my track building ways to see if I can make some...
  11. Novaphyer

    [Reusable] Nova Pack 2.2, New Map: Eurobeat Highway, no other changes

    Hello and Welcome to Nova Pack (v2.2)! Be warned, most of the tracks in this pack lean on the harder side comebined with some unique mechanics not seen in other packs. All maps here are made to be challening and fun as they can be once you learn the track. So I highly recommend learning each...
  12. VGBoy

    Hype Resort Zone Ver. 2.1

    Welcome to Hype Resort! A beginner track on an island resort. Drive through the main halls and along the lively coastline. Any feedback design-wise or visual-wise is appreciated.
  13. alphaRexJames

    Kart Rev - A SRB2Kart V1.5 Base Game Maps Modification [v1.6.X] 1.6

    Preview Video Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart Version 1.X has been around for some time. Many maps have been ironed out in terms of paths by patches from Kart Krew, and have had lots of work go into polishing them from developers and strong routes from players. At times, this has resulted in some...
  14. Mr.Logan

    Ωmega Tracks V5.0

    Heya! My name is Mr.Logan, and I'm here to present some Maps that I've been working on for the last couple of months. Its been a while since my last map pack update, and i hope to release more content whenever I'm not busy. :wow: Here are the current Maps included in the current version: DOS...
  15. Starman91

    The Spark Cup Pack (The Monolith Awakens) 2.7

    Introducing the "Spark Cup" Pack! The Spark Cup is a map pack intended to be balanced around both RA and netgames alike, containing five tracks (Spark Cup), two experimental tracks (EX) and a battle map. These levels are inspired in their concept by the music that plays on them. If it exists...
  16. SoupBowler

    Bowler's Pack - Final Update V 2.0

    THIS IS THE LAST TIME I'M UPDATING BOWLER'S PACK Anything else that happens to this pack from hence forth shall be done by the community as they please! Please do not contact me on any details. This is not required and not encourage. I'm done here. Please respect my decision. A small pack...
  17. Eldog

    μpak 13

    μpak (known by some as Mupak) is a map pack that aims to bring realistic, cohesive locations to Kart. It also aims to feature as much cross-compatibility as possible, and includes a special encore gimmick for each map.
  18. Mustard

    Mustard Gas Pack [v1.1] v1.1

    Mustard Gas Pack! Extra Gas for the racing experience ~ I make maps. Please look at my maps. Racing Gas: Battle Gas: Changelog: 1.0 1.1 Credits: - JugadorXEI: For the Paraglider script in Windy Canyon. Much love Juga! (I hope i can show off your Glider with this) - Ivo...
  19. Lighto

    Lighto Pack - Festive City 8.2

    LIGHTO PACK! A map pack bought for you by Lighto A list of maps i'd like to see in kart and give a good time for players Map list: used slots changelog
  20. alphaRexJames

    Cannon Course Zone 1.0

    Cannon Course Zone (MAPC5) is an SRB2Kart race map with a simple layout and visuals, designed as an experiment to attempt to recreate reflective map geometry.