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Voltage Pack
A shockingly fun time!

Introducing the Voltage Pack! Here you can find my grab bag of maps both original and inspired!

The Tracks:
Bedroom Brickway Zone
Inspired by Mario Kart's Ribbon Road, this toy-sized track will have you taking in the scenery from a new, tiny perspective.

Balloon Park Zone
Based on the competition zone from sonic 3, get ready to blast up and down roller-coaster like slopes on this lively carnival track!

Chaobrother - Community Resources 2.2 springs
KCS, Original Server, and many others - Testing, feedback, and release candidate hosting
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Latest updates

  1. Voltage Pack Minor Update v1.1

    [Balloon Park Zone] - Added a missing death FOF near the end of the lap. - Moved a checkpoint...

Latest reviews

- Preface -
I rate each map based on visuals (how does it look visually? is it clear where to go? etc) and gameplay balance (is it fun to drive? are there any problematic cuts / item sets? etc). While I give every map individual scores, note that the final score is NOT an average of these scores but rather my opinion on the pack as a full package, usually weighing gameplay balance more heavily than visuals. If a map pack is updated, I'll be happy to update my review as well. Hell maps are not included in the review.

- Bedroom Brickway -
Visuals: ★★★★☆
Balance: ★★★★★

A fun and simple layout with a lovely look. The visuals aren't going to blow anyone away but they do sell the theme, and the skybox is just adorable. The track has varied turns and is tight-but-not-too-tight, being fairly forgiving with the only punishment for messing up being a bit of offroad. The whole thing really comes together to make for some really fun races. Overall, very solid track.

If I had to make one change, I'd like to see the colors on the bridge edges changed - especially on the last turn. Coming off the steep U-turn gives a nice burst of speed, but the wall there being the same texture as the main road could cause some confusion. I've seen a lot of people drive into it as they try to quickly adjust, so I think a simple texture change could help provide some clarity here.

- Balloon Park -
Visuals: ★★★★★
Balance: ★★★★★

Balloon Park is a really good track. It's got fun slopes and geometry, cool obstacles, and it looks beautiful. The moving elephant blocks make for some intense situations and the big jumps, while punishing to get knocked off of, make for some really fun player interactions. No real complaints from me here, fantastic track!

- Overall -

Voltage Pack is a small but very enjoyable collection of tracks. You show a good mastery and knowledge of what makes a layout fun and how to get players interacting, with a fair amount of shortcuts and offroad to keep people together. The layouts are not too tricky but not too easy either, making for an engaging experience suited for beginners and veterans alike. Recommended for any server!
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I love these two tracks they're really fun to race on. My favorite would have to be Balloon Park from S3K Bedroom Brickway is cool too. I think it would be cool if you remade the other S3K competition levels as tracks as well
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These were a great set of levels even if it was just two! Bedroom Brickway Zone was nice and comfy and there was a nice amount of balanced shortcuts.

Your version of Balloon Park is a good rendition of the classic level with some flourishes that really work well with V1. Look forward to what you have planned next!
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Welcome to releases!
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