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This map pack features tracks that are based on the zones from Sonic Advance 2!

I want to give thanks to friends and Aqua's Karthouse discord server for helping in testing maps and giving feedback!


Hope you enjoy the maps!

Happy Karting!
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Latest reviews

Amazing maps! Hot Crater is fantastic! Play this pack!
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Pretty good two levels, Frost!

I'd suggest enabling Friction Fix in Ice Paradise Zone in order to make star boosts not detrimental in it. I'd also strongly suggest using my Speed Pad Storing script from Community Resources as I feel it'd improve the red hoops in Hot Crater Zone.

As for visibility issues, the only glaring one I could find was in Hot Crater Zone, the left path on the split where you go up then right then left feels really blind, as it usually happens then it goes up a slope. I'm not sure how easily you can fix this given how it looks visually - maybe you could make these roads specifically wider? - but I figured I'd let you know.

Keep up the good work!
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This is such a pretty stage. Maybe I'm biased 'cause I love winter and the Advance trilogy, but it all just feels so festive and exciting seeing the lights in the distance, or seeing all the buildings on both sides as shown in the 4th image while racing. The layout itself is also really interesting, and I'm excited for when this track becomes more common to see in public servers.
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A very pretty and functional first map, I can't say any complaints stood out to me. It leaves a very strong first impression and I quite like it.
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