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Racing Stadium Pack 1.1

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This pack of racing maps allows you to race through multiple maps all present in a single stadium, all based around a theme color.
This pack will recive more maps in the future, be it from me or other creators that want to try making one in a specific space.
The present maps are:
if you are intrested in making maps to add onto the already existing maps, you can simply either message me here, or via discord (I am on Kart Krew's discord server, at the same username) and i'll send you the map template.
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  1. V1.1

    Changes to existing: fixed softlock with checkpoints in Kristal Purple fixed a undesired cut in...

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The maps are pretty fun; not drawn out in road sections yet have enough length to only have 3 laps instead of more than that. Ice White in particular is my favorite to mess around from the big slopes and ice allowing for high speeds, and the rest have neat gimmicks that make the tracks stand out along with their color scheme (and Grassland Green's gimmick is being the simple one :D)

Would be cool to try someting in this style myself, lets see what I can do for this...and by the way, its great to see that you've quite stepped up your game with the layouts!
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A pretty charming pack! I really like the aesthetics in all these maps, it really feels like these are tracks built inside an actual biome, and its cute how each of them have a gimmick to them. I also like how the tracks seem to layer on top of each other, it's fun how you can see other racers above or below you. Awesome work, Welcome Aboard!
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