1. Dave Lite

    [Reusable] [0.01] ~ Blue Spring Team's SRB1 remake

    Release reasoning:As many of you known at least on discord, I am putting project on indefinit hiatus and maybe even cancellation. That's why this public build release even exists. Goal of entire project was ridiculously ambitious. Anyway this SRB1 remake project is trying to reconstruct all...
  2. icykitsuu

    Way Past Cool! - Level Pack [V.1.4]

    Hello! This is my first time ever making a level pack. I started it back in early 2019 and was working on it whenever I had time to. Im trying my best on it! I think I've made enough levels to show some of them, that being.. If there are any bugs, I'll try to fix them as soon as...
  3. Sharb

    [Reusable] SRB2 Prop hunt

    SRB2 PROP HUNT How good are you at hiding in plain sight? Download here (please read the thread) This is a custom game mode I've been working on since 2.2 first came out to port the popular game mode from GMOD and TF2 called prop hunt. For those who don't know what prop hunt is, prop...
  4. Radicalicious

    Spyro the Hedgehog [discontinued]

    My first character mod. I've been working on this for a while, and i'm pretty proud of it. It's still not 100% complete, and there are many known bugs, but I think I've gotten it to a pretty playable state. I present to you... Spyro The.. uhh.. Hedgehog? Yep, it's a Sonic recolor. Not because...
  5. L

    [Reusable] SRB2NetPlus 2.2.4-v4: Play without control lag!

    Latest update: 2.2.4 is now supported. MOUSE ERRORS: I'm aware there may be issues with mouse input in this build. This may affect Software mode, but OpenGL mode seems to be fine. I'll investigate a fix when I can. SRB2NetPlus is a networking-enhancing mod for SRB2 2.2. Its key objective is...
  6. Hydro

    Emerald Abilities - A Replacement for Supers

    Ever felt sad the other characters didn't get a reward for the emeralds? Ever wanted something more than just a super form? Well, with my first ever lua to be released on here, and with some inspiration from a thread on the debate on supers, this script will give you just that! Currently, this...
  7. TelosTurntable

    [Reusable] A Mod That Ruins SRB2

    [I'd advise CAUTION if you're easily embarrassed by people behind you -- it gets kiiinda suggestive] Welcome to hell - this is a Mod That Ruins SRB2, also known as RuinsSRB2. It adds stupid dumb jokes to the game, and happened entirely because I can't post screenshots of Bumblebore in GFZ1...
  8. SSG3

    [Reusable] Presents... For 2.2

    2.1's Presents wad... now for 2.2 Command if you guys didn't see the 2.1 version: spawnpresent <object to contain> [<colo(u)r>] To open presents, press custom 3 when in front of it. Jumping on them does nothing. (these aren't monitors. treat them like fragile boxes) Spawned contents face the...
  9. fickleheart

    The ACZ2 Museum - old pre-2.2 content

    Arid Canyon 2 went through a long development process before being complete. Back before the entire campaign was upgraded to a new standard, this addon documents what an ACZ2 by 2.1 standards was shaping up to be. There are three distinct versions of the map available: the earliest...
  10. SSG3

    [Reusable] Super Debug for 2.2

    Super Debug... for version 2.2! Differences between the original and the port: When the camera is following the attached object, custom buttons 1 and 2 rotate the camera since the camera turn controls have been removed (analog mode hasn't, however). the command "debug_showinstructions" shows...
  11. Latius

    The Gate of Dreams [Night Five, Stage 1]

    DrEAMing once again, The Gate of Dreams, which is more like a teaser of sorts of a future map pack, is now back and ported to SRB2 V2.2, using the DrEAMS version of Emerald Hunt Advanced. Like the original release, this pack contains two maps, both intended to be tutorial stages for the two...
  12. SSG3

    [Reusable] Roll the Dice Deluxe

    RTD... But Deluxe! All the features of 2.1's Roll the Dice, now in 2.2! Major Differences between RTD and RTD Deluxe include: - Forced Rolls! 2 New commands have been added. Some people requested this feature, and I decided to implement it... this also counts for debugging any new rolls...
  13. VelocitOni

    SRB2Kart v1.5

    VelocitOni submitted a new resource: Go here