Mauro Mania 1.2 - Community Fixes!

Mauro Mania 1.2 - Community Fixes! 1.2

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Welcome to Mauro Mania, a level pack with currently 4 cool and good levels. All tracks include an encore palette with custom encore music, and some extra things ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Digital Dimension


Straight from Sonic Riders, it's Digital Dimension! This track has it all: Grindrails, paraglider sections, tons of obstacles and an odd amount of biblical references for a Sonic game. Go to hell!

Misty Mountainpass


Race through this narrow and dangerous mountain road, but watch out! The road is not finished and you may need to go off road a bit...

Teiai Towers


So you've managed to owe a bit too much money to the Teiai Group. No worries, just join up our totally legal race over one of our skyscraper developments, complete with narrow steel beam sections. Just uh make sure not to fall to your death. Tell Kaiji I said hi! also zawa

Liminal Landscape


A monochrome battlefield lies ahead. Race through this 1-bit racetrack, take advantage of the optional harder but faster routes (if you dare) and most importantly don't get greedy and fall!

Special thanks:
  • NG for that kick-ass logo
  • Mauro (all hail Mauro)
  • Sans, Tomato, Airenea, Pato, Dezyk, Tsuko, Tama Kahn and everyone else in the MauroKart server that helped testing out these levels
  • Everyone whose assets I reused:
    • minenice for the awesome grindrails
    • JugadorXEI for their amazing paragliders and frictionFix
    • Chengi for the great zippers
    • Eldog for the incredible item spawners and traffic cones
    • Chaobrother for their gooder than good 2.2 springs
  • Everyone that worked on the 1.2 community fixes:
    • Alug
    • Geglash
    • Indev
    • AnimeSonic
    • Everyone at the Sunflowers Garden Server

Feedback? Problems?

Please let me know! Constructive, descriptive, destructive or just random insults, I'd really like to hear it! I'm still learning the ropes and everything helps making these maps better. Drop a message here or contact me on discord: daibutsu#5089

Who's Mauro?

we all are
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Mauro is such a nice guy!
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The description says these are 'good and cool maps' and it's spot on with that description!

There are things I like to address in detail which I will note in Discussion tab
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